Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dave Brubeck 1920-2012

File:Dave Brubeck 2009.jpg
Upon seeing this news on Mike Portnoy's forum, I added this little background about him in the thread:

oh man.
I should share a little Dave anecdote personally. About 12 years ago, I went to the inaugural ProgPowerUSA in Lansing, ILL and got to chatting with a journalist of a sort by the name of James Bickers. And we got to chatting about music, prog metal and then other music we thought was relevant. And James stressed to me about how Jazz is a form of music people who love progressive stuff should listen to. And he specifically stated, start out and listen to Dave Brubeck. "He's an older fella, and we don't know how many more years he will be with us. We should cherish him while he's still around. But the spirit of progressive music is in his music."
And ever since then, especially given I was trying to get into more Jazz at the time and soon after, I always associated Dave with progressive music and his old age. Kind of sad, as I guess I always kept wondering how much longer he had left. And thankfully, he remained with us for nearly 12 more years after hearing about him in that conversation. I sadly, meant to, but never got to see him live. Although at least his sons are still carrying on his legacy and the tradition of his music.

I have always meant to really spend more time with his music, as I only really recall listening to Time Out (and at least knowing of many of his others, 1 being Brubeck Goes to College I recall) But James Bickers was right. Perhaps my Brubeck fandom will go up a lot in the next 2 or at least 12 years.
I wish Dean Magraw had known about this last night, as he may have thought to try and cover something by the man. I imagine it could happen soon anyway.

edit: Check Out James's personal account here, of his experience with Mr. Brubeck. Wow, he sounds like such a wonderful guy, I really wish I had been able to see him live, :(.