Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warpaint: a quote or two. Album stream


Describing the new record’s title drummer Stella Mozgawa explained recently to interviewmagazine.com;

‘The Foolis a reference to a state of innocence, to push yourself to see who you are, with the potential of falling on your face to reach liberation. The risk of laughing at the wrong moment or to choose not to act like you know everything. As a band, we're all trying to be naked, if you will. As naked as we can be. I only wear clothes because it's illegal not to.’ 

The girls also described the album as a stoner’s record;

"It's stoner order. We made this album to listen to stoned," bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg told Interviewmagazine.com. "Originally, 'Set Your Arms Down', the first song, ended the album and 'Lissie's Heart Murmur' started it."

Singer Emily Kokal added: "Yeah, we definitely recommend listening to the new album after smoking. It's the best.

not a review coming at this time, as I should probably take the record in more 1st. But coming across this link with some of those quotes, it kind of adds something to what I think of this album I guess. 1 problem though for me being, I don't smoke and haven't been 'stoned' before. Perhaps I could do what I have tried doing once or twice at hippie/jam band shows (Ozric Tentacles) in listening to it while getting dizzy. At work? not likely, but maybe at home sometime, in a rare at-home listening moment. Perhaps with some wine.

The naked comment as well kind of stands out. Maybe for one, on their ep, there's 1 lyric that mentions getting naked. And I'll confess to having been exposed to 1 of the members of the band in said state. Kind of torn, but to not say it's hot and beautiful, well, would not be telling the whole truth.

These girls should do an interview (or more) for suicidegirls. Maybe they have, but if not, it totally would make sense.

A proper review of the actual music hopefully come later this week.

also the entire album can be streamed here for 1 week.