Saturday, October 5, 2019

DIRT POOR ROBINS: Top 11 Guitar Solos

Some of the fans voted on Facebook for these. #1 totally make sense, and #3 I can totally see why it is high.

Granted, I'll confess when I think of DPR, the guitar solos are not all that high on my list. They are good, but their music offers many other things I honestly get more from. But hearing these again, in this mashup, I think I may have found a little more appreciation for them and thinking about their music.

A little like Steve Hackett with Genesis. I have grown to really appreciate his guitar work, even though initially I would not think of him over the piano, vocals and even drums necessarily.


11 Furthest Star
10 Sonnet to Science 9 But Never a Key
8 Behold the Grave 7 Take Him Away 6 Scarecrows 5 The Saints II 4 Alibi 3 Great Vacation 2 Fallen 1 Leviathan