Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2019-2020 Albums Anticipation LIST (no blurbs, as of 9/19/19)

Just a preliminary list that I'm sure will look quite different even in a month.

The regular names of an album could but still has yet to come out, often with artists/bands that like to take their time. 

I am particularly excited for the King's X, Ours, Pain of Salvation and Pure Reason Revolution albums namely.


1: Long Distance Calling - STUMMFILM – Live From Hamburg
1: Josh Rouse - The Christmas Songs of Josh Rouse
8: The Flower Kings - Waiting for Miracles
8: Vonavi - Reflection
22: The Who - WHO
Dirt Poor Robins - The Complete Raven Locks (on CD) EARLY NOVEMBER

Cloud Cult
The Family Crest - The War Act II (Spring) Double?
Gospel - Absurd Challenge
Green Carnation
King’s X (double album, Winter/Spring)
Ours - Spectacular Sight III (Double?)
Pain of Salvation
The Polyphonic Spree - Salvage Enterprise
Protest the Hero
Psychotic Waltz
Pure Reason Revolution
Steven Wilson

3 - Live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY
The Dear Hunter
Dirt Poor Robins - Dead Horse, Alaska (including Black)
Fish - Weltschmertz
Mayer Hawthorne
Negroni's Trio
Neverending White Lights
Pepe Deluxe
The Red Paintings - Anthems for Unwanted Wars
Sculptured - The Liminal Phase
The Tea Party