Monday, July 29, 2019


Very excited to see this, a new album that is like The Dark Third? I wouldn't mind if it wasn't and more like their other records, but I can't deny I still consider TDT a CLASSIC and my favorite of the 3 albums they made.

2020: another HUGE ANTICIPATION...of course Ours new album is coming in 2020 and it seems some others like dredg, Steven Wilson, Pain of Salvation...Pepe Deluxe too.

Fantastic..kind of wants me to go back to The Dark Third now, lol.

PRR are 1 of the bands from the 2000's I miss and I'm hardly alone in feeling they had more great music in them.

Now? I wonder if with Social Media and many years of people hearing their music, the new record might see them find a revival of fandom..old fans coming back, and maybe newer fans who discovered them after the break-up.

Plus new people who never knew them before, etc.


We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve reunited PRR. We played our first show in close to 8 years at the recent Midsummer-Prog-Festival in the Netherlands, performing ‘The Dark Third’ in full. The festival & crowd reaction was incredible. We were touched that people had travelled from Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, UK and many more countries. The tracks are as exciting as ever to play & it's encouraging to see the material still has relevance and connects.

We are working on a new studio album and have signed to Inside Out Music - the album will be out in 2020. The material for the new album returns to a much more progressive sound & by doing the Dark Third in its entirety, it’s nice to remind ourselves of the genesis of PRR.
We look forward to seeing you in 2020.
PRR (Jon Courtney & Chloƫ Alper) xx