Friday, July 12, 2019

OT: Juggling

I am realizing how much patience is involved in trying to move and getting a new house live-able.

It may be many weeks if not months before I feel i am settled in.

And maybe as big of an issue as anything is separation anxiety with my mother-in-law and the little puppy.

I feel like I live in 2 places even more than when I had my apartment and spent 80% of my non-work time away from it at my gf/fiance/wife's.

Not to also forget but not go into detail with my work and "juggling" the extensive amounts of tasks. My job though, does require it. But it's a bit hard to process when you spend most the day triage-ing work for others and updating spreadsheets and emailing people about issues. Suddenly you don't show a ton of work done that you should?

Again, it's the specific job I have that requires this sometimes, but psychologically it makes me question how good of a juggler I am.

Some people excel at juggling, I just wonder if I'm really one of them.

I'm also having some doubts about the book now. The point? And the content? I'm sure if I find the time to revisit so many of those albums, I'll capture some details I may or may not have written about in here, but I worry the large chunk of this book will just be rehashed.

It's like the majority of my cards have already been laid out, and I'm wondering if anyone would pay money to read them again?

But I guess I still mean to try. If I fail, at least I gave it a go.