Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Dear Hunter + BTBAM w/ Leprous @ First Avenue in MPLS 3/3/18

The set lists are all below. I can 1st add since it's March 6th, this is a delayed review of course (new yet screwed up, and soon to be exchanged Laptop being a big reason).

Leprous: they were fun, energetic. Their drummer has mad chops. I like the atmosphere and they had this wonderful cellist on tour with them. Their music though, I can't say I feel any more strongly about overall than I did before really. I suppose they do add presence, but when it comes down to it, I question if their style of prog metal will be something I will ever get obsessed with.

But I thought they set up the evening well and hardly lacked interest. And oddly, I don't recall a ton of chatting upstairs where I sat during their show. But to counter, maybe per time limits, their singer didn't have a ton of stage presence.

The Dear Hunter: Of course I guess this was kind of a slight-double bill, so they got a bit of a longer set than the Coheed show in 2017. The sound:..well I suppose was BETTER than the terribly low mix at the Coheed show. But maybe it's just my hearing, I still found their levels to be too low. Especially Casey's vocals. Maybe that was intentional? or last year with Coheed as well? I dunno.

I thought their performance was fanboy-biased, quite good still. Liked the little guitar solo during "Mustard Gas."

"This Old Haunt" I don't recall if they played on the last tour, nor the "Bitter Suite IV and V." I enjoyed "The Moon/Awake" of course as a closer.

The new EP tracks? I'm not sure if I could even recognize half the time, but it might just be my familiarity or like I mentioned, the mix/sound. Or maybe it's what I get for sitting/watching upstairs?..dunno.

But, I'm counting in my head, and I think this was my 10th or 11th show seeing them, going back to 2007 with Say Anything, Saves the Day and Meg and Dia at First Avenue.

Of course being a Lifetime Member, that numbers seems pretty understandable, and now 11 years later. And oddly, with BTBAM headlining First Avenue finally, maybe First Avenue is starting to come around on Prog? with Coheed, BTBAM and maybe TDH will find themselves headlining there too in the coming years.

As I told many there, the likes of dredg, Porcupine Tree and Fair to Midland got ignored but The Dear Hunter may have endured long enough not to find the same fate with First Avenue.

Between the Buried and Me, especially considering the set list was almost entirely from Parallax-Present. The new album? haven't heard it beyond the 1st song/video, but I hopefully will soon.

I'm not sure, but I guess the newer music, or even include The Great Misdirect, I can accept live easier. Now I'd still prefer the Colors/Alaska/Silent Circus tracks of course, but I get that they want to play the new stuff. Focus on it, etc. And the jury is still out on both Automata I and of course II later this year.

I did really enjoy mixing with the fans both at Pizza Luce beforehand..even saying a few words to Dan Briggs of BTBAM with a group of fans, and then meeting up with some huge fans of The Dear Hunter.

And then waiting in line, between sets, and afterwards. I can definitely say the BTBAM fans are usually really cool and down to earth (even the ones who moshed, lol). Which I'm not sure was as much the case for many of the Coheed fans last year (although I met some cool people there as well mind you).

Anyway..that's  more than enough detail for now. I do think this show and being among TDH fans, I really want to write and publish a RIYL/FFO entry for them soon (so anyone who cares, maybe look for it in the near future).

also cool to meet some people who came just for Leprous, although it wasn't their 1st show here, it was nice to meet some hardcore, underground prog metal fans in MN.
The Dear Hunter

The Old Haunt
Blame Paradise
The March
The Most Cursed of Hands
The Tank
The Bitter Suite IV and V: The Congregation and The Sermon in the Silt
Mustard Gas
The Revival
Witness Me
The Moon / Awake

Between the Buried and Me
Condemned to the Gallows
The Coma Machine
Dim Ignition
Astral Body
Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
Obfuscation (second half only)

Silent Flight Parliament
Goodbye to Everything Reprise

Play Video
The Flood
From the Flame
The Price