Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Reign of Kindo: Patreon songs (as of 5/3/17) 

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So I know I posted about this Patreon program a while ago when it launched (September?), and they have released the following tracks,  almost one every month:

City of Gods 6:13
Human Convention 3:34
About Love 4:49
One in a Million 4:09
Smell of a Rose 3:50

Some challenges with life/living set back a couple months over the winter, but the past couple of months they have been putting a new song up and I guess from some of the commentaries (which I don't currently have access to per my pledge level), they have many more ready to go.

As far as these songs, all of them are very good and among the best stuff the band has done. The latest "About Love" might be my favorite. It's a ballad that midway through starts to layer and get dreamy yet funky and catchy in a way. It's rather mesmerizing.

The others use a lot of the sweet jazz undertones Kindo is known for (trumpet, sax, etc), but they do seem to be implementing more rock and proggy elements with cool synth patches and what not.

Physical Copies/Release(s)?

Unsure, but one thought may be they just continue with the 1 per month deal the rest of 2017 and put out a physical release in early 2018. Or a physical EP, and then a full-length later? I dunno.

But when I put up my midyear list soon, I think it would be foolish not to include them.