Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rush: LOSING IT finally Played LIVE!!! (w/ Ben Mink) 6/19/15-Toronto

The video is sideways (oh how I know about video flaws), but so be it. The band have never played this track live, pretty much due to the fact Ben Mink isn't part of the band, and they never thought to have him show up and play his electric violin parts/solo/arrangement.

But this likely being their final full-scale tour, it seems they decided to do it finally, and only in Toronto I guess given that is where Ben and of course Rush are from anyway.

A bit like "Space Dye-Vest" from Dream Theater, this was a fan-favorite they never felt the urge to play, but when fans noticed them soundchecking with it a few weeks ago, it seemed very likely.

Hopefully a normal vertically straight version will surface and/or this ends up on a live album and DVD of this. But until then, or the person who shot this (or someone else online) edits this, this 1st video footage of Losing It live from last night in Toronto will have to do.

Cool to see this on of all days, my birthday (a weekend that also sees the 8-years long wait to Kaddisfly's new album come to an end too).