Friday, June 5, 2015

Abnormal Thought Patterns - Altered States Of Consciousness (Zero Hour mbrs + Tommy BTBAM)

6/5/15 6:29AM

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This is an album from the Tipton brothers from Zero Hour/Cynthesis, and Mike Guy whose also from Zero Hour (drums).

"Nocturnal Haven" below features Tommy from BTBAM, which sounds promising.

This is being released on June 26th (Europe) and June 30th (Europe).

In just looking, I guess this is Abnormal Thought Patterns 2nd album as they released a debut record back in 2013 titled Manipulation Under Anesthesia.

01. Distortions of Perception
02. Nocturnal Haven (feat. Tommy Rogers, Jeff Loomis)
03. Blindsight
04. Synesthesia (feat. Michael Manring, John Onder)
05. Delusions
06. Nocturnal Haven - Instrumental Version (feat. Jeff Loomis, Tim Roth)
07. Subliminal Perception