Friday, January 31, 2014

Toria - Octave (2014)

1/31/14 11:00PM
(from below, but it bares posting a 2nd time).

edit: digging this!..very moody and electronic at points, almost like God is a Astronaut meets Long Distance Calling. Octave cover art

1. Awake 01:55
2. Clear The Mist 03:55
3. Snow Crystals 04:56
4. Urban Wasteland 02:41
5. Water Of The Sun 06:01
6. Facing The Universe 05:47
7. Chasing Storm 03:32
8. Into The Wild 05:51

  12/25/13 10:30AM
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Pretty excited to finally hear this debut record of theirs. My only small issue might be in 1 of the sample clips, I hear some djent, which previously, I don't recall on any of their music. But if it's not extensive, it likely won't matter to me. I do hope they continue using samples, but remember what OSI did after their debut album?

anyway, this debut LP should be coming in 2014, my guess would be in the Spring sometime.