Monday, September 23, 2013


I discovered this Latvian group a few years ago. They're 1 of the more interesting heavy Post Rock groups I ever came across. Maybe what stood most from memory, from that 3-song demo was how they used SAMPLES. Only a few other "Post" bands have used them well, or even used them at all in fact.

But I also recall just the MOOD and dynamics, which is common in "post" bands, but they seemed to do it better than most of the other groups, especially recently.

But like many bands as obscure as they are, I wondered what they were up to like a year later, and came to understand they had ended/broken up.

But I got a message on facebook the other day from them linking to their Bandcamp with these 2 new tunes that came out earlier this year. The 1st one, "Snow Crystals" is more textured, "Re:Toria" is more riffy.

Good to see they are still making music and they posted most recently on FB:

August 26th is a fixed date for us to get back in studio and to finish our debut album. Can't wait! What about You, pals?

Single "Snow Crystals" (2013)

Single "Re:Toria" (2013)

Toria EP/Demo (2009)