Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Northern Abbey - The Sounds of Glowing [EP] (2013)

The Sounds of Glowing cover art

1. Portrait 04:59
2. The Trail 02:38
3. A Lonesome Road 03:10
4. Glowing 05:02
5. Of Lights 02:58
6. The Several Seas (Bonus Track) 02:34

Wow, this sort of came out of nowhere! Although, given I got in touch with Nick Lambert after my end-of-year blurb from last year in here, and he mentioned there was more music coming soon, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

 But as the link shows, he plays and writes more or less all of it. Jessy Ribordy of The River Empires and Nick's bandmate in Falling Up, it shows produced and mixed it along with writing a string arrangement on "Portrait," the opening track.

But I really loved the 1st/debut EP from last year from Northern Abbey. So, this is really cool to see this now become available. The artwork is a little puzzling, being sort of a faded/cloudy white/gray, but I imagine there's a good reason for that.