Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Evarusnik - In a Poker Slash Refrain (2013)

6/4/13 5:50AM
Band's Site: CD and VINYL orders available


2nd single "Enjoy."

6/3/13 9:35AM

sucker goes on sale on Tuesday per Bandcamp I believe. Being that I backed their successful Kickstarter, I already got my download. Quite good record, including Mark Engles contributions at points.

1 You Are the Artist 4:23
2 Rapanui's Lightniing 4:41
3 Teeth of Won't 4:59
4 Trickling Ivory 3:45
5 Local Cliché     6:06
6 Black Acequia 4:38
7 Scenic Overlooks 0:55
8 Circles Swimming 5:21
9 Easily Entertainers 4:43
10 Voices 0:36
11 Enjoy 5:28

5/9/13 11:53AM


The above link is for the 1st single "Rapanui's Lightning" which actually was released on April 4th (my bad for not knowing earlier).

As far as the album title, the band I imagine will be announcing it and the tracklist/artwork rather soon as they said this a few weeks ago:

New single available! Full length album out June 4th, 2013. 

This album was successfully kickstarted from their campaign last year that was launched around this time (June I think). LINK. 

Also one note to include as I think I mentioned it last year, this band are friends with some of the dredg members. And if I recall, Mark Engles either produced and/or played on this album.