Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Wishes to Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult has announced the cancellation of the band's upcoming performances at First Avenue (January 21) and Lutsen (February 5).

On Thursday, Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa was hospitalized with heart issues. Although the condition necessitates a temporary hiatus from performances, doctors are suggesting a noninvasive heart surgery would likely be performed in the next few weeks to bring permanent remedy to the problem. We apologize for any complications, and we look forward to returning with more energy than ever in the coming months.

If you have concerns or questions about your previously purchased tickets for these shows, please contact the venues directly.

Thanks and blessings to you,

Cloud Cult

weird how in the midst of listening to a lot of their records this past week, I just found out they had to cancel 2 shows they had coming up, including last night at 1st Ave, due to Craig Minowa having to undergo this "noninvasive heart surgery" soon.

also the longest tenured musician in the band besides Craig, Sarah Young who plays cello and sings, is leaving the band. Although I think I had read about that before given it's mainly due to her and her husband whose the band's mgr, are expecting their 3rd child soon.

I hope it doesn't impact their future much, but Craig is the heart and soul of this band. I sure am hoping (praying) this goes well and he is back soon, along with the band of course. But I will continue to feel fortunate for seeing that show at 1st Ave back in November, even more now. That and seeing them with Sarah Young. Although, it's also weird how I believe it was Adrian, Cloud Cult's manager, who was really kind to include me on the guest-list after I told him and Sarah Elhardt after the soundcheck, about losing my ticket.

Sarah Young and her husband Adrian will be missed certainly. But hopefully they're the only ones in the future of honestly, one of my newest favorite bands, which I look to break down a lot of their back catalog soon given I've been listening to a ton of their earlier albums the past few months.