Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apes and Androids - Golden Prize Video (2.0?)

1/19/11 12:10AM

Yes, finally!

1/12/11 6:29PM


here's the little trailer.

I'm unable to embed the actual video from that site, but at least it's up online, for public viewing again (hopefully permanently, or at least for much longer than it was about a year ago).

The only thing is, I could swear the video I recall seeing was different. Parts of it showed Brian and David walking down some street, in street clothes I thought. I mean that's outrageous like I remember when I saw it the 1st time. But my memory was not of it as dark. Also I thought the shot of Bill Clinton lasted longer. If you pause it at 1:13 you see him in the car. But you just barely can see him, and I thought his face was a lot clearer (or it was on-screen for much longer).

But perhaps that is an EDIT or ALTERNATE version?

I'm happy regardless. Still wishing they'd do more music obviously, or at least some stuff about their other projects. But being able to finally see this video again is great no matter. 1st news about another John Arch record, and now this. Maybe next, we'll find out they are getting back together, lol. Perhaps that's why the video is online again? Wishful thinking...