Wednesday, December 22, 2010

8 for Infinity (Short Film) (2010)

8 for Infinity is an experimental short film written and directed by Michael Maxxis, which stars Jimmy Gnecco and David Carradine. Set in the Northern Canadian Rockies, the film is a metaphoric and visual piece about the fierce conversations that exist within. It's a journey into the world of truth that is revealed only when we dig deep inside ourselves. Deeply emotional performances, stunning 35mm cinematography, and a haunting score grab hold of your emotions and senses, never relenting until the final credit rolls off the screen.

This is a short film made by director Michael Maxxis who has shot I want to say at least 2 maybe 3 or more videos for Ours and Jimmy Gnecco. It also stars the late David Carradine, which if I remember correctly, was the last acting work he ever did before his death in 2009.

I certainly mean to see it. In the trailer there, Jimmy looks rather psychotic.