Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Steven Wilson's 2010 End of Year Albums List

SW's albums of 2010

1. Shearwater - The Golden Archipeligo
2. Hans Zimmer - Inception soundtrack
3. Foals - Total Life Forever
4. Organum - Sorow
5. LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
6. Chrome Hoof - Crush Depth
7. Salem - King Night
8. Oceansize - Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up
9. Necromort - This Beat is Necrotronic
10. Massive Attack - Heligoland
11. Autechre - Move of Ten
12. Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises
13. Everything Everything - Man Alive
14. Andrew Thomas - Between Buildings and Trees
15. Arvo Part - Symphony No 4

kind of funny how he has Everything Everything on there. I would wager a large sum of money, if he ever were to work with them, their fan base would go up a ton among the Porcupine Tree fan base. And honestly, that shouldn't have to happen. But like Mike Portnoy, any time Steven Wilson pimps a band, his fans grab onto them like vultures. Just see Orphaned Land and Mew. Even opening for PT/Blackfield: Pure Reason Revolution, Oceansize, Riverside among others.

Well, just read back in this blog in early July and you can see how I found out about Everything Everything only with the help of a top 10 on a certain site. Was I 1st to the punch with them? maybe not given I have only been a fan for 5 months, but if/when they catch on more so, if Steven were to work with them or just from this list, I can add the old I knew about them long before, for what pathetically seems to be worth almost nothing, often times.

The way that shit works, plain sucks.