Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer & Anvil (2010) (2.0)

9/21/10 5:54AM

1. Fight Fire
2. Black Mourning
3. Patriarch
4. Last Man, Last Round
5. Valour
6. Over The Top
7. Never Divide
8. Blitzkrieg
9. Open Insurrection
10. Armistice

apparently that's the cover right there, although another white-bordered image has been posted around as well, but not necessarily implying it is the cover.

"Fight Fire"..uh, I dunno. I guess like some of the AVO songs, it may work better within-the-album.

"Black Mourning" sounds like a traditional PRR tune and I dig it naturally.

"Valour" this is more electronic than Black Mourning, but it has some nice ebbs and flows to it. If a lot of this record ends up being like this, I'll likely be happy enough (although I still would go for more of the riff-oriented stuff on TDT, but who knows if that'll ever happen again).