Thursday, June 18, 2009

Local Natives

I just got back a bit ago. These guys still are my little brilliant secret I suppose, but they totally killed live tonight. I'd guess at least a dozen maybe more like 20 or 30 new fans were made in Minnesota. Verrrry much in the vein of what Annuals do live, with many members of the band getting involved in drumming support/jamming. It adds A TON of energy. They played all Local Natives tunes except 1, "Sun Hands" which they just released on vinyl, but was originally a song they wrote/released when they were still known as "Cavil at Rest." It was an awesome closing piece that some of the members of Blind Pilot, the headliner (who are about to start another tour opening for The Decemberists..who ironically are playing Mpls on Saturday at Rock the Garden, but not with BP) joined them on the 400 Bar's small stage. They had like 12 people on stage dancing, and drumming away to it, it was highly memorable.

Vocal Harmonies are outstanding live. They even have added a girl to play violin, which I guess she will be on their debut album "Gorilla Manor" when it does get released. They are still vague about it, but it sounds like they will either release themselves at some point, or sign with a label..that decision could be soon, but no later than October. That may sound kind of meaningless to those who don't know them, but for me, I've been a big fan of them for like 2 1/2 years now, hoping, trying to wait as patiently as I can, knowing how incredible they are. Highly talented songwriters and a great chemistry exists, and when I continue to see the likes of Animal Collective and maybe moreso last year in Fleet Foxes and 2009's answer in Grizzly Bear, I am baffled on how these guys are not even close to a fraction of as well known. But their album must be released 1st of course, and that time ain't too far away. But in the mean time, they've become incredibly tight, killer live band that now this being their 1st official tour (the show in 2007 was a special deal given they have some friends from MN, and even at that, only like 5 people including myself saw them at Station 4 that night), they may find their way back to our town again later this year. Annuals, Fair to Midland, Ours, now Other Lives..Local Natives belong in that company I'd say after the show tonight.

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