Monday, June 22, 2009


now after seeing her tonight, her, her band, and her music for me, works better live. But that's hardly anything unusual for a Jazz artist. I may find myself more of a fan now.

"Time Control" was 1 of the best parts of her set.

My take on her is most of her songs have some outstanding sections in them, but also have some slower sections that lend to being better live. It's like when I hear that on a studio recording, it doesn't get my attention and can at times kill any momentum. But live, my attention is more consistently focused on where the piece goes.

More than a couple of times she was playing on her keyboard and a piano simultaneously..ala your keyboard wizards Emerson, Wakeman, and of course Chick Corea. On another one, she was almost pounding up and down the ivories like hammer to nails. I'm thinking specifically of this 1 really funky song they performed. It was quite bombastic.

For someone who looks more like she should be playing classical, she was laughing and totally more animated than I'd expect.

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