Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthdays mean nothing for meeting women

at least for me.

Maybe it was just the way I was tonight. I hate the 7th Street Entry..especially on Saturday Nights. If I could have, I'd have chopped up the wiring on that dj's equipment. I basically spent most of the time at the show for Total Babe alone..then proceeded to leave. I then went to the Bryant Lake Bowl and bowled 2 games. Not a soul said a word to me. I did walk by the lesbian crowd outside 3 or 4 times, wanting to say something like "lesbians are hot"...which I finally did the last time as I was leaving around the corner and 1 of them agreed.

I'm intimidated by them..I totally have a cat holding my tongue around them. I think it's because I'm totally turned on by them, and am extremely scared to say it to them right to their faces. They wouldn't care I imagine, since of course, I'm a guy and they would get more from a neighborhood cat being turned by them.

It's always intimidating and awkward. A blessing and a curse I suppose; to be turned on and jealous of them. But then again their lives must be that way at times. But if I was in past-life 1, I wouldn't be surprised, and if I comeback as 1 in a future life I wouldn't mind/be surprised afaik.

Some fucking birthday.I guess it's good to know never to go to the Entry, ever again on a Saturday Night...and never to go alone to Bryant Lake Bowl..and preferably if I go there again, to go on a Sunday where it costs only $1 per game to bowl.

I did get mini-golf for free and saw 2 mediocre independent films: The Brothers Bloom and Easy Virtue. What is it with my birhtdays and mediocre movies? I wish either 500 Days of Summer or Where the Wild Things Are came out this week. But at least WtWTA is in October during "Oscar Season" so that may be nice if there is any shot it could get some award recognition. But so was Synecdoche, NY last year and did it get any Oscars?... of course not.

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