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Well, suppose anyone on said site that comes over here will now know what I was chosen to write about. But this has been a lengthly, but fulfilling and quite enjoyable in many ways, task to rediscover one of my favorite, earliest, and widely regarded important groups/artists in the history of rock and frankly all modern music/art. sentence. I suppose it's not hard to do that when you can't help but wanting to say and complement something you greatly appreciate.

But on a side note: my absence has been partly due to a few things..but I still mean to and have a huge mass of topics of arts and entertainment to share with this site, myself, and anyone who seems to find reason to stumble upon here.

But without anymore further ado (I hope!) is my 2-weeks worth of intake and thoughts on the one and only, PINK FLOYD.

"Oh by the way, which one's Pink?"

Their name coined by their original front-man, the late Syd Barrett; it combines two blues musicians 1st names.

The group I and many other fans of so-called progressive rock have been able to reference to describe some of our taste in music to a wider demographic. They are the progressive rock band that everybody knows.

They took chemical influenced music to new places, forming, and what might be a founding of and leading to other genres. Including the use of the studio and audio-samples as an instrument.

They are so much about THEMES. Mood, layers, dreams/dreaminess, textures, and being perceived or described as *epic* (and not necessarily having to do with length). Their sound, tone, themes, moods, rich, dreamy atmospheres are as distinct as any artist in the history of Rock music.

It's not to be overlooked how much of their work is bluesy, yet their psychedelic element often disguises that.

Their music is often described as "Trippy" and explored new ground sonically at the time. The idea of creating sound that might be reached from experience with the sun, moon, and outer space and often referred as "Space Rock." Before them, it wasn't really known if music could explore that.

David Gilmour is a virtuoso in many ways, without being thought of as a highly technical musician. His guitar work is *epic* without being excessive or drawn-out. So much rich emotion in his playing, especially in his guitar solos.

Syd Barrett's impact cannot be ignored, even though his destiny never seemed to be meant for where they would go. His original input and influence had as much importance to them, what they would later create, and influence others as anything. Their early work, with and soon after Syd left (PIPER through OBSCURED BY CLOUDS), but before they found large success (DARK SIDE on) is greatly appreciated by much of their fan base. It is this material that many of the Floyd-connoisseurs hold in high regard, along with much of the live material from that period. Maybe best captured on the "Live at Pompeii" film.

They were down the hall at Abbey Road studios recording "Piper" at the same time The Beatles were recording "Sgt Peppers."

Often known for being surreal live, they are one of the most recorded and widely bootlegged groups in rock history. They also were one of the earliest groups to experiment with VISUAL ART live. Their concerts were often as much about a surreal visual experience, as they were an auditory event.

However dark their words were, they often were therapeutic at the same time. As the old adage goes, misery loves company. And often what comes out of that is beauty.

Why the Gilmour-Floyd lacked ANIMALS material live. A Roger-thing?
Why was HEY YOU was not included in THE WALL the movie? 1 answer discovered is apparently it did not work well chronologically with the story. Which begs the question, how was that the case and not the case on the actual record.
Why no live album from their classic or peak period in the 70's? (save for the somewhat rare Dark Side Live record from '77)..Due to how much they were bootlegged?

A band not without their share of *deeper*, less-discussed,, commonly thought-of, or recognized songs and albums. Some examples I feel deserve appreciation I included on these mixes that include a selection from each primary studio recording and 1 early collection:



Remember A Day
Point Me at the Sky
The Narrow Way Part 3
The Gold that's in The

Welcome to the Machine
Goodbye Blue Sky
Your Possible Pasts
On the Turning Away
Lost For Words

2 of my favorite Pink Floyd tribute pieces. The 1st one especially I think if they have not, every fan of THE FLOYD should hear, if for no other reason, but the amount of thought that was put into it.

Shadow Gallery - Floydian Memories (25min)

"" Anyone who calls himself a Floyd fan and who hasn't heard it must listen to it ASAP!" (a user on another forum I'm on)

song quotes listing (it may be more enjoyable to listen to the medley 1st before reading that)

OSI - Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun

On a largely personal note, while I have always been a fan of THE FLOYD, I must say taking-in this much of their work over the past couple of weeks has made me appreciate them even more. Growing up I was into them, but they never really won me over quite of the likes of groups like Led Zeppelin and Rush. I think now, especially the Pre-MEDDLE material, I have found a deeper connection to them, than ever before, some 17 years after I 1st heard them for the 1st time.

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