Friday, August 1, 2008

TRAVELING PANT 2 = good DARK KNIGHT = overated

not a long review (maybe more later), but I feel somewhat similar about DARK KNIGHT as I did about CHILDREN OF's like the equivalent of technical death metal on film. Over-the-top..non-stop masturbation of brutality and depressing tone. I respect some of the performances, but sorry, I don't foresee wanting to watch it or even considering it the classic so many others do. I'm not sure if it's even as good as the 1st NOLAN picture.

Nicholson > Ledger

Nicholson = Freddy Krueger or Al Capone
Ledger = Hannibal Lecter or Charles Manson perhaps

Ledger's Joker would fit in well with Ed Gein or Leather Face's family. Nicholson at least was funny, entertaining, clever. Ledger, while I'm sure it was a lot to pull-off, other than a bit of subtle sarcasm, was not funny or entertaining. He was just disgusting to watch frankly. He seemed diseased.

Eckhart, Oldman, Gyllenhaal, Freeman, Caine were all good, but it ultimately doesn't matter when a film gives you a headache and a sick feeling struggling to get through it. This is a classic-case of the mass of effects, violence, beating-you-over-the-head with negative tone, gets in the way of what could be a well-written screenplay. The cast and premise is there, but the end result just comes across as self-indulgent and heartless (and charmless).


A film from 2008 I'd suggest instead, that pulls off the dark tone, but is heartfelt and HUMAN enough would be maybe my favorite film of 2008 thus far in SNOW ANGELS

previous review:

A lot I could say, but to make it brief, I guess I can say the biggest thing about this was how a climax to a film..even as dark as it can be, stays with you and you understand more and more why it was done as it was. It's a film about a half-dozen or more people in a small Northern town in the Winter (it was filmed in Canada) that infidelity results in some tragic events. There are about 4 plots, but what happens during I'd guess the 3rd Act really brings one of them as the main focus of the film. The romantic plot involving a hs kid and this new girl at his school played by Olivia Thirlby from JUNO is charming but ultimately only a bit important to provide a break/comic relief.

People who enjoy films like IN THE BEDROOM and LITTLE CHILDREN may be worth checking this 1 out. A dark, moving film, that overall, to some, is pretty rewarding.

Cast: Kate Beckinsale (great performance), Sam Rockwell (HITCHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY) and Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl).

TRAVELING PANTS 2 was well done..similar to the 1st but without as much involvement of the pants themselves, and maybe not as many good secondary characters. Still, hardly suffering from sequel-itis.


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