Thursday, December 7, 2006

Rob's Album of the Day: Sammy And the Wabos - Livin' It Up

Sammy Hagar has been around, and has played with arguably some of the finest musicians in the world, most prolifically of course within' his tenure with the mighty Van Halen. Sammy has many faces and talents, and the newest Wabo's disc features every one of those.

The album as a whole is a bit more laid back than Sammy is known for, but he pulls out all of the stops and makes a genuine, and fun record. With the unlikely Toby Keith cover "I Love This Bar", Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women", "One Sip", and "The Way We Live" the vocalist proves that it doesn't have to be heavy to be classic Hagar.

That's not to say that the rockers aren't in evidence. The disc opening "Sam I Am", with it's electric slide guitar, and the mid tempo rockers "Mexico" and "Let Me Take You There", while not blistering hard rock tunes, show yet another side to this incredible disc.

From country tunes, to rockers, a heart-wrenching ballad ("Some Day") and a very healthy dose of the blues, it's apparant that Sammy Hagar is still livin' it up, and is just as vital to music as he was in that other band.

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