Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Band Discoveries

A 55 minutes audio version/podcast can be found HERE for those who don't mind babbling; or have a lot of TIME TO KILL/ARE BORED.

Kaddisfly - I can't get enough of this band's upcoming record SET SAIL THE PRAIRIE. If there is any justice, the band will receive an overwhelming response SET SAIL THE PRAIRIE will be the album that sets up their career. They have just written too good of an album to not receive some reciprocation. A ton of BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS went into composing and recording it.

Pure Reason Revolution - Very impressive and a pleasant breath of fresh air on Modern and Heavy Psychadelic Rock. Not really any other group out there today that uses complex Vocal harmonies like they do. Both editions of THE DARK THIRD flow amazingly well as if you wouldn't want to hear any of the songs without hearing the whole album in the same listening.

Klimt 1918 - DOPOGUERRA is one tremendously flowing atmospheric and melodic Hard Rock album. The layers and dynamics are superb. Their early stuff is not bad either. I am quite excited to see what they come up with next, likely in 2007.

Mew - Couldn't get into the vocal style, but with a 2nd assessment it and the band totally won me over especially when hearing FRENGERS. Their two full-lengths are both really good, but these guys I think may come up with a masterpiece down the road. Too much talent. Love the atmosphere and surreal layers and images including live and the videos they have done are a trip. Catheads in a dress floating down a road playing violins. How the hell did they come up with that?

Bend Sinister - This is totally great. They combine elements of Queen and The Mars Volta into their own brand of Progressive Indie-Rock. "Through the Broken City" their debut is a flawless debut album save for possibly is low production standards. The people unfamiliar with them don't know what they are missing. 2007 a new full-length is expected to come out.

Oceansize - I got won over by this band with their wall-of-sound, psych-metal. Like Mew, they could easily come up with a landmark record soon.

Anathallo - Quite original sounding band. Never really heard a group use horns and rock, in such an organic way. Almost like HS band-rock in a way. Great Vocal harmonies, Xylophone, percusssion. They may not want to, but if enough people heard them, they'd realize how talented this group really is. They recently released '"Anathallogy" which in my case, since I do not own anything from them other than their latest FLOATING~WORLD, is a great deal to get their entire backcatalog. Much of that is more guitar-driven but still great. I'm very curious where they go with their next release.

MuteMath - Poppy and atmospheric. Not a bad song on either the RESET EP or their debut record. They shine the most in concert. The singer crowd surfs playing the keytar and the drummer is tight as hell

Russian Circles - The best instrumental act I've heard since discovering Jazz-Rock a few years ago. These guys to me are very much like how Fates Warning would be if you took away the vocals and keys. Dynamics, muscular riffs and huge crescendos and HOOKS.

The Decemberists - THE CRANE WIFE is one of the most universally mentioned records of 2006. One of the best bands that writes folk songs like fables that include prog elements. "The Island..." is maybe the best Prog song of 2006. Their backcatalog is quite impressive as well. 2005's EP "The Tain"is a great 5-part suite epic. PICARESQUE and HER MAJESTY are two other albums I've enjoyed diving into this year as well.

The Receiving End of Sirens - This band is scary to me. They have something in their music I have learned to tolerate; Post-hardcore screaming. But their clean vocals are so good, especially when used as 2 and 3 part harmonies like Queen. And they write some of the most over-the-top melodies it's insane to believe they came on their debut record. Is their a "Prog-Pop-Emo" Genre?..these guys will scare you like Coheed or Ours if you're not careful. The day they end the screaming, is the day they become a staple group for me. The melodies are just too good to ignore.

Opus Dai - Great, fresh debut album. Crescendos are crazy at times, and the melodies stay in your head. They are even more crzay live.

3 - Great groovey and catchy Prog Metal band. They write some soaring melodies. The remastered WAKE PIG sounds even better than the original release.

Kiss Kiss - Truly going to be discovered in 2007 when their 1st full-length comes out (it's already on Itunes and I have it and LOVE IT). Progressive Indie-Rock's answer to King Crimson, Kansas, and Frank Zappa? Technical yet accessible?..I'm really loving this band right now, maybe than any new(er) band to me.

House Of Fools - Full length out in March, their S/T EP came out in October which had no bad songs on it. "Live And Learn" maybe being the best, but wait til more people hear the Queen-esque "Until It's Over." Some compare them to Keane or 10cc, but I just dig their pop-melodies and the crescendos.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Debut record is infectious as hell. A large ensemsble group with a horn, violin, 2 drummers, male and female vocal harmonies. They are quite diverse and have a lot of variety to their style. Folky at times, technical at other times, poppy as well. I really am loving this band right now. 2007 a new record is expected out. Very excited for that.

Under The Influence Of Giants - Retro that is updated. About half of their debut album is really catchy and strong. The Bee Gees are echoed perfectly in "Mama's Room."

Men, Women And Children - Another updated retro sounding band that has 3 songs on their s/t debut album that are really great. "Dance In My Blood" "Lightning Strikes Twice In New York" and "Celebracion!" Similar to Earth, Wind And Fire but more guitar emphasis.

Portugal the Man - The 1st half of their debut album is very influenced by The Mars Volta, but without the experimenting. The 2nd half is just plain good. The Mars Volta fans not satisfied with AMPUTECHTURE may want to seek out this band's record. Opening for dredg in Santa Cruz didn't hurt them either.

Janus - Chicago based Progressive Indie Rock group. Their new stuff on their myspace is great, their debut record "Armor" from 2004 is inconsistent. The song "Severen" though is one killer song with some heavy riffs. The vocals are higher, but may remind people of as much of Rage Against the Machine as much as Coheed and Cambria. I'm looking to hearing their next full length hopefully in 2007 sometime.

Archive - Psychadelic, Atmospheric, and yet at times song-oriented and retro. I have been mesmerized by this band of late. Really blending a bunch of styles into one. Some Porcupine Tree fans could fall in love with them.

Kaura - Their 2005 S/T debut EP shows promise, but the myspace stuff is up to another level. Ethnic layers and heavy riffs. May remind people of Tool or dredg. 2006 was getting their name out there, 2007 could be getting their album in regular rotation.

Doves - Psych and Pop. Not too excessive, almost too subtle at times. They have some great songs that got me going back to them, especially their album "Lost Souls."

Aviatic - Great poppy hardrock. They should be on every adult contemporary station on the globe, and at times their song "Goodbye Beautiful Day." About half of their album "Arrival" I tend to go back to regularly.

The Appleseed Cast - I really like this band, yet I haven't become addicted quite yet. They are quite consistent, writing songs with a lot of textures and layers, yet never too longwinded. A band I 1st got into this year, but may get more into next year.

Vedera - Opening for dredg, MuteMath, and then Mae (and outclassing them a ton imo), really speaks volumes for this group. Their 2005 album "Weight of an Empty Room" has some nice moments. Kristin May's soaring vocals standout. And the new music they have played recently also raised my interest level in this band.

Brazil - The 2004 record "A Hostage and the Meaning of Life" has some incredible moments on it. The 2nd half of it especially. In a sense, they do what The Receiving End of Sirens do without the screaming on that album. Their newest "The Philosophy of Velocity" wasn't quite as consistent, but had moments as well. However, the stuff I heard were highly compressed mp3's and I haven't gotten around to hearing a better recording of it.

Between Two Skies - The local MN band with I foresee possibly the most potential. I 1st found out about them from a local dredg fan I met via myspace. These guys are spacey, yet technical enough to appreciate their skillfull musicianship. Upon a later exposure to them live, they really seemed to have honed their sound. Adding vocals, and maybe a bit more heaviness. Their singer reminds me of Maynard from Tool or Eddie Vedder to extent, but at the same time he's a bit more accessible. Definitely a band I look back on 2006 as a good discovery.

Bought their album/Listened To/Saw in Concert/Sampled (to varying degrees)
Aina, Aireline, Ambulette, Amity, Amplifier, The Autumns, Building Karma, Calexico,
Carpark North, Caspian, A Chinese Firedrill, Citay, Cog, The Cooper Temple Clause, Facing NewYork, Jason Falkner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Matthew Good, Gruvis Malt, James Hall, Head Automatica, David Hess, In Reverent Fear, Tyler Jakes, Jetliner, Katatonia, L.E.O., Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Adam Marsland, Matisyahu, Midnite Movies, Minus the Bear, The Mocha Nights, The Modern Skirts, Mogwai, Moon Safari, The New Pornographers, Joanna Newsom, Of the Hour, Oh My God, Ohm, Okkervil River, One Republic, One Thousand Pictures, Julia Othmer, People In Planes, Pineapple Thief, Polyphonic Spree, Protest the Hero, Red Sparrowes, Revere, Sam Roberts, Rogue Wave, RPWL, Sans Seraph, Screaming Headless Torso, Shiny Toy Guns, Sigur Ros, Sarah Slean, Solarcade, Super Furry Animals, The Sword, Talk Talk, Tortoise, Tortured Soul, TV On the Radio, The Underwater, Vast, Vocoder, Waiger, Woodwork, Wolfmother, World Leader Pretend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Young Love

Red Fox/Grey Fox
Absent I
Far From Falling
Living Spoon
A Violet Desire
Broken Noise
Stellar Vector
The Hollow Point
Cue the Doves
Down and Above


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