Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kiss Kiss (no not the makeup wearing "Kiss" we all know)

1. Janet
2. Iris and Eyes
3. Sixth Sense
4. A Conch to the Ear
5. Machines6. Satellite
7. Dress Up
8. The Friend Who Bends His Bolts At
9. The Cats In Your House
10. To the Most Beautiful Birth Ever
11. Vagabond
12. Stay the Day

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This anticipated semi-Full Length is set to come out in early February, but was made available on Itunes finally this week. I gotta tell you, if you want to hear a band who has grown and matured, somewhat like dredg or Kaddisfly recently, Kiss Kiss may be one of those bands. This new release is very polished. Not a bad moment on it. The only thing new listenors may be a bit weary of is the small hints of screaming, but for some reason it really doesn't matter in Kiss Kiss's music. In fact in some ways it adds something. "Machines" is a potential single..the same could be said about the opening track "Jane." The last 2 tracks, "Vagabond" and "Stay the Day" have some incredible moments..the use of strings works perfectly. The group stands out with their use of violin, vocal harmonies, percussion, dynamics, and time changes worthy of Frank Zappa. Lyircally from what I heard in a recent radio appearance, the title "Reality Vs. the Optimist" comes from the idea that partly the band wants the whole Rockstar fantasy to come true, and that part is fighting the "Reality" that it's no gurantee, especially for an Indie-Rock band like Kiss Kiss. One whose music is eclectic and progressive, but doesn't seem to be totally unaccessible. With many newer rock bands emphasizing musicianship, hopefully the Optimist will win out.

I don't think I will end up being wrong when I anticipated Kiss Kiss as being one of the breakthrough bands of 2007. Their new record already seems to be supporting that.

2005's S/T EP

1. Says My Doctor
2. Thoughts You Spoke
3. College Film
4. Drifts and Pulls
5. Killing the Son

This 1st release from NY-based Kiss Kiss is really worth checking out as well. If you combine the two releases, you have what adds up to about one average length album. Although the new record seems longer than the 32 minutes it clocks in at.

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