Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fish - A Parley with Angels [EP] (2017-2018)

new single "Man with a Stick":from Fish, from the upcoming EP A Parley with Angels which is being released on September 21st.

As far as the final Fish album Weltschmerz?, there are some details about it like here (and also here). But I don't see any official release info just skimming there. I imagine it'll be sometime in 2019.

Also Marillion via Fish and other sources are releasing a Deluxe version of Clutching at Straws, and a tour. Of course I won't be seeing the tour sadly, and likely never see the 1 (former) member of Marillion I have yet to see (Mick Pointer? doesn't mean as much to me, although I would see him if he played live in Minnesota of course).