Sunday, September 16, 2018

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Mother of My Children (2017-2018)

Black Belt Eagle Scout is the solo project of Katherine Paul who I still probably think of most/best from her work with the short lived dreamy Post Rock band Forest Park.

But in the last 5 or so years, it's been as the drummer of the band Genders.

But this is her own, full-fledged solo project. This new album Mother of My Children  was released on Friday September 14th. I have only heard some of it, but am really enjoying what I have heard.

It does remind me somewhat of Forest Park, the dreamy element namely. I think a lot of that has to do with Katherine's soothing/dreamy voice at times.

I will try and add more soon, but my initial impressions are where have I been? and why didn't I know about this (I blame Facebook and it's lack of MYSPACE BLOG SUBSCRIPTION-like setup). Because I liked Black Belt Eagle Scout a few years ago, but I don't read Facebook nor even Twitter Feeds religiously. Why? because it's too much and there's too much crap to filter through.

Anyway, the point being, better late than never. I haven't even heard the Self-Titled debut record from 2014 yet, lol. Maybe I bought it on CD? and the CD is in storage somewhere?

But here's 1 of the videos made from this new album "Indians Never Die"

also Katherine is on tour right now supporting this new album. I don't see a Minnesota date unfortunately, but also hope she wasn't in town in the last year or 2, and I failed to know about it. O well, sometimes that happens, hopefully she'll be back again no matter.

Also there is or was to be a new Genders album at some point soon, but I went to their Facebook a few days ago and nothing yet. I know Maggie Morris has been busy with her band Sunbathe as well who I saw at The Turf Club open for Typhoon back in the Spring (she mentioned the upcoming Genders album, thought maybe this Summer).

1. Soft Stud 06:08
2. Indians Never Die 04:30
3. Keyboard 03:50
4. Mother of My Children 03:04
5. Yard 04:10
6. I Don't Have You In My Life 04:23
7. Just Lie Down 04:01
8. Sam, A Dream 04:33