Thursday, February 25, 2016

Joey Eppard - Word to the Wise (2015-2016)

Per Neesh's post in Threedom Fighters, this album is coming out on June 21st. Which is a Tuesday, which is odd, but I'm not sure if it's released per if the Friday-only release dates really mean anything.

Regardless, should be great to hear. It's been 12 years as Neesh pointed out, since the release of Been to the Future.

No idea as far as stylistically, if this will be more acoustic-driven recordings like that record, or if it may include some other things like Orchestral stuff, maybe even with the assistance of Josh Benash, who I know is friends with Joey and Joey admires his work in many ways musically, namely the string arrangements with Kiss Kiss, Vuvuzela, and his solo music.

And it's been quite awhile since the last Three full-length album, being The Ghost You Gave to Me in 2011, so it'll be great to also just hear anything from Joey again. Although the 2014 Song of the Month project was cool, regardless.

Will bump when more info comes of course. I like the cover already.