Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rush @ Target Center 9/24/12

I just got back from the show in Minneapolis at Target Center.

NIGHT A version 3*

Set 1:

Video Intro (Gearing Up)
The Big Money
Force 10
Grand Designs
The Body Electric
Analog Kid
Where's My Thing (with drum solo)
Far Cry
Intermission (Clockwork Angels String Ensemble enters)

Set 2:

Video Intro (The Appointment)
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (with drum solo)
Halo Effect (with guitar solo intro)
Seven Cities Of Gold
The Garden
Manhattan Project
The Percussor (drum solo)
Red Sector A
(Clockwork Angels String Ensemble exits)
The Spirit of Radio


Tom Sawyer
2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale
Video Outro (Office Of The Watchmaker)

The Highs:

a) Seeing some of the 80's tunes and RTB's stuff live. Although I probably would have taken the B set list with "Middletown Dreams" and "The Pass" instead of "The Body Electric" and "Bravado."

b) The String section when they could be heard namely on songs like "The Garden" and "The Wreckers."

The videos for the most part added stuff. "The Body Electric" and "Territories" come to mind.

The Lows

a) Target Center *supposedly* had a redesign in their approach to live music and has improved their sound quality. Uh, I'm not sure if they made it WORSE. Throughout the whole show there was a BASS AMPLIFIER that was jacked up so high, the String Ensemble was barely audible (at times not at all).

b) I saw the set list beforehand, although I failed to notice the fact BU2B was missing from the 2nd Set. A minor issue, but still, that song arguably is my favorite track off CA. I wonder if anyone knows why the band omitted it from the set. I'd trade songs like "Seven Cities of Gold," "The Anarchist," "Halo Effect" or even the "Title Track" and "Carnies" for it. I hope they do another leg and include it in the set list again.

c) Some of the arrangements seemed a bit extended/different. For one, "Manhattan Project," the 2nd half either was changed, or extended for the string section. Also Alex messed up in a few spots.

All in all, a good show. Rush still include a lot with the Visuals that are entertaining. Although not unlike a lot of other groups with a bit of a visual element, the BRIGHT LIGHTS really deter my enjoyment at times. I forgot to bring my sunglasses, but the frequent high-beam excessive flashes, that easily can cause Flash Burn is something I have never understood's purpose.

But compared to the other 6 times I've seen them, I'm not sure how well this show compares. Which is a little sad given their new studio record is the best thing they've released in quite awhile. And having the string section I figured would add all the more reason for this show to be HUGE. And perhaps if it had been at XCel or an outdoor venue like TCF Bank Stadium, it might have. But the people who are doing the sound at Target Center didn't give any evidence concerts there will sound any better than they used to (nor compare at all with XCel).