Monday, February 13, 2012

Spawn of Possession - Incurso (2012)

2/13/12 11:22PM
You can stream another new track "Bodiless Sleeper" here

Guitar World continue to be anal about allowing Embeds on their Soundcloud page, lol. As far as the song, more jaw-droppingly technical work there.

1/17/12 4:10PM

New song "Where Angels Go Demons Follow"


SPAWN OF POSSESSION - Where Angels Go Demons Follow by RelapseRecords

yah. Me likey.

1/9/12 8:42AM

Pre-order is up on their bandcamp page. Sucker drops on March 13th, 2012.

1. Abodement
2. Where Angels Go Demons Follow
3. Bodiless Sleeper
4. The Evangelist
5. Servitude of Souls
6. Deus Avertat
7. Spiritual Deception
8. No Light Spared
9. Apparition

12/2/11 4:17PM


Swedish tech-death assassins SPAWN OF POSSESSION have completed work on their third full-length album, "Incurso", for a spring release via Relapse Records. The CD, which will contain nine tracks plus an instrumental intro, was recorded at Pama Studios in Kristianopel, Sweden with engineer Magnus "Mankan" Sedenberg.

According to a press release, "devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex songwriting coalesce to create an opus of next-level death metal on 'Incurso', which the band promises to be their most supreme work to date, and more devastating than ever."

yee-ah boi!