Monday, February 14, 2011

Oedipus - TBA (2011) (1.0)



We were back in the studio last night @ the Den Recorders tracking what will be a full length LP set to drop this coming June. Stay tuned for more updates on this and some behind the scene sneak peak's of the sessions.

there's that post, and they keep posting about working on the album on their twitter account.

This band I got into a few years ago, and actually a search on this blog would probably trace back to that. Their debut record, 2004's Humbility I enjoyed when I 1st heard it, and have liked a bit more ever since. More or less over the last couple of years.

They're kind of in the Silverchair/Biffy Clyro/Muse vein to a point. Heavy art-rock that includes much of a catchy/power-pop style to it. They also seem to have some songs that are more bass-driven.

Their most recent release, 2008's Covetous EP I liked, although not as much as Humbility. But it'll be nice to finally hear more new stuff from them soon, and I suppose see how it compares to their previous work.