Saturday, March 30, 2024

Rebranding or New Branding on YouTube?

 This idea has crossed my mind several times recently, and even come to think about it, going back many years.

And it was suggested to me by someone on reddit.

Creating a new channel with a new name, or maybe multiple new channels with new names.

I mean it would mean having to notify all the stuff on Social Media about the changes/new channels, etc, but at this point, what am I really losing? 

I probably would keep all the Social Media accounts, but change the names. 

If I do this, when? I could do it soon, or I could at least wait until a few things happen

a) Finish the THUD tracks videos, which is almost done

b) Finish the AOTY Series of Videos, which unfortunately could be many months. However I suppose I could either 
1) resume those on the new channel

2) kind of skip doing videos for each year, and just publish the lists in here and maybe link or even make 1 video showing the link.

Launch the new channel and my hope would be to put something up about the MPAR slide show thing I've been working on

Launch another channel with the Movies of the Year stuff and my Favorite Movies List

NAMES?..unsure, but I'm brainstorming

more to add later..