Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Pneumatic Transit - Concerto for Double Moon (2014-2015) (ex-EAPZ guitarist)

9/17/15 2:04PM

I know this is an old entry and maybe the original entry I posted about this, etc. But it does give some context of how long this project/album has been in the works.

They have added a new Facebook Page here

The below article adds an update.

Release date is finally on October 13th

And a trailer:

I will definitely be adding a lot more in this blog, possibly as a new entry. But per the trailer and what I already know about this record, it has some amazing playing and wonderful compositions on it.

12/20/13 6:29PM
This sounds intriguing from seeing this video and write up here:

Former Exotic Animal Petting Zoo guitarist Jeff Zampillo has been at work on a new project called The Pneumatic Transit — and we’re pretty sure it’s going to blow your mind.

The band have been in the studio tracking material for their debut release, Concerto for Double Moon. While there aren’t too many details revealed yet, we caught wind that Zampillo has tapped a couple members from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to lend their talents to the project.

Concerto for Double Moon is tentatively slated for a spring release. Here’s the latest studio video from the group. We’ll keep you posted as we go.

This is a new project from ex-Exotic Animal Petting Zoo guitarist Jeff Zampillo. Muscially, it seems to be including if not featuring or strongly emphasizing string and classical elements, which maybe has as much if not the primary reason I am curious about this.

EAPZ, unfortunately, I have never fully loved, mainly due to the screaming vocals. But the rest of their music, has some amazing moments including a lot of the guitar work. And I guess (per Wikipedia) Jeff Zampillo was not with EAPZ debut record, but on 2012's sophomore LP Tree of Tongues.

I have no idea why he left, or when exactly, but I guess if it was to focus on making orchestral music, this music may turn out all the better.

This Concerto for Double Moon is a double debut LP expected sometime in 2014 apparently. When more information is available, I'll try and pass it along in here.

edit: it just occurred to me, an orchestral debut double LP? it may not resemble it much if in any way, but this debut album does share those specific qualities with The River Empires. If somehow it's even half as good as TRE debut record, I'll be listening to it as much as I can.