Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Citypages "Picked to Click" (HAS PROG!!!!)

The winners of the 22nd Picked to Click poll:

1. The Chalice 83 points
2. Pony Trash 78 points
3. John Mark Nelson 71 points
3. Wiping Out Thousands 71 points
5. Heavy Deeds 63 points
6. Actual Wolf 58 points
7. Strange Names 39 points
8. Observer Drift 36 points
9. Prissy Clerks 34 points
10. Audio Perm 32 points

Hey Shittypages, thanks for getting in touch with me again to vote for this poll.

While I don't know any of these bands well, on the surface, I could name at least a few bands who deserve to at least get votes/points if not usurp some of these names. The only noteworthy name on there is Prissy Clerks, and not so much due to my interest in their music, but ex-Total Babe frontwoman Clara Sayler is a founder of that band. And I'm happy to see her at least get some recognition.

But the likes of Brice Plays Drums, The Royal Veil, Mike Linden, There Are No Words, The Bewitched, The Book of Right On, Media Addicts, Lehto & Wright, The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra,  etc ..I wasn't even able to vote. After I wasn't able to  last year as well, I EMAILED Citypages about doing it, and got NOTHING.

I mean maybe every August/September I need to frequent their website looking for Voting Forms? or maybe CALL them, because emailing them sure doesn't seem to work too well.

Hipsters, Blech.