Friday, March 6, 2009

dredg - "The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion" Info

dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion"

Tracklist -

1. Pariah
2. Drunk Slide
3. Ireland
4. Stamp Of Origin - Pessimistic
5. Lightswitch
6. Gathering Pebbles
7. Information
8. Stamp Of Origin - Ocean Meets Bay
9. Saviour
10. R U O K
11. I Don´t Know
12. Mouring This Morning
13. Stamp Of Origin - Take A Look Around
14. Long Days And Vague Clues
15. Cartoon Showroom
17. Down To The Cellar
18. Stamp Of Origin - Horizon

here's some of that work live:

3. Ireland:

4. Stamp Of Origin - Pessimistic:

7. Information:

9. Saviour:

11. I Don´t Know:


17. Down To The Cellar:


also this also is (1 of) the real cover(s)


Anonymous said...

i wait that that record like my bread of everyday

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous
4 push backs of the release date!

Media Reviews said...

yeah, I hear ya. Kiss Kiss's new album, Ours (in 2006, 07, and a bunch of times in 2008), Local Natives, Fields, Janus (2008) happens a lot. It will come out though since promos were sent out already.

Andrew Chiappazzi said...
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Colleen said...

I've already got the whole album! =]

Julio Von McWorthington Summers IV said...

Yeah, same here, got the album last night... & I have to say after the first 3 loose listens.. I'm impressed. The band seems to really have pushed their sound into new territory while retaining all or most of the elements that made El Cielo & Catch Without Arms so appealing. Also, I feel that the departure from Interscope records has allowed them to continue broadening that sound rather than marginalizing or "focusing" it into something that isn't representative of the bands true sound or desired intentions. I could definitely be wrong, but I felt that Catch without Arms was more representative of a band that was attempting one last time to subtly cross-over & having left the major label they're resigned to the fact that they're an art-rock band & that is what they do best.

Personally, that's where they belong in my opinion. They are borderline prog, operatic, ethereal epic rock - that deserves to shine & not be forced into some easily categorized sub-genre. That's what I felt made El Cielo so groundbreaking at the time. Besides Tool, codeseven, Radiohead, & a few others, no bands were really on the level of ethereal prog-rock concept album achievement as a band like Dredg.

So i'm thinking upon listening to "The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion", that Dredg is attempting to get back to their roots. Getting back to what made them great. Here's hoping the underground will notice & they'll stay together for a few more albums. *Fingers crossed*

Julio Von McWorthington Summers IV said...
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Julio Von McWorthington Summers IV said...
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Media Reviews said...

I'm, sorry those videos are mislabeled. I honestly just copied+pasted them from a few other sites, not even watching them entirely and knowing if they were the songs they were labeled as.

Sometimes I honestly think it doesn't matter what goes into this blog because I have no idea if anyone else ever reads it. Sure, it may come up in google/searchblogger searches, but it's 1 of dozens of others, so why would it matter what really goes into it?

But I guess I've learned never to post specific details, without at least some kind of bolded-message stating the info is not fact but guess or RELAYED INFORMATION. Because that's really what this blog is beyond opinions. It's all just messenger-ed shit I see online.

Anyway, but yeah, this new album is excellent. It's now my 2nd favorite of 2009.

Jon said...

I just downloaded "Pariah" and I am extremely, extremely impressed and pleased. I have been waiting for seven years for another, real Dredg album and it has come.

Although I liked "Catch", I felt that they sort of detached from their style and lost touch with the beautiful, experimental nature "El Cielo" showed. While I don't know if anything could top "El Cielo" for me, this so far comes close.

What really intrigues me is they seem to incorporate musical styles that they've either never used before or have departed from since "Leitmotif". Some of the tracks are heavier, but they still bare that Dredg feeling from their first two albums with instrumental interludes, question-and-answer singing then guitar solos, and it keeps constant Dredg's beautiful melodic refrains which "Catch" had (and "El Cielo" too to some extent).

But the thing I am happy about most is that this is truly a concept album, as "El Cielo" and "Leitmotif" were. The concept is truly beautiful and touching, as it brilliantly questions religion and the afterlife. Think "Savior", think in "I Don't Know": "Will I go somewhere special when I die?"...

Overall, I am so happy that Dredg has reconnected with their roots. :) This is wonderful!!!

Dylan said...

I managed to get a copy of the album, and like the few rview that have been left here, i am totally impressed with the new album.

I'm so glad they have gone back to the art-rock style that they are so good at.

Favorite track at the moment is definitely 'Savior'

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all liked it but I thought this album was utter pretentious garbage with forced, trite lyrics. dredg can never replicate the beauty of el cielo and to me they've evolved into another pop band. gg

Media Reviews said...

thank you for your anonymous comment.

DJ! said...

Can't wait!!!Already preordered!!!