Sunday, February 15, 2009

TV Update: Mid-Feb Sweeps

I gotta say, the pilot of Dollhouse was underwhelming. I'm gonna give it a couple of episodes to see where it goes, but on the surface it has the cast but I'm not sure about if they were cast well (the dude from Welcome to the Captain as a nerdy scientist?), nor if the story arc has much legs.

well if Dollhouse doesn't pan out, there's a couple of other new shows I'm at least curious about.

Trust Me I liked the pilot episode and have DVR-ed the last 2 episodes, but haven't gotten around to watching them yet.
Castle (Nathan Fillion show on ABC where he's a mystery writer and he works with that chic cop)
Better off Ted the previews show Cryogenics as 1 plot device.
Cupid the return of this show. Its Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas's old show brought back. Rick Gomez of What About Brian it'll be nice to see again.
The Unusuals Amber Tamblyn of Joan Arcadia's return to TV. She's a cop who moves departments. It replaces Life on Mars in April after Lost.

Psych very consistent this 1/2-season, which is a nice return to form for my favorite show on tv (other than Big Bang Theory)
Burn Notice I consistently enjoy this show. The 2nd half has been no different.
Kyle XY the plots are starting to heat up a bit with Latnok and what Kyle's involvement with them will be, and him and Jessi continue to evolve. It was a year-off, but hopefully after this run of eps is over, it'll return again this Summer like it did it's 1st 2 seasons.
Monk a nice string of episodes for Monk. Save for the 1 where he ended up in the wheelchair. It's sad to know that next Season, the 8th, will be it's last.
BSG I want all the loose ends to get tied up. All the back-story about the Cylons, motivations, will they find another Earth, will the President live? The origins of the Final 5, etc. Only a few left. Maybe the Prequel show will answer some questions that are ambiguous.
Lost Are they going back to the Island? When did Locke die? Will the time-shifts stop? Will Sun bring her baby? What is Ben's motivation? Widmore? What is the deal with Daniel and HIS MOTHER being that lady in the jewelry shop that Ben is working for? And he traveling through time just in his Dreams?..and Daniel is actually traveling through time? ..This show is still the best mind-fuck on tv when it's at it's best.
Life on Mars The show has been hit and miss. Last week's Hippie/Alien plot really worked, but the 1 the week before I struggled with. Following Lost I think the expectations got a bit high and not fulfilled what ABC hoped for. We'll see if the numbers come in, or their other shows have worse ratings, maybe it'll pull through by some miracle. I'm not betting on it based on the fact it's ABC. They just cancelled Eli Stone, Boston Legal and Pushing Daisies.

TerminatorThe return episode was good, but sadly the Friday time-slot may be the nail in it's coffin.
Reaper can't-fucking-wait.
In Plain Sight the new hit Summer show from USA about US Marshall's in charge of the Witness Protect Program. April 19th it premieres.
Samantha Who? Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville

I haven't read anything about airings of shows like Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, or the 3 or Dr.Who specials...or any of the other stuff Scefee has in store soon as BSG will be done soon. The spin-off show Caprica I guess is supposed to star Eric Stoltz, but won't start airing until 2010?
Not a fan of Stargate Atlantis or the Annual summer show Eureka. That show that aired last Fall with Amanda Tapping I imagine bombed because nobody talked about it.

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Hey I can't effing wait for Reaper, either! Less than two weeks away. Come and talk at our fan forum, We'd love to have you!