Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More to come soon..

Writing blogs: while it can be satisfying and maybe not as much of a chore as I think of it to be at times, it always seems to come down to thinking to do it, motivation, and of course the all important time.

I'm in a tough spot now, especially after learning about the potential of my apartment perhaps being required to get shown as early as sometime next month. I am moving out of this, to put it mildly, less-than-satisfactory (esp. in terms of noise, paper-thin-walls) flat on December 31st, 2008 presumably. And of course from now til then, I need to find a better, more acceptable place to live. I have done some research this whole year for places, especially within the last month. However, I still may not have done half of what I need to do still. And of course, all the physical work/time I will require to get my current place in suitable condition.

Plus, sleep, and my regular weekly activities of lots of tv, some films off and on, and concerts, which 1 biggie is tomorrow night in Ours @ the Varsity Theater in Mpls.

here's what happened at the last Ours headlining show in Mpls for me.

However, to summarize, my life has been somewhat hijacked by many things (family events included) in order to even put up in here a fraction of what I could and really should.

2009 = if all goes well, a larger volume of blogging in the AllMediaReviews library should have a chance to be added to.

But I suppose just to add a few things.

wire/news/opinions (music and other media/pop culture notes)

-I love this Japanese modern-Classical/Post Rock/Jazz/Opera/Ambient group
Mutyumu..pretty much blown away and addicted..perhaps to the level of Burst recently and even Apes and Androids. With more time, some longer text should be added about both of those bands/albums. Along with some others which are overdue of course.

-I saw "Choke"..also overdue..and a decent number of films out, coming out, or I hope to see..deserve some space in here as well.

-"My Name Is Bruce" is finally happening in December..and late November supposedly "Fanboys" as well..if not the DVD around X-Mas.

-"Life on Mars" I am digging and may be my favorite new show so far.

-Annuals upstaged Minus the Bear last week at the Varsity Theater..and former local-MN band Themes I enjoyed a lot too.

-New albums from Marillion and Bend Sinister released either tomorrow (10/21)..next Tuesday (10/28) or in November like the 11th i have seen...

-I'm a bit more intrigued by the upcoming album from progressive tech/death band The Faceless now after hearing samples from "Planetary Duality" on their myspace.

-Steve Wilson's "Insurgentes" seems to be getting a lot of hype..I passed on the $40 or whatever the pre-order was for the 2-disc version. I like the guy, but sorry, I passed on the Marillion pre-order after-all. I will be checking the album out when it's available soon still of course.

-Pain of Salvation's new DVD I guess is released on November 25th and to be called "Second Death of"

-Anathallo's "Canopy Glow" is probably not that far away from surfacing I imagine. The thing that did a few weeks ago I liked a decent amount of. Scary, but I may actually prefer it over the new Margot albums actually. It drops next month no matter.

-and of course maybe the biggest remaining record's uncertainty this year is my beloved Soundscape's "Grave New World"..I played the myspace songs again the other day..it may have an outside shot at knocking on the AOY door..the nostalgia is so powerful for me.

-I read about Karnivool in the studio tonight..their new album it doesn't sound like is too far away.

-the 10th dredg "Leaflet" was posted on myspace/youtube..such an f-ing TEASE. 1 of the parts sounded like an Apes and Androids thing..with the "lie lie lie lie lie lie lie"..it sounded like. dredg plays the Varsity Theater on Monday November 17th, 2008.

-I want the Rays to win the World Series. Like Brandon Roy, it's just so like a Minnesota team to get rid of a star-in-the-making in Matt Garza. It was no secret, the guy was a stud. And no Mark Redman or even Mark Prior perhaps. Minnesota = the training ground for players to get traded away eventually and become stars for other teams. Maybe we need different coaching/managerial staff if Garza wouldn't listen to the current coaches here. David Ortiz?..there's no denying there's history and a pattern. It might be a miracle if Liriano remains with the club for the next 5 years. Too bad: a staff of Santana, Liriano, and Garza could have been a potentially historic group. But coulda, shoulda, woulda..as a fan of sports in Minnesota, I should know better. 2-good-2-be-true.

blech..okay..so that's my music/media wire..maybe something like that could be a regular thing here..pics perhaps added over time..

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