Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 Multiplex Movies on 6/20

Triple Feature yesterday on my bday.

Kung Fu Panda - Nice voice work from Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman especially..also the voice of the Turtle was good. Impressive animation, and I'm generally not that crazy about animated movies. Charming and well written-enough, even if it did seem to borrow from STAR WARS and THE KARATE KID kinda blatantly. Possibly the best thing Jack Black's done since SCHOOL OF ROCK. 6/10

Indiana Jones 4 - The scenes between Ford and Allen gave it some charm. The story was a bit of a stretch. But it definitely felt like a nostalgia piece for the main people involved. Maybe not as bad as DOOM, but that's not saying too much. THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK ADAPTATION WAS MILES BETTER and I'm certainly glad I went to that opening weekend instead. 4/10

Get Smart - Carrell was obvious to play this role, unfortunately it had to include more than enough of him doing his-own attempts at humor, which ends up being a very low percentage that is actually funny. Anne Hathaway is reasonable eye candy, and Alan Arkin was serviceable as his boss, but ultimately I don't think this lived-up to even half of what it could have been. Even Hiro from HEROES couldn't help it enough. Some of the jokes in the 2nd half helped, but much like many of these desperate cases of Hollywood with no original screenplays so they turn to make an old popular show into a movie, this was not really an exception in mediocrity. 4.5/10

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