Wednesday, February 22, 2012


2/22/12 7:32PM

perspective video shoot for the song "When We Were Young"

2/21/12 6;06AM

Sucré on Facebook

I heard about this project the other day in speaking with Daniel from Canon Blue. A touring member/performer of his band Canon Blue, Jeremy Larson is part of this project along with Mutemath drummer Darren King and Darren's wife Stacy Dupree-King who sings for the band Eisley.

I just read a bit about it, namely Jeremy's background with string arrangements and what not and I got rather intrigued. Of course I'm a fan of Darren King's being a Mutemath fan as well. Although this sounds a lot different than MM.

On paper at least, it sounds more in the vein something Brooke Waggoner might do, but I'm sure that'll be totally off once I get to hear it beyond this initial single that can be streamed below.

The debut full-length I guess is coming out on April 10th, I recall reading in 1 of the articles linked on their Facebook page. But there still is no listed title? There wasn't at least as of a few weeks ago.

I guess once there is, and more of that good stuff comes out, it'll be shared in here of course. In the mean time, this is a project I am rather intrigued by. And I'll fully admit to thinking Eisley is kind of overrated/a band I don't follow why some (the namely) make out to be a lot better than they are (I feel Warpaint are VASTLY better, who have become popular, but not on that forum for some reason).

But if somehow I get into Eisley as a result of becoming a fan of this, so be it. I can now claim to be a fan of the Besnard Lakes anyway, a band who I rightfully admit, have taken many verbal shots at. Sometimes, a band can be that more effective in winning you over if you initially think they suck, lol.