Monday, February 27, 2012

The River Empires - Five Circles (Free MP3 Download)

2/27/12 7:48PM

brief update on Facebook

Last week a brand new song was posted for free in case you haven't heard. A viable date for the new album will be announced in the next couple weeks! As well as some updates regarding the series...

So, it appears the next record, (titled presumably) Mars/Brighton II ,should be released relatively soon. And information about the Series Cellar Door.

I am of course incredibly curious about this, maybe more so about the Series. I'm going to stand by my belief that if the Series ends up anywhere beyond an ONLINE SERIES, likely Animated, I will be rather surprised if not shocked. I would LOVE for it to find its way onto any network. IFC, AMC, SYFY, FOX, or even G4, which was the network The Dear Hunter appeared on Attack of the Show.

But to expect it to happen? I guess I don't want to anticipate something too big.

And as far as Mars Brighton II, it immediately becomes my most anticipated record this year. Past Ne Obliviscaris, Ramona Falls, The Reign of Kindo, Mew and others. But based on that, I'm almost leaning toward expecting it to not be as good as those albums nor Epilogue. That way if it is, I don't have to put pressure on it and myself for it to be so good.

But given how great Epilogue is/was, by default, this becomes the biggest record on my radar now.

The new song "Five Circles" by the way, is totally sublime.

no I haven't heard it yet as I'm working OT at work right now. The title sounds familiar, as I think they may have played it live at that show that was shared last Summer.

Anyway, just gave them a modest tip. Seeing this is rather encouraging.