Monday, February 13, 2012

The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet (2012)

2/13/12 8:43PM

the whole track "The Malkin Jewel"..this is definitely different, but it intrigues me in a lot of ways.
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2/9/12 2:12PM

early review:

"My hatred of prog rock and it's mushroom munching, Hobbit-loving fans"

I'd love to force this writer, Rory O'Keeffe, to attend Nearfest, just out of spite, with comments like that..That write-up, while intriguing, reeks of the attittude hordes of snobs (and Hipsters) who pine for the return of At the Drive-In.

"The best American Rock Band to come out of the second half of the 1990s"  ? well, not really.

They were good and can be applauded for ambition, but there are other bands that at least formed and recorded their earliest music then that I still would take easily over AtDI. How about dredg, for one.

30 second preview of "The Malkin Jewel" below. The new single, which drops next Tuesday, February 14th.

The Malkin Jewel (Snippet) by The Mars Volta

1/17/12 2:05PM
Track List/cover art and link with more info here

1 The Whip Hand 4:49
2 Aegis 5:11
3 Dyslexicon 4:22
4 Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound 6:43
5 The Malkin Jewel 4:44
6 Lapochka 4:16
7 In Absentia 7:26
8 Imago 3:58
9 Molochwalker 3:33
10 Trinkets Pale of Moon 4:25
11 Vedamalady 3:54
12 Noctourniquet 5:39
13 Zed and Two Naughts 5:36

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"While Noctourniquet was, in typical Mars Volta fashion, written by Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and produced by Rodriguez-Lopez, the 13-track album explores musical territories previously uncharted in the duo's 20 or so years of creating music together. The spectrum of musical and emotional textures conceived and created by Rodriguez-Lopez ranges from the opening bombast of "The Whip Hand" to the menacing crawl of "The Malkin Jewel" punctuated throughout by hypnotic melodies and borderline electro-ambient washes, most notably in the epic "In Absentia." The bold diversity of the new material combined with Rodriguez-Lopez's most confident and refined performances to date make Noctourniquet an early contender for this year's most challenging and rewarding listen."

1/12/12 6:15PM


album title "Noctourniquet"
1/9/12 1:00AM
This may be the cover art by Sonny Kay, but the source doesn't really hold a ton of confidence.

1/7/12 4:08PM

Rock Zone twitter post

In Absentia, nuevo disco de The Mars Volta para el 27 de marzo.

I just saw some info their new album comes out on March 27th. There is no confirmed Title although it may start with an "A." Despite how that twitter post reads, the title is not in fact "In Absentia" but 1 of the songs is titled.


There is a song on the new volta that goes by the name in absentia but it is not the record title…I am afraid that is not the title of latest volta record. we will announce it soon. it really is just around the corner.

I guess it (or another track, "Zed and Two Naughts" perhaps) is going to be included on the soundtrack to the new video game MLB12 though.

some of the songs people are speculating:

The Malking Jewel
The Whip Hand
Zed And Two Naughts
In Absentia
Trinkets Pale Of Moon
Mountains of Avarice (or something similar)
Lurking About In A Cold Sweat (this may be an older title for In Absentia, not sure)

What happened with their record label situation, etc I haven't read about yet, but there was/is a facebook campaign to let them release this album, an album that has been done and ready to be released for awhile, but did not come out in 2011 due to label issues.