Saturday, February 25, 2012

British Theatre - British Theatre (2012)

2/25/12 10:35AM

EP Cover Art

1. ID Parade On Ice 05:06
2. Gold Bruise 04:37
3. Little Death #3 (6th Gen Degrade) 04:05

released 25 February 2012

This sounds pretty sweet. I have no idea if this is just what they are putting out, or an EP/preview for a full-length. I guess it's the #1 release on Bandcamp today for what it's worth.

1/24/12 2:30PM

A couple of more samples/videos

Corpse from BritishTheatre on Vimeo.

Schizo from BritishTheatre on Vimeo.

1/12/12 11:42AM

This is the new project from "The Gambler" and I believe Mike Vennart (with some others?) formerly of Oceansize. Among the non-Oceansize projects, this may be the one to pay attention to the most. At least for 2012, as their Self-Titled debut album is expected to be released this year.

Some Videos there, which may or may not have Embed codes (they're not from Youtube or Vimeo obviously). When I have time, I'll try and look.
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Hello lovers. You can check my new project with Gambler out here.... .... We hope you're safe and well. Stay tuned for further updates.

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