Sunday, February 19, 2012

Falling Up - The Machine De Ella Project/Midnight On Earthship/Hours (2013)

2/19/13 5:10PM

It's definitely bittersweet but we're excited to have all the music up for The Machine De Ella Project! How do you think it went?

Also, If you've been waiting for the whole thing to be released, now is your time! :)

So the whole thing is finally out/released as a fully official release date of February 19th, 2013. I plan to now go over both albums and the Hours Audiobook with any luck in the next few days (or weeks) and hopefully add more to this. Officially both of these albums are 2013, thus will likely be included in the 2013 Countdown

Also, now having finished this, Jessy likely will be focusing his time on along with promoting this, The River Empires. Perhaps that big announcement will come in the next few months (or even weeks?)..wishful thinking anyway


1 The Contact 3:59
2 The Climb 6:10
3 Finn Hatches a Plan 5:37
4 The Rest Will Soon Follow 4:59
5 Aeva and the Waving World 6:01
6 On Growing Things 6:04
7 Intro to the Radio Room 5:47
8 The Outsider 5:20
9 Blue Ruins 5:09
10 Transmission 5:36
11 Prillicians 4:49
12 In Echoes Forever 4:31

Midnight On Earthship

1 Sky Circles 4:02
2 Home        3:23
3 Bruise 3:54
4 Greying Morning 4:44
5 Who You Are 4:53
6 Down Here 3:44
7 Summer Song 5:24
8 Rooftops 3:54
9 Voices 6:04
10 Tomorrows 6:01

The Artwork for Midnight on Earthship hopefully will come soon as well.

12/4/12 2:00PM
Been finally getting around to checking these out. The songs/music specifically today. It's odd how the Midnight on Earthship songs are basically Jessy only at a piano (yet still released under the Falling Up name), yet the Hours songs sound more in the vein of the traditional Falling Up sound. Maybe there's a reason for that? At any case, once all of them have been released, I believe at the end of the year, or early in 2013, I'll have to post a lot of details.

10/9/12 6:10AM

this is cool. The Jessy Ribordy Audio Novel The Hours series ties in. I just "preordered" and received the 1st 2 tracks "Sky Circles" and "Home."

10/8/12 7:30PM Over the last few months, Falling Up's been posting about the new release/project I guess. I wish I had known earlier, but I guess given I did not, and it's (hopefully) supposed to come out in just a few hours, it's nice to not have to wait and try and remember to check in on it.

Although, I really hope the progress of  the next The River Empires isn't impacted by it, but I'm sort of getting the sense Falling Up moves at a different speed and priority. Falling Up is like Jessy's Dream Theater or Adrenaline Mob, and The River Empires is like his Transatlantic or Flying Colors.

But we'll see, maybe both this and the new TRE will still get released this Fall. But in terms of just this, I'm curious about it, especially how ambitious Jessy sounds describing it. It may be sort of an interactive thing with music and something to read ala Michael Nesmith's The Prison

These are the posts from Facebook over the last few months:

For those that missed it earlier, we'll be launching our new venture "The Machine De Ella Project" next Tuesday Oct. 9th.

So get your ears ready, lots of new music and even an audiobook will be involved. It's definitely going to be our most ambitious work to date.


Announcement: Hey guys today was supposed to be the day that we released 'The Machine De Ella Project' to the world. Unfortunately we hit a few snags in the project and are still wrapping up some of the minor details. 

But there's good news! Our new release date is going to be next Tuesday aka October 9th! So sorry about the delay but we want to make sure everything is perfect before launch. 

Thanks for your patience!!


Less than a month away from launching the Machine De Ella Project. #BlueberryLips


Machine De Ella Project will begin October 1st. It's an experimental new type of a project that will include brand new music. We think you guys and gals will love it! For fans of old school falling up and new.