Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mother Falcon - Alhambra (2011)

Alhambra (2011) Cover Art
1. Overture 02:10
2. Fireflies (free) 03:56
3. Sanctuary 04:49
4. Drown Me in the River 02:21
5. Kathryn 03:21
6. Just to See Her Smile 02:58
7. Alligator Teeth (free) 03:27
8. Rabbit Run 03:48
9. Waltz 03:01
10. For Papa 04:21
11. These Things 03:12
12. Serpent Tongues 06:02

Awesome discovery, this band/orchestra of sorts from Texas, thanks to noticing a copy come in to KFAI yesterday. They have really finely arranged strings, horns, and even accordion.

They're like an orchestra with a number of different singers. And while I can't say their ability to be incredibly different than many of the chamber/baroque (Classical influenced) pop/rock I've been into the last 5 or more years, they do seem to know how to compose good songs well, which ultimately can be most important anyway.

In other words, if you enjoy the handful of chamber rock/pop stuff I do like Cloud Cult, Anathallo, The Dear Hunter, Sufjan Stevens, Emanuel & the Fear, Brooke Waggoner, Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Revere, Jared Micah & Hats etc, this is an easy one to suggest.

I know I'm going to be spending a lot more time with this album of theirs from last year, Alhambra to get more familiar with it. But already, it may be my favorite record from 2011, that I didn't get to hear until this year. It may have finished pretty high in the Index in fact, perhaps even top 10.

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