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The Barnum Meserve - The Barnum Meserve (2014-2015).. + LP's #2 and #3

1/24/15 11:37PM

Not a ton of details to share yet, but per these 2 articles below, there's a few things included.

Release date is April 6th. It is Self-Titled, and Self-Released. It includes a lot of their trademark strings, vocal harmonies among other things. Also the same release date of the Nordic Giants debut record and Josh Rouse.

Their 2nd LP has already been recorded and is in the mixing stage, and is looking to come out in 2016, may or may not be released on a label.

Their 3rd LP they are already working on, and if timing works well, may come in 2017, LOL.

After two years in the making, The Barnum Meserve now unleash their self-titled debut album, and it’s an outright scorcher. The record contains thirteen tracks that are epic, dark and cinematic, but above all, utterly compelling. The atmospheric piano openings and string sections of ‘War Games’ leads things off, before the current single ‘Colours’ ( perfectly showcases the three piece’s unbridled emotion laced with a contagious and dramatic refrain. The forthcoming single ‘Underneath The Grey’ further demonstrates the band’s guile and deft ability to truly ignite anyone within earshot, and the video is also something special that magnificently portrays the track’s haunting beauty. With shows and festival appearances planned for this year, along with a new album already in works, there is no stopping The Barnum Meserve’s ascent.

I'm pretty intrigued not only by this upcoming record, but the stuff they also have planned over the next couple of years. Will they play live in North America? I dunno, but 1-step-at-a-time of course.

I will of course bump this when more of those details come.
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Nordic Giants - A Séance of Dark Delusions (2014-2015)

1/24/15 7:52PM
Great to finally find out information about this debut record of one of my favorite new bands, especially favorite Post Rock bands of late.


The lead single "Rapture (ft. Beth Cannon)" is streaming on that story's link.

This album is being released digitally, CD/DVD and Gatefold Vinyl. guests including members from Saturday Sun, Nadine Wild Palmer, Freyja, and, Beth Cannon whose on Rapture per the "featuring" title.

April 6th release date. Very excited to hear this. April seems like it'll be a pretty good month with Mew, Josh Rouse and now this record among others still to be announced.

Also it is probably worth noting the fact Nordic Giants are going on tour supporting Solstafir this Winter in Europe.

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Porcupine Tree on HIATUS (or extended break? or whatever synonym you want to use)

1/23/15 6:11AM
Nearly 3 years later, seems to still be the case. The site (and blogs) he's referring to I don't believe is here/mine/this entry, etc. But more importantly, PT's return isn;t happening anytime soon, and if/when it does, it sounds like it'll be kind of a sideproject; although it seems other than his solo band, everything seems to be some kind of sideproject for Steven Wilson.

That all being said, it seems like it will happen at some point, but that still could be a long ways away.

9/12/12 12:14PM

here's another new, extensive Interview with Steven Wilson, although not a vast amount of news regarding The Tree, but he does mention perhaps getting together next year.

But there's more from where the original Used Bin Radio (and other interviews from earlier this year) came from.

Speaking of Gavin Harrison, we can now move on to Porcupine Tree! It’s now been almost three years since you guys released The Incident, so is there anything in the works right now?

No, not really. We haven’t split up and with no intentions of splitting up, but it seems like each one of us is working on different things at the moment; Richard (Barbieri) has just released an album with Steve Hogarth, Gavin is touring with 05Ric and Colin (Edwin) has also released a couple of records, so nothing is going to happen this year, maybe next year. I think it’s a matter of when we all feel it’s right and I think we are all very much in agreement that it’s time to reinvent the sound at this point. I felt with The Incident for the first time, even though it’s a good record, that we are starting to get stuck in a certain sound and for me the peak was really Fear of the Blank Planet and In Absentia. The Incident didn’t strike me as having anything new so it felt like it’s time for a change.

That’s exactly what I was going to ask next, because Porcupine Tree started off as a spacey, kinda old school prog band which ended with Signify then transitioned to a more song structured approach with Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun and the latest incarnation was he more Metal inclined sound of your last four albums, so can we consider the next album as the start of Porcupine Tree Mark IV?

I think it has to be, otherwise there’s no point carrying on. I think it needs to be reinvented, I don’t know how yet, but there’s no point of us making another record of that style and we all agree on that. So the time taking off to do other things is important. Not that I want to give an impression of my solo work being a side project, because it’s not, I think it’s the most important one, but Porcupine Tree is still very special for me, of course it’s been the most successful of all the things I’ve done, not by design but it just seemed to connect with the most people, but I never want to get in the situation of making records just to please the fan base, which a lot of bands do, in fact it’s what most bands do, making records just to please the fans, I think I’m more selfish than that. I think you’ve got to take the Scott Walker approach, when have to say something say it, whether it takes five years or ten years and I think our fans are the kind of fans that will still be there, like Kate Bush fans or Peter Gabriel fans they’ll still be there, or even Tool fans, I mean how many years have you been waiting for a tool album?


And when the Tool album does come out everyone will listen to it, so I hope that our fans will be there when we release on ourselves.

Yeah, they definitely will. So do you think the next Porcupine Tree album will take from the improv jazzy elements of Grace for Drowning?

I don’t think so, because there’s one band member who hates jazz, so I don’t think that element will be likely to appear on the record but I’m sure that when we do sit down to make the record you will probably hear the influence of the stuff each one of us has been doing, because that’s part of the plan, each one goes does his own thing pick up some new influences and come back and we put those together again. I am curious, I don’t know what kind of music we are going to make, but there will definitely be no metal aspect, I think the metal thing is done. Just that metal guitar sound is boring.

Good interview anyway, as always it's interesting to read Steven's take on the music industry especially.

Perfect! Final question, of course you know that there are millions of bands coming through in almost every genre, what would you recommend for startup bands to make it in music?

...[edited for space] To summarize: do it for yourself, do it because you love it and if, by accident, your music connects with an audience, great but there’s no career route in music anymore. Record companies aren’t signing artists anymore, unless it’s shit like American Idol, because it’s easier for labels that way; sign an artist, sell a million records, then dump the artist and sign another one.

July?..last noted time 4/25/12 5:57AM
New live CD/DVD
that's great and everything, however, bands on hiatus, put out dvds and live releases all-the-time.
I will say, I noticed someone on twitter ask Steven Wilson (or whoever runs his twitter) about PT and he said having to mention the band being on a break right now has been a bit tiresome (or something close to that, I'm just paraphrasing). Sort of like, he wish he hadn't, and maybe more so, wishes I and some other sites hadn't.

Edit: nor remembering, someone asked about the site that posted the April Fool's joke.

But regardless, based on where he's at and the work on his next solo record, which is coming early in 2013 I recall reading, PT is still not amongst the work he or the other members are doing right now, save for this live CD/DVD.

I still think the very earliest an all-new original-music album will come out (save for maybe a b-sides or something) will be in 2014.


Kscope have just announced on the twenty ninth edition of their post-progressive podcast that Porcupine Tree will be releasing ‘Octane Twisted’ a 2CD/DVD set on November 5th. The audio and video will be taken from the band’s show on 2nd May 2010 at the Riviera Theater, Chicago, which was one of the many shows on tour in which ‘The Incident’ was performed in it’s entirety. More details are coming soon!

For those unaware, on Used Bin Radio last week, they aired an interview with Steven Wilson, which hopefully will be stream/download/podcasted soon. But he basically said what also was said about
Porcupine Tree here, that they are on HIATUS. He also said PT WILL LIKELY COMEBACK at some point, when he feels they are ready to "reinvent" themselves. In the mean time, Steven Wilson is busy with his solo records and Storm Corrosion among other things that are not Porcupine Tree.

more to add/edit...

edit: some of the comments on the forums are claiming that link is from an April Fools joke. That may be true, but I know for a fact, hearing it from the horse's mouth himself live face-to-face, it is in fact true.

He didn't actually use the word "hiatus" I don't think, nor did he say Porcupine Tree are broken up, done, over, etc. But he more or less said his muse is making the music for his solo records, and making music THAT THE MEMBERS OF HIS CURRENT TOURING BAND CAN/WILL/ENJOY PLAYING.

Grace For Drowning has a lot of JAZZ influence to it, at least in parts, and he said how with Porcupine Tree, there is at least 1 member who isn't interested in incorporating JAZZ into their music. Whereas the band he has on tour and is currently writing music for (or with?), he can. And he stressed at more than 1 point, how he has been listening to older JAZZ and "experimental classical" music. The Used Bin guys asked about what he has been listening to, and he said Rock music isn't really where his interest is as in exploring/discovering.

But just to humor the folks who are convinced this story is a joke and the next Porcupine Tree album is right around the corner, I'd just like to bring up how likely that really is.

Right now Steven Wilson is writing music for his next solo album, some of which his band has even played live. But presumably, the music for it will be written the rest of 2012, and soon after recorded. Either towards the end of 2012, or more likely early 2013. Then the record will be released, and in all likelihood, another tour supporting that record will happen in 2013.

another earlier (late February I recall) source

What’s the timeline for the next solo album?
It’s not going to be until next year. I’m in no rush because there’s a lot of promotion still to be done for Grace for Drowning in terms of getting the record to people who haven’t discovered it. We’ll be touring it for the next six months at least. We’re also going to film a Blu-Ray DVD on the next tour to document the current repertoire and lineup. I’m writing with recording in mind for late summer or autumn, with a view to releasing the album in Spring 2013. So, it’s still a long way off. I’m a great believer that when you feel inspired, you should take advantage of the opportunity. I know some people think I’m an endless supply of music, but I’m not. I go through periods when I have nothing coming out and nothing to say. Right now, I feel inspired, so I’m striking while the iron is hot.

So, the very EARLIEST any music could even be written by Steven Wilson and/or the other members of PT would be in the Summer or Fall of 2013. And assuming that actually did happen, the album wouldn't actually get released until sometime in 2014, thus 5 years after the last PT album The Incident.

But based on the interview with Used Bin Radio, the odds of even that happening aren't likely. The biggest reason is, making music for PT right now isn't where Steven Wilson is at right now. Where his muse is, is making music for his solo albums, Storm Corrosion and other things like doing the 5.1 and remixes for bands like King Crimson and Jethro Tull.

And so it sounds like, the point PT can "reinvent" themselves, music will be made by them. But that very easily will be a number of years after his next solo album even.

He's kind of modeling himself and PT's career after King Crimson and Robert Fripp. King Crimson's career is filled with breaks, hiatuses and reinventing their sound.

OT 2nd week of February 2015

something or some thingS should be arriving in here if not before, per PTO.

Perhaps beforehand, depending on free time, but I do have that week planned off work. So, all that stuff I frequently mention/plan hopefully can see the light of day by then if not earlier.

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Rush - R40 (North American) Tour 2015 (includes St.Paul, 5/12)

I want to say I will be at the show on May 12th, but May is kind of a big month for the gf, so who knows. If I manage to, if my count is correct, it'll be my 8th show since 1st seeing them in 1994.

St.Paul link, on sale Jan 30th,2015

MAY 8, 2015         TULSA                            BOK CENTER                                
MAY 10, 2015 LINCOLN                    PINNACLE BANK ARENA        
MAY 12, 2015 ST. PAUL                    XCEL ENERGY CENTER                  
MAY 14, 2015 ST. LOUIS                   SCOTTRADE CENTER                  
MAY 16, 2015 AUSTIN                           360 AMPITHEATER                          
MAY 18, 2015 DALLAS                           AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER      
MAY 20, 2015 HOUSTON                   THE TOYOTA CENTER                  
MAY 24, 2015 TAMPA                           AMALIE ARENA                          
JUNE 8, 2015 COLUMBUS                    NATIONWIDE ARENA        
JUNE 10, 2015 BUFFALO                    FIRST NIAGARA CENTER        
JUNE 12, 2015 CHICAGO                    UNITED CENTER                
JUNE 14, 2015 DETROIT                    PALACE OF AUBURN HILLS
JUNE 17, 2015 TORONTO (I)            AIR CANADA CENTRE        
JUNE 19, 2015 TORONTO (II)            AIR CANADA CENTRE        
JUNE 21, 2015 MONTREAL                    BELL CENTRE                
JUNE 23, 2015 BOSTON                    TD GARDEN                
JUNE 27, 2015 NEWARK                     PRUDENTIAL CENTER        
JUNE 29, 2015 NEW YORK                     MADISON SQUARE GARDEN        
JULY 9, 2015 KANSAS CITY                     SPRINT CENTER                
JULY 11, 2015 DENVER                     PEPSI CENTER                
JULY 13, 2015 SALT LAKE CITY             MAVERIK CENTER        
JULY 15, 2015 CALGARY                     SCOTIABANK SADD LEDOME
JULY 17, 2015 VANCOUVER             ROGERS ARENA                
JULY 19, 2015 SEATTLE                     KEY ARENA                
JULY 21, 2015 PORTLAND                     MODA CENTER                
JULY 23, 2015 SAN JOSE                     SAP CENTER AT SAN JOSE
JULY 25, 2015 LAS VEGAS                     MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA
JULY 27, 2015 PHOENIX                    US AIRWAYS CENTER        
AUGUST 1, 2015 LOS ANGELES             THE FORUM                

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Small Leaks, Sink Ships - Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals (2014-2015)

1/21/15 5:40AM
This is just an initial post about this record, I stumbled upon the other day and checked out and was pretty floored by actually. A top album of the Season contender? I might not want to go that far at this point; but I did really enjoy this record, which to be honest, I cannot find much if any concrete info about the release date, etc.., I only found just the obvious blogs and other sites with vague info that has the artwork and /tracklist.

The only specific thing is the single "Yellow Bird" below which is embedded per their bandcamp page, and the trailer for this record posted on YouTube (and Vimeo) back in October.

In the interest of time of course, I will just say, I heard about this band maybe even around the time of their debut LP in 2007, or maybe a year or 2 after. I recall they were from Arizona, and I think where I saw their name was one of the annual Alternative Press "100 Bands You Need to Know" issues. Come to think of it, I think it was either 2009 or 2010.

Anyway, I recall not thinking they were bad, but not exactly a band I heard tons of potential with.

But with this new record of theirs, some 4 or 5 years after my initial impressions, I think I may have been won over a lot more. I love the use of piano throughout this whole record.

Is it kind of low-fi? I suppose, but that adds to its charm in a lot of ways. Is it prog? yeah, I guess, and Post Rock, math rock, psych, dreamy among many other sections. I hear bands like Murder By Death and early Menomena among others. Great atmosphere and nice use of strings at points.

Either in here or in hopefully the upcoming Season preview (or midseason review, which should come in April) I'll include more. But right now, I can already say this is 1 of the 5 best records I've heard thus far in 2014-2015.

edit: I really should update this anyway, just at the point when the details of a release date and things is finally given, I imagine on their bandcamp page, I can definitely see myself purchasing a hardcopy of this record if/when one becomes available.

01 Power Outage
02 Midnight Jinn
03 Yellow Bird
04 Orchis
05 Snowball Fight Attack Formation
06 We All Die
07 Building Blocks
08 The Devil Is In The Desert
09 Iceberg
10 The Mind Is Its Own Place

Mew - + - (2014-2015)

1/21/15 5:23AM
itunes has the track times added below. The whole record clocks in at around 1 hour, including the 10+ minute piece "Rows"

1/19/15 9:18AM

Wednesday January 21st Preorder which is is online Here
Release date is April 27th

Odd title, and the "-" part may always throw me off (and it may be easier just to write "Plus Minus").

Edited Clip of the song "Satellites" sounds pretty sweet.

US Tour Dates?..given they are playing SXSW in Texas in Mid March, I gotta believe they will try and play some other shows in the States, but those have yet to be announced yet.

edit: below is supposedly the tracklist (per a post on absolutepunk)

edit 2:
Tracklist here:

We are pleased to announce our new album + - is released on April 27th, pre-order from Weds 21 Jan, and we will be touring Europe in May! Listen to ‘Satellites’ and see all dates on our new website:

edit 3:  

Some more details, observations and information per (including Kimbra being involved)
Plus Minus will only include ten tracks, but they are above average in length. Those who saw the recent live shows already know that Satellites, My Complications and Cross The River On Your Own were all in the range of 6 to 7 minutes each when played live, and they will certainly not be any shorter on the album. The version of Satellites you heard today is – of course – a radio edit. Proper single release for the aforementioned song will take place on March 9th and extra songs are expected for the same release date (call them b-sides or whatever). Russell Lissack (of Bloc Party) and Kimbra are confirmed collaborators on Plus Minus. No information on possible music videos yet, but it is expected (or hoped for) that Martin de Thurah would return. Time will tell.

Tracks we’ve not heard so far are The Night Believer, Interview The Girls and Rows. Clinging To A Bad Dream is – as the lyrics revealed a while back – the song we’ve come to know as Changes or even Koor. This is one of the weirder tracks on the album and it changes radically a few times (prepare to hear Silas Graae and Bo Madsen go “nuts” here). If there’s a dark, so-called David Lynch track on the album, it is this one. Mew never had a problem spending weeks or even months on ONE track. Sold yet?

As was expected, Cross The River On Your Own will be the finale, and Johan Wohlert has already called it one of his favourite tracks on the album. Mew always know how to close a record and this is no exception.

01 Satellites 6:09
02 Witness 3:01
03 The Night Believer 4:12
04 Making Friends 4:52
05 Clinging to a Bad Dream 6:43
06 My Complications 6:03
07 Water Slides 5:04
08 Interview the Girls 4:04
09 Rows 10:42
10 Cross the River on Your Own 7:28

We are very excited to announce that our new album '+ -' will be released on 27th April 2015
Go to our new website at to hear ‘Satellites’ - the first song from the new album.
+ - will be available to pre-order on Wednesday 21st January HERE.  
Formats available are: CD, Heavyweight Gatefold Double 12" Vinyl LP (including CD insert), and a Deluxe Hard-Back Double CD Book (featuring + - and live recordings from 2014).
We are also delighted to announce a European tour in May, with a special pre-sale starting at 9am on Wednesday 21st January HERE
These tickets are also available to buy in an optional bundle with the new album. 
17/05/15: O2 Academy, Glasgow, UK
19/05/15: HMV Ritz, Manchester, UK
20/05/15: Roundhouse, London, UK
22/05/15: La Fleche D’Or, Paris, France
23/05/15: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
25/05/15: Lido, Berlin, Germany
This year will be a very exciting one for us all, we look forward to sharing the new album with you and seeing you at a live show very soon...

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Kevin Gilbert - Thud [VINYL + 3 CD 20th Anniversary DELUXE Edition] (2014-2015)

1/191/15 1:25PM


VINYL + 3 CD Order Link

3 CD Book Link

Just ordered my Vinyl+3CD package. I do also have something else in the ordering pipeline too :)

1/14/15 5:28PM

Monday. MLK and also the day the Mew record info is supposed to come out.

1/8/15 2:41PM



Once we receive the THUD books, we will activate the order page at to include the CD & LP Set.

THUD 2 LP (180 gram)
mastered specifically for vinyl from the original analog tapes
Side A:
1. When You Give Your Love To Me
2. Goodness Gracious
3. Joytown
4. Waiting
Side B:
1. Tea For One
2. Shadow Self
3. The Tears Of Audrey
Side C:
1. Shrug (Because Of Me And You)
2. All Fall Down
3. Song For A Dead Friend
Side D:
1. Kashmir (Studio Version)
2. Waiting (The Other Version)
3. Joytown (Acoustic)

1/07/15 2:10PM

Soon..although I suspect this may be soon for the CDs; hopefully something more on the Vinyl will be added soon.

On Facebook

We were informed that our shipment of THUD books should arrive within the next week. Once we receive the books, we will activate the order page.

THUD: 20th Anniversary Remastered 3-CD Book Edition

Disc 1
1. When You Give Your Love To Me
2. Goodness Gracious
3. Joytown
4. Waiting
5. Tea For One
6. Shadow Self
7. The Tears Of Audrey
8. Shrug (Because Of Me And You)
9. All Fall Down
10. Song For A Dead Friend

Disc 2
1. When You Give Your Love To Me (Demo)
2. Goodness Gracious (Demo)
3. Joytown (Acoustic)
4. Waiting (The Other Version)
5. Tea For One (Demo Mix #1)
6. Shadow Self (Mix #2)
7. The Tears Of Audrey (Demo-Straight)
8. Because Of You (Demo)
9. All Fall Down (Toto Version)
10. Song For A Dead Friend (Guitar Mix)
11. Until I Get Her Back (Studio Version)
12. Big Heart (Studio Version)

Disc 3
1. Kashmir (Studio Version)
2. Miss Broadway (Studio Version)
3. Goodness Gracious (Can-Am Version)
4. Joytown (Full Mix-Unedited)
5. Tea For One (Sax Mix)
6. Late For Dinner (Dark Mix)
7. Song For Michael (Demo)
8. Waking The Sun (Instrumental)
9. Tea For One (Demo-Instrumental)
10. The Tears Of Audrey (Demo-Instrumental)
11. Goodness Gracious (Bottrell Loop Mix)
12. Shadow Self (Bill's Board)

that 3rd disc I think has me the most curious.

12/09/14 2:05PM

Newly redesigned/revampied. THUD has been pushed back due a strike of some kind, until January. The other 2 released, Toy Matinee Acoustic and The Lamb Performance are up there now though.

Also a sweet alternate version of "Goodness Gracious." I like the different lyrics especially,

10/6/14 12:45PM

2nd preview. "Miss Broadway" included (not surprising).

9/29/14 12:40PM

Sucker is coming and "oh yes!" on Vinyl for the first time. "Big Heart" sounds rather power-pop-ish.

Damn I can't wait!. November cannot come soon enough. I'll probably order a couple copies of the vinyl in fact. The details that are passed along from now til then I'm sure will be updated in here of course.

The Estate of Kevin Gilbert is releasing Kevin’s solo album THUD in a limited, 3 CD, 34 track, 20th anniversary deluxe edition. It will go on sale in mid-November. The package will include 3 new studio tracks, 18 previously unreleased demos/alternate takes and will come in a beautiful 32 page hard bound book. This 3 CD set will be priced at $35.
Also, for the first time ever, THUD will be available as an audiophile 180 gram, 2 LP set. Remastered specifically for vinyl from the original analog tapes, this gatefold package will be limited to 500 units. THUD 2 LP & 3 CD set package will be priced at $70.
The LP set will not be sold separately.
Track listing, artwork, ordering details, and much more will be announced throughout the month of October.
Kevin Gilbert audio/video is available for purchase at

7/7/14 4:22PM


Yes please. 500 of them need to sell at $60 a pop. The 2011? Shaming Vinyl campaign didn't quite make it (and I'll admit, I didn't but definitely should have ordered 1), but I don't recall what the goal was for that, but for some reason I suspect it was a little more.

But $60? sheesh, hell fucking yeah!

to help the chances of this to sell 500.


-Mike Portnoy's Forum topic (replies also count) Topic (replies count)

-Lawnmower and Garden Supplies Email List (per Yahoo)

As some of you may already know, this fall, The Estate of Kevin Gilbert is releasing a limited, 34 track, 3 CD, 20th anniversary, deluxe edition, of Kevin’s solo album Thud. 

\ We are wondering if there is enough interest to have 500 of the sets include a 2 disc, 180 gram, audiophile vinyl version of the original CD. This will be mastered from the original analogue tapes. 

We hope to have the 3 CD set, which includes a 32 page, full color, hard bound book, sell for $30. The version including the vinyl will cost an extra $30, totaling $60. The CD set will be available separately for $30 but vinyl will ONLY be available as part of the entire $60 set. 

Please respond here under this post (or on Kevin Gilbert's Official FaceBook page) and let us know if you would buy the edition including vinyl. We will only press vinyl if we get enough positive responses. 

Best regards, Jon Rubin 
Executor for the Estate of Kevin Gilbert

6/2/14 12:20PM
From the New Official Facebook Page


I'm giddy about this, 3 new (unreleased) and 18 unreleased demos/alternate mixes.

I probably should include that it is still my and many others hope this and Shaming especially, find their way onto a VINYL release someday, but beggars..of course.

I'm seeing The Monkees tonight ironically, and if I have a chance to chat with Christian Nesmith, I may have to bring this up. Interesting TIMING.

Also speculation about what those 3 tracks may be. I wonder if 1 may be "Miss Broadway" and perhaps a handful of other versions of songs that in different forms, ended up on Shaming.

But, whatever they are, I'm sure most of the Kevin Gilbert geeks like myself will still be pretty crazy for this.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Daniel Johns - "Aerial Love" coming 1/29/15

1/16/15 2:29PM

per FB

Album or Single? I suspect this is an album title, but I guess we'll find out on January 29th, which is a Thursday of all days. Perhaps albums come out on Thursdays down under?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Jimmy Gnecco interview

25+ minutes and a few live clips. Not the most in-depth interview ever with Jimmy, but some good detailed info still. Stuff about Ballet the Boxer 1, 2 etc...and these shows he's doing out in Hollywood. If only I lived or could visit there now.

"Rock is Dead" is kind of a sad idea popping up more of late, which I suppose it sort of makes some sense, on a commercial level. But as a fan, having it still being out there on a underground level, it doesn't really matter much to me. Bu the romantic part of Rock music being visible when I was growing up and before, being gone in some ways, is sad, or a sad way to look at things in some ways.

I do like how he talked about Vinyl, but as far as having the older Ours records come out on Vinyl, I kind of wish he had included more about. I worry a little about the cost from the labels who own the rights, maybe being the biggest obstacle for putting those out, but who knows. I'd love them all on vinyl of course.

Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase (2014-2015)

1/1515 3:19AM

The tour dates started coming out like 2 weeks ago, and of course the back-2-back Chicago shows were all-too-familiar with no show in Minneapolis. Of course on FB/Twitter and Steven's site it says more dates will be announced, but it seems pretty clear they chose to do a 2nd show in Chicago instead of coming back to Minnesota.


I also noticed someone say that both Marco and Guthrie will not be on this tour, which I suppose for what it's worth, I would rather see them, but I'd trade no Marco & Guthrie and a show in Minnesota regardless.

On the other hand. I just noticed how Marillion are planning to come back to the US in 2016. Minnesota? unlikely, but I would anticipate traveling for them.


1/1/15 1:36PM

wow, I need to spend some time, but my gawd, there's a boatload of into, images, and diary entries from this woman who found a tragic fate that this record is supposed to be about.


some stuff about it also included in the latest KScope Podcasr.

12/20/14 4:32PM

1st single/title track. The outro is quite nice.

despite my lack of interest in ever purchasing anything there, it is for sale here on iTunes .

edit: lyric video

SW site Preorder (Deluxe)

Burningshed Store with I count 5 different versions

Newbury Comics Preorder

12/04/14 5:01PM

More info about the concept/artwork/packaging, etc.

12/01/14 5:45PM

Cover art, tracklist and release dates. March 3rd in the US/Canada. I'm a little thrown off by another album cover that doesn't include the artist name nor the title even. But whatevz.

We can now reveal the front cover artwork and track listing for the forthcoming Steven Wilson album 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' due for release via Kscope on the following dates: February 27th - Germany, March 2nd - UK & Rest of World, March 3rd - US and Canada.

1. First Regret (2.01)
2. 3 Years Older (10.18)
3. Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
4. Perfect Life (4.43)
5. Routine (8.58)
6. Home Invasion (6.24)
7. Regret #9 (5.00)
8. Transience (2.43)
9. Ancestral (13.30)
10. Happy Returns (6.00)
11. Ascendant Here On…(1.54)

11/20/14 5:39PM

Steven's Facebook

I’m happy to announce that my new album “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” is now finished and will be released on Kscope in February. More news and previews soon, including information on how to pre-order a very special deluxe edition. 

In the meantime the first tour dates in the UK and Europe are confirmed, see below. We are currently developing a show that I hope will raise the bar both musically and visually from previous tours, with a set list based around the new album, as well as casting the net further back into my songwriting past for a few surprises.

Hand. Cannot. Erase. almost sounds sort of like Meshuggah's Destroy. Erase. Improve ? lol.
I wonder what he refers to "as well as casting the net further into my songwriting past for a few surprises."..PT and Blackfield? If a tour does come the States, it seems like it'll be at the earliest, late Spring.

But as far as the album details, some bumps shall happen of course when all those details are shared,

Related Post 

not sure what the deal is with this site right now, but it probably will be a site for info on it:

Tour Dates:

Thu 12th Mar - UK, Cambridge, Corn Exchange
Fri 13th Mar - UK, Cardiff, St David’s Hall
Sat 14th Mar - UK, Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
Mon 16th Mar - UK, Edinburgh, Queens Hall
Tue 17th Mar - UK, London, Troxy
Wed 18th Mar - UK, Wolverhampton, Civic Hall

Fri 20th Mar - Germany, Cologne, E-Werk
Sat 21st Mar - Luxembourg, Rockhall
Sun 22nd Mar - Germany, Stuttgart, Theatrehaus
Tue 24th Mar - The Netherlands, Utrecht, TivoliVredeburg
Wed 25th Mar - France, Paris, Olympia
Thu 26th Mar - Belgium, Antwerp, Trix Club
Sat 28th Mar - Germany, Neu Isenburgy (Frankfurt), Hugenottenhalle
Sun 29th Mar - Switzerland, Pratteln, Konzerfabruk z7
Mon 30th Mar - Italy, Milan, Teatro Dal Verme
Tue 31st Mar - Italy, Rome, Teatro Sistina
Thu 2nd Apr - Germany, Munich, Kongresshalle
Sat 4th Apr - Austria, Vienna, Ottakringer Brauerei
Sun 5th Apr - Czech Republic, Prague, Hybernia Theatre
Tue 7th Apr - Poland, Krakow, ICE Congress Hall
Wed 8th Apr - Poland, Lodz, Klub Wytwornia
Thu 9th Apr - Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle
Fri 10th Apr - Germany, Hamburg, CCH2
Sun 12th Apr - Denmark, Aarhus, Train
Mon 13th Apr - Denmark, Copenhagen, Amager Bio
Tue 14th Apr - Sweden, Malmo, Palladium
Thu 16th Apr - Sweden, Gothenburg, Konserthuset
Fri 17th Apr - Sweden, Stockholm, Debaser Medis
Sun 19th Apr - Finland, Helsinki, The Circus
Tue 21st Apr - Norway, Oslo, Sentrum Scene
Thu 23rd Apr - The Netherlands, Zwolle

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Josh Rouse - The Embers of Time (2014-2015)

1/14/15 5:49PM
Release date April 7th, 2015 preorder link there.

The Embers of Time, Josh Rouse

1 Some Days I'm Golden All Night 3:20
2 Too Many Things On My Mind 2:50
3 New Young 3:30
4 You Walked Through the Door 3:23
5 Time 3:13
6 Pheasant Feather (feat. Jessie Baylin) 3:20
7 Coat for a Pillow 3:27
8 Jr Worried Blues 3:06
9 Ex-pat Blues 3:03
10 Crystal Falls 4:30

New song is okay. Some of the stuff online about it says it harkens back to the Nashville style, which if it is, I and my Josh Rouse fangirl gf, will be happy. The Happiness Waltz was good, and probably better than his previous record, but at the same time, I haven't longed to listen to it recently. But maybe The Embers of Time will be more so.

from Josh's site

Pre-order the New Album,
The Embers of Time, Now at iTunes
“It’s my surreal expat therapy record,” observes Josh Rouse about his new LP, The Embers Of Time out April 7 via Yep Roc Records.  The album takes inspiration from his self-admitted crisis of confidence and bouts with existential psychotherapy in his adopted home of Valencia, Spain. 

The 10-song collection of originals contains some of Rouse’s most beautiful arrangements and complex songwriting to date. First song and lead single “Some Days I’m Golden All Night” channels Glen Campbell-style Countrypolitan pop mastery through Self Portrait-era Dylan confessional lyrics.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fjokra - The Mellowsound Sessions (2014-2015).+ "Miss You Already" + Full Length?

So, the 4th and I guess final track of The Mellowsound Sessions  Fjokra released today up on YouTube. I guess the whole thing will be available as a Free Download soon (likely on )

I love this whole thing, including the last/new track "GMF" which is a John Grant cover. But, I suppose I'll go with "Koi" being the standout on this thing.

Some stuff below is also worth keeping in mind as that movie Fjokra and his band are in, and the anticipation for a full-length in 2015 coming.


1. Salty
2. Koi
3. Oracle
4, GMF (John Grant Cover)

I also noticed this in the YouTube description which has me rather intrigued.

During the summer of 2014 Fjokra worked with director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen, Red Riding Hood, Lords Of Dogtown) on her latest film Miss You Already starring Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Dominic Cooper and Paddy Considine. Fjokra and his band feature in a concert scene performing one of his own compositions and also plays the part of Dominic Cooper’s best friend throughout the film. Miss You Already is scheduled for international release in 2015.

With 5 track EP Thoughtsteps released June 2014, Fjokra is constantly writing and recording new material. The Mellowsound Sessions EP released online in December 2014 features a more ambient direction, and rumours of an album coming in 2015 are beginning to circulate.

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (2014-2015)

1/12/15 5:18PM

Being released on March 30th/31st. some stuff I just read this is supposed to be the ole "return to his roots" kind of record, which if it is like the pre-Michigan stuff, stripped down, almost purely acoustic singer/songwriter, I am not expecting a ton.

On the other hand, if much or any of this record resembles the epic (and electronic?) nature of The Age of Adz, I may be pleasantly happy to get into another on of his records. Even just the use of the chamber instrumentation of Michigan and Illinois I'd be game for.

But the trailer has me thinking this may be more of the folky/stripped Sufjan, but we'll see.

Carrie & Lowell cover art

1. Death with Dignity
2. Should Have Known Better
3. All Of Me Wants All Of You
4. Drawn to the Blood
5. Eugene
6. Fourth of July
7. The Only Thing
8. Carrie & Lowell video
9. John My Beloved
10. No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross
11. Blue Bucket of Gold

Subterranean Masquerade - The Great Bazaar (2014-2015)

1/12/15 2:26PM

Whole album in my inbox this morning along with now up to STREAM and DOWNLOAD. Release date I thought was officially tomorrow. Anyway, fan-fucking-tastic record. Reviews pending (both written and Video), but my goal is this week sometime. I would say it's battling another record mentioned of late in this blog for the top spot already.

10/8/14 5:50PM

Preview of every track. This just has me more curious of course.

9/8/14 1:53PM

Album pushed back until December per the situation in Israel. While it does kind of suck for now, it makes sense. Another 3 months doesn't seem like much. It won't be on the Countdown, but whatever, it just means 2014-2015 will be all the better. with the way things are going, albums from many others will end up in the next season too (Kaddisfly?).

Facebook Post

Hello All
Due to the recent fighting in the South of Israel we have decided to push back the release of "THE GREAT BAZAAR" from September to December. Reason being is that we want people to approach our new music with nothing but enthusiasm for what it is.
Our new single "reliving the feeling" is now live at Metal Underground and pre-orders continue as before. We are down to the last few copies of the Bronze vinyl and the shirts so THANK YOU for the support!
Spread the word and get ready for THE GREAT BAZAAR

9/1/14 11:20AM

new song "Reliving the Feeling."

Terrific track. Love the piano.

7/1/14 12:12PM
The Preorder links says Release is "12-9" ..September 12th?

Photo: Subterranean Masquerade reveal the cover art of THE GREAT BAZAAR 

Subterranean Masquerade reveal the artwork for the upcoming album, titled "THE GREAT BAZAAR" and compile 7 new tracks that clocks over 40 minutes. "I think we covered almost every genre we enjoy playing", says the band song writer Tomer Pink, "it has progressive metal themes along with melodic folk, blasting death metal riffage wrapped with rich ensemble orchestration, a wide range of instruments including violins, brass section, flutes and clarinets, Arabic instruments such as Persian Tar, Turkish Saz and Oud, lots of Keys and synths and even a guest appearance by Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land" 

"This album is so surprising you're gonna have to put on a seat belt before joining the ride." 

THE GREAT BAZAAR is being mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios, artwork done by long time partner Travis Smith and it will be released as limited edition digibook CD with bonus tracks and Vinyl via Tomer's new label "Taklit Music". The album will soon be available for preorder, make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and website

Subterranean Masquerade are ready to take the show on the road in support of the album. Dates will follow as soon as they become available.

As published last week, Subterranean Masquerade announced Kjetil Nordhus ( Green Carnation, Tristania) as the band's new singer. Kjetil is joining Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom who have been with the band since the first album. 

They both join an impressive lineup including drummer Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land), Keyboardist Shai Yallin (Solstice Coil), guitarists Tomer Pink & Or Shalev and Bassist Golan Farhi. "This is the first time we function like a band and not just a project, everyone brings his own signature and influences and together we've created something I think is very special".

Album Tracklist to be announced soon. 

Get ready for THE GREAT BAZAAR

01 - Early Morning Mantra
02 - Reliving the Feeling
03 - Tour Diary
04 - Nigen
05 - Waiting
06 - Specter
07 - Father and Son


"Tour Diary" lyric video.

.rather orchestral, and the vocals naturally do sound like Green Carnation. The build up that starts around the 3 minute mark is pretty sweet.

6/25/14 11:00PM

review of the track "Tour Diary" (coming rather soon)

Artwork, info about the format, 7 songs/40 minutes, etc are all posted below per This Facebook Post

The way the new track reads, with the Kjetil Nordhus (of Green Carnation) sang vocal track "Tour Diary" has me intrigued to say the least. More info will of course be put in this entry when it's available (which it sounds like it should be rather soon).

I can't see myself not ordering the Vinyl.

Subterranean Masquerade reveal the cover art of THE GREAT BAZAAR 

Subterranean Masquerade reveal the artwork for the upcoming album, titled "THE GREAT BAZAAR" and compile 7 new tracks that clocks over 40 minutes. "I think we covered almost every genre we enjoy playing", says the band song writer Tomer Pink, "it has progressive metal themes along with melodic folk, blasting death metal riffage wrapped with rich ensemble orchestration, a wide range of instruments including violins, brass section, flutes and clarinets, Arabic instruments such as Persian Tar, Turkish Saz and Oud, lots of Keys and synths and even a guest appearance by Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land"

"This album is so surprising you're gonna have to put on a seat belt before joining the ride."

THE GREAT BAZAAR is being mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios, artwork done by long time partner Travis Smith and it will be released as limited edition digibook CD with bonus tracks and Vinyl via Tomer's new label "Taklit Music". The album will soon be available for preorder, make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and

Subterranean Masquerade are ready to take the show on the road in support of the album. Dates will follow as soon as they become available.

As published last week, Subterranean Masquerade announced Kjetil Nordhus ( Green CarnationTristania) as the band's new singer. Kjetil is joining Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom who have been with the band since the first album.

They both join an impressive lineup including drummer Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land), Keyboardist Shai Yallin (Solstice Coil), guitarists Tomer Pink & Or Shalev and Bassist Golan Farhi. "This is the first time we function like a band and not just a project, everyone brings his own signature and influences and together we've created something I think is very special".

Album Tracklist to be announced soon.

Get ready for THE GREAT BAZAAR