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Bo Madsen, guitarist of Mew, leaves the band

As a passionate fan of Mew, this comes as a pretty big surprise. I suppose his name, isn't as well known as Jonas Bjerre, and for that matter the Mew name, but the fact is he had been with them for more or less their entire history and was largely responsible for many of the elements to their sound I love. So to say his departure is significant in their future seems likely.

Now, the way that reads below, it says "for the time being" so it may not be permanent. I dunno, it might become like a studio vs live thing, or it may be he needs a break and down the road he may come back.

Mads Wegener I've never heard of, but just using Google, it shows he's a guitar teacher I guess and maybe has played with some bands/projects. One being the Danish band The Storm, which newly returned Mew bassist Johan Wohlert has been involved with when he became a father and had left Mew in 2006. Which The Storm is a band with his wife Pernille Rosendahl.

I guess we'll see what Mads Wegener's role will be and the future of Mew's guitarist. Perhaps even some stuff will be known when they come to the States in the Fall. But it is too bad Bo could not have at least stayed on for that tour.

Bad news, guys. There had been rumours lately, but now we have a statement from Mew: 
“After 20 years playing together in Mew, the band and Bo Madsen have decided to part ways for the time being. At present the rest of us will continue with Mew. We are happy to tell you that guitarist Mads Wegner will be joining us on our upcoming shows, and we look forward to seeing you all out there. 
Thank you for your understanding and support. 
–Jonas, Johan and Silas.” 

The Woods Brothers - Terra Firma [Single] (2014-2015) (ft. Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter)

This is the debut single from The Woods Brothers, and they were fortunate enough to have the services of Casey Crescenzo sing on this song.

I was introduced to them and the fact Casey was guesting on this song a few months ago per The Dear Hunter's fans forum.

Honestly, even without Casey, this is would be a pretty tasty track, but it sounds awesome with him.
What I'm not clear about is, is this the only track.

edit: okay in re-reading the topic here Casey is quite involved in this upcoming record, but he may not be singing on any other tracks, But there are other guest singers, including Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy and some others, 1 may be Cedric from The Mars Volta even.

Also the Facebook page below has some nice footage in the studio with Casey.

I made a comment a few months ago about this being a little like Neverending White Lights with many different singers, etc. I'm curious how cohesive and even conceptual The Woods Brothers debut album may be.

Regardless, this 1st single is excellent, (even with Casey's vocals I suppose being a big part), and it adds intrigue to the full-length which from that topic, could be coming this Fall sometime.

Now I kind of wish I had contributed to the Indiegogo, but I'll likely pick it up regardless.

The Woods Brothers on Facebook

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kaddisfly - Horses Galloping on Sailboats (MMXV)

6/29/15 6:46AM

Video review. I unfortunately said "The Watchman" accidentally. That and the whole *um* is the only issue I had with this, other than there are a ton of other points I just didn't have time to include, but maybe will down the road.

Maybe when I get the Vinyl I'll be able to show it and say a lot more about this album which I can't get enough of right now.

6/25/15 2:47PM
good interview I just saw on 1 of the forums with Chris. He does mention this may or not be their Swan Song. Overall, that's good to read.
Interview with Chris

As far as a review, I filmed a video review this morning that I am going to not share per a few reasons, #1, just per the length (16 mins).

But I should have time this weekend.

I'm Loving this album a ton, and am starting to think it may find 5-stars soon, and belongs in the discussion with Small Leaks, Sink Ships for favorite album of the year/season.

1 thing I noticed today, a reprise on the track "Guru" being that it reprises not only the phrase from Forest, but also the melody from "The Middleman"

HGOS is a puzzle, and a trip, and a journey like their other albums. It seems it's about the main character meeting different people (men?) etc from a literal standpoint.

More soon..gotta go though as I have dinner (and a Living Social credit as a gift from the 'rents) at my fiancee's favorite place, Cravings tonight that includes my favorite cake, Seasalt Caramel Chocolate.

6/21/15 4:59PM

I haven't listened to any of it yet per Birthday/Father's Day activities, and now watching the US Open which goes potentially til 9:30PM, lol.

I have read some comments about it, and for the most part people are liking it, but are not sure how it compares to Set Sail..I guess I always kind of almost assumed it would be almost monumental to match or even top Set Sail..but then again, I look at the Soundscape follow-up and they almost topped that I dunno.

I'm just still super excited to hear this and also hopeful we may see more acitivity from them and even re-releasing their back catalog in the near future.

1, The Architect 5:49
2. The Companion 3:54
3, The Middleman 4:32
4, The Traveler 1:57
5. The Watchmaker 4:03
6. The Painter 4:59
7. The Butcher 4:21
8. The Raconteur 4:16
9. The Guru 1:47
10. The Sage 3:48
11. The Author 4:40
12. The Apparition 12:15
56 minutes 20 seconds

6/16/15 2:18PM

27 second teaser. I'm not sure what to make of this sample. Chris sounds like he's screaming which almost harkens back to their pre-Trilogy sound.

But, too short to fully judge of course. Also nice to know precisely what time it goes on sale on Sunday, so expecting to go to the youaretheend site at 12:01AM or 1:01AM etc to download it won't be confusing if it's not there.

Also a word about the auction, I was the high bidder briefly last night, but decided not to go as high as it went, Congrats to the winner.

Also now seeing the YouTube teaser below, I do really like the brief message about "no single, no stream" etc..which reminds me of how music used to always get introduced. You just went to the store the day it got released and heard every song/part of the album for the 1st time.

Both Mike Portnoy and Steven Wilson would appreciate that I imagine.

summersolstice from Kaddisfly on Vimeo.

  6/12/15 4:30PM

I'll definitely watch this and would consider bidding on Monday, but as a realist fan, I'm skeptical I'll have enough disposable money to shell out to win this thing. Especially considering I'm trying to save for a few other things like a Wedding, lol and even a trip to Irvine, CA for Mayer Hawthorne/Hall and Oates and Amoeba Records in late August.

But..who knows what will happen on Monday I suppose. I was close to getting a Kevin Gilbert Thud Vinyl test pressing, but I suspect plans changed for that availability. This would mean a lot like Thud, to have an extremely rare item of.

I assume I will be purchasing a number of copies of this album regardless in all formats.

Horses Galloping on Sailboats will be available Digitally on Summer Solstice (06.21.15) via intheclouds
On the prior Monday (06.15.15) there will be a 24 hour auction for a test press of the record
and hand written lyric book exclusively at
The winner of the auction should receive the album by Friday (6.19.15), giving them the opportunity to have a true "first listen" experience.
Horses Galloping... will mark the first time the band’s music has been pressed on vinyl (Due later this fall)
and will be available in both a Standard and Limited collectors edition 12"/10" vinyl package.

6/8/15 5:57AM

A Likely Preorder/Order Page on Intheclouds Site

For sale including as a Vinyl release on the Summer Solstice aka June 21st, 2015. Which is actually the day after my birthday in fact, lol. And of course a reference point on Set Sail the Prairie.

Facebook Announcement

Our new album HORSES GALLOPING ON SAILBOATS will be available via intheclouds records on Summer Solstice. Details on limited edition vinyl packages to follow soon.

 photo Horses Galloping cover crop1_zpsebnfwljf.jpg

1, The Architect
2. The Companion
3, The Middleman
4, The Traveler
5. The Watchmaker
6. The Painter
7. The Butcher
8. The Raconteur
9. The Guru
10. The Sage
11. The Author
12. The Apparition

6/5/15 5:02PM


Everything's been so ***CRYPTIC*** I'm wondering this could be a little movement or something in 1 of the songs.

Hopefully more about that and details beyond the track list will be coming non Monday.

iamariver from Kaddisfly on Vimeo.

6/1/15 3:00PM

It is JUNE now, so..we finally get a small part, which I imagine a lot of stuff will be coming in the month of June about this album. One thing I wonder tho, if they signed to this label, might that suggest there could be more releases after Horses Galloping?..ala Set Sail and Buy Our Intention Vinyl even?

just received this email...

Kaddisfly sign with intheclouds
New album Horses Galloping on Sailboats
Coming Sooner & Later... and no that's not a typo

intheclouds is proud to announce our latest signing, Portland OR's Kaddisfly and we welcome them to the family! 7 years after their last release, Set Sail the Prairie, the band returns with the long awaited third album in their concept Trilogy: Horses Galloping on Sailboats.

The Architect
The Companion 
The Middleman
The Traveler
The Watchmaker
The Painter
The Butcher
The Raconteur
The Guru
The Sage
The Author
The Apparition

More details to come one week from today.

internet us. /

5/15/15 4:33PM
New interview from

Some nice info/update albeit vague in some ways.

Kile Brewer: This album was created for you.

I also like how Kelsey mentioned getting into Gatherer. Who knows, maybe Gatherer finds their way to the US and Kaddisfly could play some dates with them? It would be an amazing bill if it happened.

Still waiting on more details like a release date and artwork, etc..format even. I wonder if they will put out a lead single though.

another short teaser

3/24/15 10:15PM

June 2015?


.--- ..- -. . / ..--- ----- .---- .....

"it is now open the doors"

2/19/15 9:26:AM

just a sample/clip/teaser

"The Architect"

1/5/15 7:16PM

Obviously not certain, but appears to be likely a TRACKLIST?.

1, The Architect
2. The Companion
3, The Middleman
4, The Traveler

5. The Watchmaker
6. The Painter
7. The Butcher
8. The Raconteur

9. The Guru
10. The Sage
11. The Author
12. The Apparition

They have been posting little teasing quotes it appears a few times over the last 4 or 5 months on FB,
But now this after on New Years Day

"This will be the year. Have a safe and happy one. Cheers."

7/10/14 12:07PM

it's being MIXED.

2/22/14 12:09AM

from Facebook. A tracklist/possible track names/influences, etc? (I know it's not much, but at least it's something, lol)

12/31/13 7:02PM

Not 2013 (MMXIII) but 2014 it appears with the MMXIV, it's coming...

And I would't be surprised to see some of these tunes here  included, perhaps in different arrangements.


our seeds are planted. we're building and nurturing. things are progressing and we're excited to show you. it has been a bit. thanks for sticking it through with us. LOVE

to MMXIV, cheers

4/2/13 9:36PM

So excited. This year hopefully will include more of these leading up to the details and release.

"vos estis finis," "you were finished" in Esperanto?

vos estis finis from KADDISFLY on Vimeo.

there are few things in this world that are entirely undeniable. commonly, these things are encompassed in a feeling. less commonly are these feelings felt shared and communicated between people. even less common is to have the chance to create something that celebrates and communicates this feeling, and to share it with with those who have been a part of it, as well as those willing to lend a curious ear. to share this level of joy and intimacy between people is a lacking trait in a modern and momentary world.
we are honored and endlessly excited to create and develop "HORSES GALLOPING ON SAILBOATS" in 2013.

1/31/13 11:55AM

"The Dark and Stormy Tour"
New (Old) Documentary the guys posted. About 6 minutes, from 2005 (through 2008?). I haven't watched it yet though.

also the HGOS (Horses Galloping on Sailboats) part is shown on some places. The one thing to add to this, the album likely won't be released until late in the year given the guys are living in different places now. I wouldn't expect to see it until late Summer August/September at the earliest. Which will mean no matter what else is released prior to it as far as Album Index rankings, the Kaddisfly card very easily will find a way to change the results come early December. Even if the sucker is released the 3rd week of November, I won't be surprised to see a different top 10 or even top 5 only a few weeks after it's released.

1/25/13 9:39AM
Come to this blog/twitter/facebook or just  Watch this Space

we can travel forever this way from MMXIII on Vimeo.


only guess work right now (and no I of course haven't heard the song in the video "We Can Travel Forever This Way" but this is likely 1 of 2 things.

1) This is in effect, Horses Galloping on Sailboats, just named a little more cryptically.

2) This is a reunion/new work/album, but still under the Kaddisfly name.

the MMXIII = 2013?

The one thing I hope though is they talk about the status and it includes Kelsey Kuther who was in, but is not now currently in Water & Bodies.

I know people like Dan Fury and some others I know from the forums have more or less any and all details about this information, but then again, they may not be privy to share it with me just yet. It may not matter because this stuff is far too far already for the band not to post some kind of detailed announcement.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Squire - Rest in Peace 1948-2015

6/28/15 10:18AM-3:05PM

Jon Anderson chimed in. Really sad the 2 of them never fully reconciled exactly, at least from what has been provided publicly. But he does say they reconnected recently. Someone on mentioned an article in PROG that Jon said he emailed Chris when he heard about his Leukemia.

also another of the many comments on Social Media that are coming out, Geddy Lee mentioned something about admiring Chris but never actually meeting him, which is sad I suppose.

I just posted this on Facebook:
Chris Squire Rest in Peace. The news about his leukemia came out a few months ago was a concern, but this still does come suddenly. Chris being the only founding member of Yes (official) to be in the band throughout it's entire history. And hugely influential in progressive rock circles.
This just sucks, frown emoticon

This is pretty devastating, although he obviously was not young and may have been living with the Leukemia (and maybe not even known?) for awhile, who knows.

I have like a million things I could say about Chris and his role both in Yes and the influence he had on progressive rock and my taste in music, but I probably don't have the time to do so at this time. I just wonder who all will come out of the woodwork, namely among music media, who who may have overlooked Yes, at least come out and say something. I guess we'll see.

He will be dearly missed for sure.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Dear Hunter - Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise (2014-2015)

6/26/15 1:35PM

Very cool video produced/edited by Casey for the new single. I think once I've heard this record, a lot of the things in this video will make more sense, maybe just within the whole story of the "Act" records.

Great track though.

6/16/15 8:45PM

Preorders and Sept/Oct tour dates, including Sunday September 13th at The Triple Rock in Minneapolis.

Aug 19 Circolo Magnolia w/ Manchester Orchestra Milan, Italy
Aug 20 B72 Vienna, Austria
Aug 21 Strom w/ Manchester Orchestra Munich, Germany
Aug 22 Pukkelpop Hasselt, Belgium
Aug 23 Gebaude 9 w/ Manchester Orchestra Cologne, Germany
Aug 24 Magnet w/ Manchester Orchestra Berlin, Germany
Aug 25 Molotow w/ Manchester Orchestra Hamburg, Germany
Aug 27 Concorde w/ Manchester Orchestra Brighton, United Kingdom
Aug 28 Bodega Social Nottingham, United Kingdom
Aug 29 Think Tank? Newcastle, United Kingdom
Aug 30 King Tuts Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 01 Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff, United Kingdom
Sep 02 Joiners Southampton, Uk
Sep 03 The Rainbow Cellar Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sep 04 Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen London, United Kingdom
Sep 05 Bruis Maastricht, Netherlands
Sep 11 Musica Akron, OH
Sep 12 Riot Fest Chicago, IL
Sep 13 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN
Sep 15 The Loving Touch Ferndale, MI
Sep 16 The Ready Room St Louis, MO
Sep 18 Granada Theatre Lawrence, KS
Sep 19 Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Sep 22 The Crocodile Seattle, WA
Sep 23 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR
Sep 25 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
Sep 26 Slim's San Francisco, CA
Sep 27 Strummer's Fresno, CA
Sep 29 The Roxy Theater West Hollywood, CA
Oct 01 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA
Oct 02 The Irenic San Diego, CA
Oct 03 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ
Oct 06 The Parish Austin, TX
Oct 07 Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill Dallas, TX
Oct 09 EXIT/IN Nashville, TN
Oct 10 The Loft Atlanta, GA
Oct 11 Thompson House Newport, KY
Oct 13 Rock and Roll Hotel Washington, DC
Oct 15 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA
Oct 16 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
Oct 17 The Royale Boston, MA
Oct 21 Irving Plaza New York, NY

6/15/15 8:35PM-6/16/15 5:56AM
Just heard "Night on the Town" which is being released tomorrow (or tonight at Midnight?).

Digging it, and it does seem to fit the "Reprise" element to the title of the album, probably more than I realize after only 1 time hearing it. A 9-minute track mind you.

I'm of course very jazzed about this record, although I tend to lean towards not wearing out songs long before the release. It may not be easy in this case though.

Anyway, I'll definitely edit/update this entry in X number of hours when "A Night on the Town" is officially released.

"A Night on the Town" CDUniverse link (for those of us who don't use iTunes)

iTunes Preorder shows September 4th rel date

also  track 11 is "King of Swords (Reversed)"

edit, some comments have been mentioning the following tracks:
Bitter Suite (kind of obvious)
Untitled 1
Mustard Gas
In Cauda Venenum

6/13/15 10:46AM

Here's a teaser from the Acts tour videos Casey made in early May. I saw these already and anyone who did, but it was nice for this fan (I recall from the Fans forum) put them together like this which now is a quasi-Album trailer.

6/11/15 6:05PM

As odd as this is, it actually seems pretty likely to be accurate as I know Casey mentioned to a few fans at shows last month that Act IV would likely be released in Mid-August. But, I must say I wish whoever posted this stuff, cited a conversation or something more directly from Casey.

edit: holy crap that Bitter Suite title, lol

Or more preferably, just reading about from Casey specifically.

But, whatever, in the grand scheme of things, it shouldn't matter as it's just info. And seeing some of it on a site like cduniverse before an official press release is not unusual or anything.

Where did I see it? The Fans Forum. link


The Dear Hunter is set to release his new album, Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise on August 21 through Equal Vision!

The first single of the album is called Night On The Town, a 9 minute track that's set to be released on the 16th. You can check out the tracklist below

1 Rebirth 2:51
2 Old Haunt 4:36
3 Waves 4:12
4 At the End of the Earth 5:16
5 Remembered 3:50
6 A Night On the Town 9:00
7 Is There Anybody Here? 6:42
8 Squeaky Wheel 4:35
9 Bitter Suite IV And V: The Congregation And The Sermon In The Silt 5:40
10 Bitter Suite VI: Abandon 5:32
11 King of Swords (Reversed) 5:07
12 If All Goes Well 4:41
13 Line 3:37
14 Wait 3:20
15 Ouroboros 5:25

3/03/15 4:29PM


I'm excited for this of course, but I also can't help but see this a bit unexpectedly as I recall 2 or 3 or more interview/chats in the last year or so, Casey mentioned how there will be an Act IV (and eventually V and VI), but the record he was working on now (or next after the Symphony a year or 2 ago), was not going to be it.

But, I also recall a question or 2 about Act IV and him being rather vague about it, not denying nor really confirming it. I suppose as an artist, it's best to be more ambiguous about your future plans namely.

At any case, I certainly look forward to this. Sometime in the next few months it seems. And the live album below, which is cool. I haven't listened to much of it yet, or looked at the details on the YouTube streams, but part of me hopes (but does not expect) something from it is from the show in Minneapolis at The Varsity Theater of course.

And the upcoming "Acts" tour, would be sweet to see, but no date in Minnesota of course. I'll be curious to check out the setlists when those shows happen anyway, just out of curiosity.

More details of course about Rebirth in Reprise in due time (wouldn't surprise me rather soon, as the last interview I caught from Casey, he mentioned wanting to release this record in May if possible).

edit: here's the interview/chat Podcast I'm remembering

Letter From Casey Below

Having spent the better part of the last 6 months indoors, I’ve developed a bit of a necessary wall in regards to contact and communications, but Ill do my best in this message to convey surreal internal musings with realistic external translation.

Within the past decade spent behind The Dear Hunter moniker, it would be foolish to say I haven’t swayed with the times, and that I hadn’t rubbed elbows with thoughts of giving into the tide. There has been an always open door behind me, suggesting me to do any number of things to appeal to wider and more quantifiable audiences. However, in times when this door seemed widest of all, I always felt the need to turn and push further away.

It’s a pretty old clichĂ© - the story of a band gaining notoriety on something unique, or at the very least, something honestly themselves - trimming just enough off of who they are to fit the mold, then living out a life of diminishing creative return.

When I started The Dear Hunter, there were never any aspirations associated with fame, or sales… only aspirations associated with creative output, and a cohesive body of honest and progressive work, that at the very least could account as some sort of chronology of my creative life.

Along with that wish to constantly grow as a songwriter, came the desire to improve as a performer. This, at first, felt incredibly foreign to me - as someone who spent almost all of his time locked away creating (a very introverted behavior), the idea of such a social display was frightening. Anyone who witnessed the early shows for The Dear Hunter, can vouch for that palpable discomfort. Over time, I began to discover the live performance as an opportunity to create something new, and fleeting, each night - with an entirely different palette of instruments, both musical and human. Though the fear of the stage, and nervousness associated with outgoing interactions never left, a new feeling eclipsed them both - and with this grew the desire to improve. It was always a journey of some strange faith.

This is what I spend my time doing. My life is lovingly devoted to improving myself in all areas. Mental, emotional, physical, creative, metaphysical… I have always tried to take the same approach with The Dear Hunter, no matter how hard the adversity, whether personal or financial, I have only strived to make better art.

From this desire to grow, and through incredible fortune, I was given the opportunity to design a tour that I had never thought possible. A night devoted to performing with The Dear Hunter and a string quartet.

Luckily, Equal Vision Records was kind enough to furnish us with a system capable of multi tracking the entire tour - something we had never done before. While moments of hilarity exist (and they are wonderful), we’ve lovingly combed through these recordings to bring 10 tracks of this tour to the ears of any and all who might be interested. I hope that you feel, listening to the music, the love and excitement we felt performing.

I wanted to surprise our fans with this release, as it is my gift to you all, for supporting me over the years, and never giving up on me.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued faith in The Dear Hunter.

I want to humbly ask you all to share this letter.  Word of mouth has always been the lifeblood of this music, and the suggestions of good friends always outweigh a well placed banner ad.

I leave you all now, scurrying back into my cave with my nose to the grindstone, preparing the next record for The Dear Hunter… It is coming along swimmingly, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.  Please keep your eyes peeled for Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise, coming later this year.

Entire Live Album Stream


01. Bring You Down
02. Procession
03. Shame
04. Girl
05. Home
06. The Thief
07. Mustard Gas
08. Progress
09. Where The Road Parts
10. Things That Hide Away

The Dear Hunter 2015 Tour Dates:
04/20  Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court *
04/23  DeKalb, IL @ The House CafĂ© *
04/24  Pittsburgh, PA @ Cattivo *
05/05  Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair #
05/06  Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair ^
05/07  New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater #
05/08  New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater ^
05/12  Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer *
05/13  Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel &
05/15  Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge &
05/19  Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre &
05/22  Pomona, CA @ The Glass House#
05/23  Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour ^
05/24  San Francisco, CA @ The Independent &

* = Casey Creszenzo solo
# = Act II, w/ Northern Faces
^ = Act III, w/ Northern Faces
& = songs from Act II and Act III, w/ Northern Faces

VENNART - The Demon Joke (2014-2015)

6/26/15 6:33AM

Very cool animated video for Operate!

reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Mike

6/15/15 10:56PM
Full Album Stream + another interview

6/9/15 6:47PM

General Public Preorder

Also a new lyric video for "Retaliate" a track like basically every song on The Demon Joke, has only grown better with time. Rather catchy and quirky.

(both in Italian and English).

Also it's probably worth passing along was lucky to get to interview Mike and revealed some very good details about The Demon Joke, Oceansize and British Theatre, even mentioning that a BT album is in the works and very likely will differ even from the 2 EPs they released a few years ago.

You are also involved with Gambler (Richard Ingram) in the British Theatre project. After two EPs, are you thinking to creare a full length album? And, in your own opinion, what are the main differences between Oceanszie, British Theatre and Vennart? 

It’s easy to diffrentiate between my album and what British Theatre’s forthcoming album, but then I’d have to start revealing what British Theatre is going to sound like, and I kinda want it to be a surprise. Suffice to say, it’s gonna be very different…Very different even to the previous EPs... With regard to how it compares to Oceansize - the basis difference is that I’m calling the shots here, and I don’t need to crowbar 100 different ideas into one song just to appease everyone. I’m proud of what Oceansize did, but sometimes it was just a little too showy, too clever for the sake of it. 

6/1/15 10:45AM

5/31/15 1:45PM

Superball Music link (rel 6/22/15)

1 255                                   3:15
2 Doubt                               4:13
3 Infatuate                           5:10
4 Rebirthmark                    3:46
5 Duke Fame                      4:17
6 Don't Forget the Joker    3:54
7 Retaliate                          3:56
8 A Weight In the Hollow 5:39
9 Operate                            4:45
10 Amends                         3:33

42 min 28 seconds

early/brief (hopefully) video review in the progress..

5/27/15 2:18PM

loving a lot of this record. "Doubt" maybe being my favorite. 4-stars easily.

Here's a new live video:

5/21/15 7:57AM
Link/Story about new track "Don't Forget the Joker" new ballad.

A little simpler tune, but the emphasis on the lyrics makes sense. "Centre Piece" of the album lyrically, etc.

5/7/15 12:02PM

Stream the new and improved version of"Operate"

Some stuff in that article mentions the retail release date of The Demon Joke being on June 22nd per Superball Music.

I actually agree with Mike's understandably biased comments about Operate, as it is heavy and catchy. Will it reach a wide/wider audience than Oceansize's most accessible tracks? Maybe if it received the right amount of promotion, but of course to expect that would be silly.

Yep, 89.3, The Needle Drop, Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, Sound Opinions, All Songs Considered, etc and their trend-rock consumers could and very well would go for Operate and the rest of this record, but I might suspect I'd have a better chance inventing my own kind of ginger beer than that actually happening.

Regardless, Operate might very well be the catchiest most melodic song Mike's ever written and it certainly only adds to the optimism for this record coming to the pledgemusic backers in only a few weeks.

3/24/15 4:59PM

"So. That’s why the album is called ‘The Demon Joke.'"

edit: a lot of details about the album and the title, and the background of the recording of the record, for those who pledged.

Album Art link

3/14/15 4:01PM

Not a ton of news, but per Mike's Twitter, the "Target" (or Goal?) was met within 5 hours I guess, lol.

edit: 5 HOURS, not days,

Also a new official Facebook Page was set up.

3/6/15 4:48PM

Just pledged and received immediate download of the track "Infatuate"
pretty nice.

Looks like the CD comes on May 25th and Vinyl June 15th.

Title? "Divert Crisis" or something else? S/T?.kinda doubt it.

Also unclear about the actual "Goal" percentage as they typically show on Pledgemusic Campaigns. Maybe there is none? it just says 80 days left.

1/11/14 9:24AM

Full length debut record coming soon. If you follow his his twitter page he's been talking about it for awhile. It looks like this record will be released on Vinyl too.

Divert Crisis

Having spent nearly 5 years keeping myself occupied - and having a little too much fun - playing guitar for the beautiful Biffy Clyro, I’ve spent an awful lot of time working out exactly what kind of music I want to make. I’m happy to report that my first ‘solo’ record is on the way. 
Those inverted commas are important - an old friend has been of invaluable help in pushing these songs up the hill. Countless sketches were made in posh hotel rooms in every corner of the globe, and some were then given focus and cohesion in the form of vocal melodies written by my former Oceansize cohort, Steve Durose. We’re kind of like a weird-rock Elton and Bernie. 
The record also features keyboards from none other than Gambler, former Oceansize guy and my partner in British Theatre. Drums were beat with exceptional vigour by Dean ‘Denzel’ Pearson. His playing is so good it’s actually kind of hilarious.
Upon the release of this full length album, I’ll be taking these songs - with these very men - on tour.
Expect announcements of shows as and when we’re allowed to reveal them.
It’s been a long journey, dreaming up even the impetus for much of this material. I’m glad i arrived at a point where i’m once again making music that i want to hear.
The record itself? It is a beautiful, noisy, fuzzy, epic, heavy, stupid, annoying, confrontational journey. It is fucking ace. 
I can’t wait to get it out there.



2/7/14 10:29AM
New song/single from ex-Oceansize frontman Mike Vennart. I have no idea if this is his focus now, more than British Theatre, or if this will be like Josh Benash from Vuvuzela, where Mike will still be active doing British Theatre music and work on his own solo music. Granted, we haven't heard much if anything from British Theatre for over a year, which is puzzling and might suggest this solo work of his will be more of his focus, along with playing guitar with Biffy Clyro live in Europe.

The song itself is okay. Not blowing me away, but it's not bad, and may grow a bit.

edit: I'm digging this song a little more now. It reminds me a little of the music from Self Preserved..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mutemath: 2015 September/October NA Tour

I'm happy Wednesday September 16th, 2015 they are playing in Minneapolis (and only 3 days after The Dear Hunter show at The Triple Rock), but as  this link on First Avenue's page shows, it's NOT IN THE MAINROOM this time, but the 250-capacity venue, The 7th Street Entry.

Yet as the below history shows, they Headlined twice within the last 6 years in the Mainroom. Both of which were very full from my memory. I actually swear I saw them one other time in the Mainroom, but maybe I'm mixing them up with another band (Local Natives perhaps).

-February 18th, 2012 at the First Avenue MAINROOM Minneapolis, MN
-October 17th, 2009 First Avenue MAINROOM Minneapolis, MN

And it doesn't appear the Mainroom has anything confirmed listed on their calendar for September 16th right now, so this show not listed in the Mainroom is a pretty big WTF of today.

-Bad memory by the promoters who run First Avenue now?
-There's something else pending for that date that hasn't been announced yet?

I really wonder if this sells initially on Friday and the coming weeks, if ticket demand will force them to have it moved to a bigger venue (either to The Mainroom or at least somewhere like The Varsity Theater). It should. It was only 3 years ago when they HEADLINED to well over TRIPLE THE 7TH STREET ENTRY'S CAPACITY here, and they have never played a venue as small as The Entry (as 1 site with some venues info. The Fine Line, .even The Loft at Barfly, and the old Ascot Room held more than The 7th Street Entry).

So while I'm happy they are coming back and can't wait to hear Mutemath's new album Vitals this Fall, the fact they got booked to play a venue as small at The 7th Street seems rather baffling.

Facebook Post

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cheapo in Minneapolis MOVING (August 2015 likely)

6/22/15-6/23/15 10:40PM-5:58PM

So I went to Cheapo in Uptown tonight for the 1st time in many months and inquired again about their moving situation and it seems they are finally going to move sometime in August and somewhere in South Minneapolis. The story linked below from Channel 4 said they are looking to stay in Uptown, which South Minneapolis is and is not kind of, i.e. there are parts of "South Minneapolis" that are not in Uptown, but also Uptown is considered part of "South Minneapolis."

I'm still wondering where they could end up. Perhaps somewhere else on Lake St, or perhaps like around 32nd/33rd and Lyndale near the Pizza Luce? Or maybe more East Lake St like near the Trylon Cinema and Harriet Brewing?

Anyway, we should find out sometime in the next couple of months. It is bittersweet. Good that they are not actually shutting down for good. Good also for the potential of the area being I suppose a little less crazy and crowded with late-night youths I suppose,which has me trying to avoid the Hennepin/Lake neighborhood late at night, especially on weekend evenings. I do have many memories, both fond and not as fond as I wished, leaving that area around 11:30, Midnight, etc and there being a lot more pedestrians and traffic in general, than I'd prefer.

But maybe bad/sad in that, the Hennepin/Lake area will now have seen 3 businesses I used to frequent gone in the last 2 years (the others being Bar Abilene and The Cafeteria restaurant). The only reason for me to go to that area now will be for the Lagoon and Uptown theaters, and I suppose the Mesa Pizza.

But it does reek of the whole corporate-tized environment of that area and how its become. 2 years ago none of those high-rise Apartments were there, nor the massive parking ramps. It just represents a very different mentality and demographic that I used to think of that area.

But we'll see where Cheapo moves to. I suppose given how long they waited to move, that hopefully means they found a good area and spot. Hopefully with a reasonable parking lot as well.

I even shot a little video that perhaps I will share here soon.

WCCO-TV Story from June 18th, 2015

edit: The comments on Facebook are a mixed bag, with a number of them basically calling this complete Bullshit and the real outcome of Cheapo's lease ending in August, is CLOSING.

You know, all these geniuses and their skepticism can start calling this a joke and that if Cheapo really was going to be actually MOVING and not CLOSING, they'd already have found a location and started moving and announcing details about it LONG AGO.


All I can do is pass along what I have read and been told when I asked. I take it at FACE VALUE until there is a reason to believe otherwise.

They're saying the story and video from Channel 4's website says nothing. The owner and/or mgr at Cheapo in Uptown just has their employees saying they will be moving, but it's actually very unlikely, blah blah blah.

That's fine if people want to just not believe anything until it actually happens, but if the news story above and what I was told are actually TRUE, and we have a location and a new building plus an announced re-opening date come say even the last week of August, these folks really ought to eat some crow of some kind.

8/14/13 11:53AM
CP story 

That says it will be open until at least February. Although I have been meaning to go back down there soon (wanting to see if they have any CD copies of TDH's Act III namely), and given before reading that story, the lease was only good through August, I meant to before the end of the month to find out where they are at.

7/22/13 1:27AM
just a brief update:

I went there yesterday afternoon for the 1st time in awhile (and actually found a color 12" single of Rush's New World Man/Vital Signs (live) in fact), and inquired about the lease/move situation.

As it turns out, the owner (I'm assuming) put a BID DOWN for the lease on their current location. Now, when they will know and make public if they will retain/renew the lease for the property/bldg is unclear other than likely before the day the current lease expires, August 31st.

More pure guessing: the company that is ultimately putting in the Parking Ramps and more apartments? down in that area may be interested enough in Cheapo's current space to OUTBID the owner. But that is just my thinking as a worst-case-scenario/potential/possibility.

Hopefully they won't and they will stay where they are (for now at least). But at a minimum, the area and most recent transitions could if it hasn't already impacted Cheapo and that neighborhood.

Just for the sake of seeing it, I'd love to find out what company built the parking ramps (paid for, not the actual Company who did the physical work) and whatever else is being built right now, and find out their motivation. I mean, I wonder if they understand how they are changing that area to become potentially what has not likely ever been from a demographic socio-economic standpoint.

It comes across as CORPORATE, and Lagoon/Hennepin/Lake ain't supposed to be Corporate, at least never has been since I've frequented it.

But they are greedy capitalists I imagine and likely don't give a flying fuck about the music consumer and independent moviegoer in that area.

But for now, what happens to Cheapo still remains to be seen at least.

6/21/13 10:48PM


Well I went down there today, also seeing the Brit Marling/Ellen Page/Alexander Skarsgaard movie The East (very good movie by the way), at Lagoon at 2PM.

But I of course spent some time at Cheapo, and inquired about this situation. And from more than 1 employee I was confirmed the lease does expire at the end of August, and at least 1 suggested without question, THEY ARE MOVING, and NOT CLOSING. I imagine that is what he was told from the owner, so the intention of the owner is to still have a physical retail store. And likely somewhere near the area. So the Harmar thing is very likely nothing he'd consider.

I think he told me there are empty spaces in Uptown, maybe Lake St even. My gf wondered about Hymie's old location, or even where I guess "Dusty Pixels" was? which is/was near The Fifth Element off Hennepin I guess (I never went to Dusty Pixels, at least if it's the store I think it is/was unlike the CD Exchange which was on Lake and then moved to Hennepin and then seemed to be gone soon after.

But the details about this move and plans have still not been announced or even decided exactly. When? right after they close they are out of the current location? Or perhaps a few weeks or months later.

I guess the owner went through a similar situation and move with the Fridley and now Blaine location.

The guy I spoke to also mentioned perhaps there might be only Vinyl and some cds or just Vinyl or the Applause part would have a separate location or business plan. I would imagine there could be some vague changes like that, which I guess for me and many others, as long as they carry Vinyl, and rock Vinyl, I won't be affected as much (although I hope Jazz vinyl is still there too..frankly any and all Vinyl actually, including the 45s, 12-inches namely, which St.Paul had to purge into storage when the East sides cds and dvds killed the amount of space).

6/21/13 12:55AM

A Post in THIS TOPIC on the message 


Uptown Cheapo is moving. The lease is up at the end of August.
Moving where and how?
Nobody but the old man knows....

-First stuff like Lagoon Theater having to include multiplex titles in their showings in order to survive.

-Things like the Red Dot Net Stations disappear

-The Daily Hours get CUT, having the store only open until Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and then only 10PM 7 days a week.

-The neighborhood gets taken over by some SUITS building HIPSTER apartments and PARKING RAMPS and LOTS.

-The Vinyl section downstairs ends up getting purged upstairs and a Bookstore opens up in its place in the basement.

-Then the dwindling of the St.Paul location with a BW3 killing the mom and pops nature of that part of Snelling in St.Paul.

And now, the signature business not only in that area, but more or less for MUSIC in this town, future is up in the air.

Optimistically, they find a location with LOWER RENT, but perhaps at least a bit more convenient. Maybe in NorthEast? I'm racking my brain trying to think of places that are somewhat large enough where they could move to, that aren't incredibly far away. A place like a mall or something might make sense from a RENT standpoint and SIZE standpoint, but the 1 place that keeps coming up is HARMAR which used to be a big Mall that I and many others frequented, but it is somewhat different (if not dead in some ways, now). But one problem with it might just be HOW FAR AWAY it is.

Based on that, if there were a Mall or area in Uptown that had a bunch of businesses, and 1 large space now vacant (like where Hollywood Video used to be for example, off Hennepin), that might make the most sense. But I just am blanking right now, on my relatively limited knowledge of Business Real Estate in the Uptown area.

Maybe the owner does have some things at work, but then again, there's probably a better than 50% chance, the owner DOES NOT AT THIS POINT, and is really just buying time, hoping to find something in the coming weeks.

It's too bad, the idea of the Minneapolis and St.Paul stores combining almost seems like it could have SAVED the East Side of St.Paul now, had they known that the Uptown location was going to have to move anyway.

Sure, it would be better to have 2 locations in Minneapolis/St.Paul (Blaine is there too, but it's still in a remote suburb), but if 1 of them, especially Uptown were going to possibly have to close, and the other downsized, the alternative of having 1 LARGER location with the 2 of them combining forces in whatever way they could, and saving the larger part of St.Paul (or likely keeping it, and keeping the West Side as All Vinyl and Cassettes), I'd take the larger combined store over losing Uptown all-together.

It would still kill much of the inventory that comes from Uptown and the Mpls area, but I imagine St.Paul's inventory would grow and include some different stuff at times, that would have ended up at Uptown anyway.

But that's all a woulda, coulda, shoulda, and hypothetical fiction that didn't and likely won't happen.

But the sad reality is, the future of my favorite music retailer is up in the air. Times are certainly in the transition stage this Summer. This past week, my gf's older/ailing dog of 12 years time seems to be closing down (if not now, likely soon I'm very sad/afraid to believe).

The deaths of James Galdolfini and Vince Flynn fwiw.

And now this.

I guess I'll bump/edit this when I find out more official or specific information. But for now, I am concerned if not a bit depressed about this. My friend Jess on FB did point out, at least they likely would have some kind of SALE, which is all but a small consolation, but I guess it's a little something.

I also wonder if perhaps the owner will go to INTERNET sales, which kind of would suck comparably, but my love/support of Cheapo, and THAT Cheapo especially, would want me to still purchase as much music from them as possible.

I think this does have a lot to do with the nature of that area recently and those buildings changing the atmosphere. Some SUIT likely went in there and talked to their owner and offered them too much, they couldn't refuse. That and how they are struggling, from a business standpoint, it may have just been a NO BRAINER. But sadly, the idea of moving to a new location may not also have been as obvious to plan in the process of getting out of debt.


The Velvet Teen - All Is Illusory (2014-2015)

6/22/15 4:34PM

Album Stream:

6/1/15 2:57PM
Stream of "Eclipses"

I like this track, although the mixing is a little suspicious (compression). But overall, this track I enjoy more than the "The Giving In" just on 1st impression.

5/19/15 6:10AM
Stream "The Giving In"

The 1st single.

Meh, it's okay I guess, hopefully with some time and/or within the record, it'll grab me more.


3/11/15 5;10AM
Release June 30th, 2015 on Top Shelf Records.

This is 1st full-length from TVT in nearly a decade, and their last album Cum Laude, I actually have listened to maybe 3 or 4 times, although I believe I own a copy of it on cd.

The Velvet Teen at this point, have 1 record I absolutely adore, in 2004's almost purely piano-driven album Elysium (that I would call rather epic and prog in a lot of ways). There other records, I can only say I'm luke warm about. But, in fairness, I haven't spent a ton of time with them (even though I think I own most if not all, at admittedly, affordable prices on cd).

I don't expect anything as amazing as Elysium with this album, however, given the amount of time and presumably work that has led to this new record, I do have some optimism for this album. I just question whether they'll ever make a record like Elysium again, at least stylistically.

We’re elated to announce that we’ll be releasing a new album from The Velvet Teen this summer. They’re one of our favorite bands and as long-time followers of their music, this album has us the most excited of any to date — it’s an incredibly dynamic album and the perfect culmination of everything this band is truly great at (which, frankly, is a lot). If you’re a fan of bands on our roster like toe, Enemies, Braid, Crash of Rhinos and Prawn, then (and I can’t convey this enough) you’re going to love this band and this album. Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

The forthcoming album is titled All Is Illusory and will be released on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. All Is Illusory marks the band’s fourth album and is the long-awaited and elegant follow-up to 2006’s Cum Laude! that was recorded and co-produced by Steve Choi (Rx Bandits, Peace’d Out) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace’d Out). From its gorgeous, swirling electronics to its harder, angular, ’90s-leaning flourishes of grunge, indie and emo, All Is Illusory is a welcome return for a band whose varied influences are still very much intact after its short silence.

If you’re able to, be sure to see the band on their current west coast tour around SXSW!

03.10 - Oakland, CA @ 1234 Go Records
 03.11 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
 03.12 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
 03.13 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
 03.14 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom
 03.15 - Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
 03.19 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Cheer Up Charlies - Flowerbooking/AV Club Party
 03.19 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Soho Lounge - Topshelf Records Party
 03.20 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Red 7 - Brooklyn Vegan Day Party
 03.20 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Red 7 - Flowerbooking Day Party
 03.21 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ The Highball - Shiner Party
 03.22 - Dallas, TX @ Spillover Music Festival
 03.24 - Denver, CO @ Moon Room
 03.25 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
 03.26 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
 03.27 - Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
 03.28 - Bellingham, WA @ The Shakedown
 03.29 - Seattle, WA @ Barboza
Get notified when pre-orders for All Is Illusory become available»

1. Sonreo
2, Eclipses
3, Manifest
4. Pecos
5. All Is Illusory
6. The Giving In
7. Church or State
8. Taken Over
9. You Were the First
10. The Veil Between
11. Gtra

We’re elated to announce that we’ll be releasing a new album from The Velvet Teen this summer. They’re one of our favorite bands and as long-time followers of their music, this album has us the most excited of any to date — it’s an incredibly dynamic album and the perfect culmination of everything this band is truly great at (which, frankly, is a lot). If you’re a fan of bands on our roster like toe, Enemies, Braid, Crash of Rhinos and Prawn, then (and I can’t convey this enough) you’re going to love this band and this album. Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

The forthcoming album is titled All Is Illusory and will be released on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. All Is Illusory marks the band’s fourth album and is the long-awaited and elegant follow-up to 2006’s Cum Laude! that was recorded and co-produced by Steve Choi (Rx Bandits, Peace’d Out) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace’d Out). From its gorgeous, swirling electronics to its harder, angular, ’90s-leaning flourishes of grunge, indie and emo, All Is Illusory is a welcome return for a band whose varied influences are still very much intact after its short silence.

If you’re able to, be sure to see the band on their current west coast tour around SXSW!

03.10 - Oakland, CA @ 1234 Go Records
03.11 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
03.12 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
03.13 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
03.14 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom
03.15 - Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
03.19 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Cheer Up Charlies - Flowerbooking/AV Club Party
03.19 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Soho Lounge - Topshelf Records Party
03.20 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Red 7 - Brooklyn Vegan Day Party
03.20 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Red 7 - Flowerbooking Day Party
03.21 - Austin, TX (SXSW) @ The Highball - Shiner Party
03.22 - Dallas, TX @ Spillover Music Festival
03.24 - Denver, CO @ Moon Room
03.25 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
03.26 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
03.27 - Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
03.28 - Bellingham, WA @ The Shakedown
03.29 - Seattle, WA @ Barboza

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rush: LOSING IT finally Played LIVE!!! (w/ Ben Mink) 6/19/15-Toronto

The video is sideways (oh how I know about video flaws), but so be it. The band have never played this track live, pretty much due to the fact Ben Mink isn't part of the band, and they never thought to have him show up and play his electric violin parts/solo/arrangement.

But this likely being their final full-scale tour, it seems they decided to do it finally, and only in Toronto I guess given that is where Ben and of course Rush are from anyway.

A bit like "Space Dye-Vest" from Dream Theater, this was a fan-favorite they never felt the urge to play, but when fans noticed them soundchecking with it a few weeks ago, it seemed very likely.

Hopefully a normal vertically straight version will surface and/or this ends up on a live album and DVD of this. But until then, or the person who shot this (or someone else online) edits this, this 1st video footage of Losing It live from last night in Toronto will have to do.

Cool to see this on of all days, my birthday (a weekend that also sees the 8-years long wait to Kaddisfly's new album come to an end too).