Saturday, December 7, 2019

A-Z: Clann Zú

Clann Zú  an Australian band who I 1st was told about on the dredg fans forum "Traversing" around 2007 when some discussion about Kiss Kiss was happening and there was a comparison.

I also discovered the American band Murder By Death per that discussion if i recall correctly.

Clann Zú were a band who had this very unique vocalist named Declan de Barra and combined Western folk tones with dynamics really well.

They only released 2 full length albums, Rua and Black Coates and Bandages. I waiver which one I prefer, as they are both pretty close to equally good. Rua the debut album (2002? or 2000? RYM and Wiki show different years) I suppose would be my choice if I had to pick.

"'Zu" as they have been called, use of piano violin really standout to me at times. And I would call it "Post Rock" of a kind, but with much emphasis on the vocals as the atmospheric instrumentation.

Declan de Barra has done solo music I know of, and I recall liking, but never loving. But the last time I listened to it was probably close to 10 years ago or more. I guess he resides in Los Angeles and he may be involved in other music that I probably should look into soon.

edit: Declan de Barra is a SCREENWRITER in Hollywood per Wiki, he's written for some TV like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals among others. Weird.

a bit of an Andy Sturmer thing there (Jellyfish had 2 albums like Clann Zú), although Andy I guess does music? in Hollywood.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Ours - From Where You Are

omg this song is unbelievably good!

This is what I would assume is a tune from Spectacular Sight III which an updated entry I posted last year would suggest otherwise, however that was when it was only going to be a single disc. SS is likely to be a double and that along with waiting to release it may now have had Jimmy add/edit/reconfigure the track list.

Regardless, this sounds like an Ours classic. The melody or theme is maybe a little repetitive, but the emotion in it is so rich, it only helps bring out its power and beauty.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 + Others

Mostly about Black Friday Record Store Day 2019, and mostly the Wife's stuff. But some cool stuff and a bit of a story/commentary.

um, yeah the weight I lost looks almost creepy in this video, but it makes sense I suppose given what I am going through right now.

Given i am on PTO this week, I may make some more videos depending on time.

The Monkees - Christmas Party Plus! Tuxedo - Get the Money! feat. Ceelo Green / Own Thang feat. Toni! Tony! Tone Lizzo - Coconut Oil Janet Jackson - Control the Remixes The Family Crest 2/13/20 (ticket) (Mentioned: Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks CD) (Mentioned: The Family Crest - The War: Act II) Foals - Everything Saved will Not Be Lost Part 2 Typhoon - White Lighter Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs

Sunday, December 1, 2019

A-Z: Mullmuzzler

This song (and album) I find better than anything LaBrie has done in his solo albums.

Really sounds like a Dream Theater track from Falling Into Infinity in a lot of ways.

The entire Keep it to Yourself album is kind of a forgotten gem.

The 2nd album MullMuzzler 2 is album I recall listening to, maybe even buying, but not enjoying as much. I know many people prefer it.

Oh the nostalgia of 1999/2000/2001...

OT: Life Projects List

-Long Term Relationship (2011-)
-Get and learn new Jobs (2011-2013)
-Getting a Handle on Back Issues and Kidney Stones, and Hemorrhoids incl 2 Colonscopies (2012-2018)
-Get GF in-to and then finish Grad School (2011-2015)
-Plan, Pay-For and then Have Wedding (2015-2016)
-Move Out, Move things into Storage and then Find New Housing/A House (Townhouse) and get settled (2017-2020+)
-Getting a Handle on Physical, Side Effects and Lifestyle changes from having DIABETES

Saturday, November 30, 2019

A-Z: Magellan (Magna Carta Band)

Magellan were a band who was praised but never got the same level of cult following like contemporaries Shadow Gallery and Enchant did in the mid-late 90's.

But they were a Magna Carta band, making the sort of post-Rush or even post-Dream Theater influenced 90's/heavy "neo prog" rock. Although I think I associated them most with Jethro Tull.

They used trombone among some other non-traditional instruments.

Test of Wills was the album that I bought from them, however a few years later, I came to appreciate it more than I did initially.

I probably would go for listening to other records of theirs (both for the 1st time and again, as I may have 1 or 2 others). The earlier albums probably more so.

I remember they were given a feature in Sea of Tranquility's magazine and that kind of made me re-asses my feeling about them and especially just that album Test of Wills.

Rest in Peace both Trent and Wayne Gardner.

A-Z: 100Ft Snowman

This band came on my radar I think in 2008 or maybe 2009.

They definitely go into the category of "what could have been."

A label offered them a deal, but the label would have taken like 80% of the revenue.

The 2 EPs they made are both really good. Excellent melodic, PCR. Prog sort of in the vein of The Mars Volta or Minus the Bear.

I dunno if there's been any chance of a reunion. I know 1 of the guys formed a band called "Zookeeper's Palace" (big Mew fans) if I recall correctly, they released at least 1 album that the guy kindly sent me a copy of (or maybe a d/l link? I forget). Unfortunately, like Hidden Hospitals and some others, I never could get into them, at least at that point.

But if 100Ft Snowman ever came back, I would be overjoyed.

A-Z Artists Series Coming

So revisiting bands like Ramona Falls and Bruce Peninsula recently. and also thinking about all those "Meaningful Songs" entries I posted in 2018 and some in 2019, I just came up with a new, practical series of entries to post.

So if the name sticks okay "A-Z" will be what it will be called.

What I just had in mind is like the "Meaningful Songs" it will not have a required length. It might be 1 paragraph or even 1 or 2 sentences, or it may be a lot more.

Artists also may be repeated at points.

But what it more or less will be just my thoughts, opinions, passion-about, anecdotes possibly, or just the NAME DROPPING of a band/artist

It will NOT be done ALPHABETICAL chronologically. What I could see is if I posted 10-25 or more of these, I may make a Alphabetical List with them all.

But the point is, to name bands/artists that I enjoy, some I have mentioned often recently, some I may never have mentioned. And maybe a lot that I have mentioned many years ago.

It could be bands/artists from the 70's, 90's, 2010's, restrictions.

It could be bands/artists I only know a little about, or 1 song/album. it could be artists I'm a longtime passionate fan about, etc.

I may link/embed a video, or not. Post an image of an album or albums, I dunno.

I guess I'll see.

Friday, November 29, 2019

OT: Health

I may or may not write more extensively

well, come to think of it, I quite likely will.

My Blood Sugar was found to be over 500 on Monday.

I went to the ER on Tuesday (the nurse called me with the news on Tuesday).

It's coming down, but I very likely am Diabetic.

I have been probably since the Spring of 2019 when I noticed I lost 10-15 pounds, and especially since June, maybe earlier, I probably have been more thirsty and had to urinate more often than normal.

And last week I was experiencing shortness of breath.

Gradual changes in diet as I'm learning, other than sweets, more portion size than entirely eliminating.

Perfect Storm really, with everything else on my plate, but there hopefully will be some silver linings with this.

How this impacts this blog, my interests in Music and other entertainment? hopefully not dramatically, other than financially. I hopefully will be taking oral/pills for this instead of regular insulin. But as of right now, I need to schedule time with a Diabetic Dietitian.

Great way to celebrate Thanksgiving....but it could be (much) worse I guess.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Dear Hunter - The Indigo Child

1 Link on REDDIT

I'm not going to copy and paste the discussion there as it would be preferred to actually pass along an actual announcement (press release?) from Casey Crescenzo or The Dear Hunter specifically.

Long story as short as possible:

Some of this information has been talked about the past weeks at the tour the bands just finished last night.

It was discussed on at least a couple different threads on Reddit (previous to the 1 above).

Casey and the band didn't want it passed along to not to spoil t it for those attending shows of the special tour they just did.

But from skimming that topic and some of the previous ones.

It's a new concept series not connected in any way to The Acts.

Act VI is going to happen in some form
Making albums is not all what these will about, but also (to what some suspected) will be ventured into the Film medium, and the "Prologue: Cycle 8" is an 18-minute film shown at the shows on the recent tour.

Now WHEN The Indigo Child is released? 1 of the Reddit posts said 1 album likely will be released in 2020. Possibly with a film? including and/or maybe more than just the 18-minute short shown on the tour.

I suppose given the time and $ required to make film, it may dictate how often these come out. Who knows. Perhaps the films will be made 1st and get released, and the music afterwards? It's something I'm sure Casey has been thinking/planning/speculating etc for many months over the last year or more.

I guess we'll see.

Old Reddit Topic: Act VI: The Hanged Man

"Act VI is going to be titled "The Hanged Man." We don't know what it's going to be, or when it's going to come out.
At the end of night one there was a 15-minute sci-fi short film about an 8 year old child being taken away from his mother (who voluntarily reported his coming-of-age for this purpose) to serve in some manual labor for some dystopian futuristic society. This is apparently going to be the concept for a new bunch of music. The two new songs that were played are a part of this story.
We have no idea how any of this connects to Act VI, or if they are one in the same (seems unlikely, but I guess possible). Casey did mention that those new songs and that short film are part of a new project that will incorporate music and filmmaking going forward. Casey said they will release a new album next year, but we don't know if that's going to be Act VI or this new Sci-Fi thing.
So yeah, tons of big news!!"

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Update on: Albums of the Decade 2010-2019 Top 100+

full disclosure, the modified list I made like a week ago, needs updates badly per there's way too many missing that were not on the Honorable Mentions.

no later than the week of my PTO December 2nd-6th (hopefully sooner so I can move on).

Thursday, November 21, 2019

REACT TO: The Prog Report's Dream Theater Albums Ranked

The Prog Report's List of Dream Theater albums ranked

Writing maybe later, here's my rankings and a video I made earlier this year with what is close to the same order.

1. Awake
2. Images and Words
3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
4. Scenes from a Memory
5. A Change of Seasons
6. Falling Into Infinity
7. When Dream and Day Unite
8. Train of Thought
9. Octavarium
10. Black Clouds and Silver Linings
11. A Dramatic Turn of Events
12. Systematic Chaos
13. Distance Over Time
14. Dream Theater
15. The Astonishing

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Jimmy Gnecco interview podcast 8/17/19

I haven't listened to all of this yet (people talking at my work makes it hard, so I often pause frequently, sometimes for a long duration of time).

But there's a lot of good, brutally honest information and opinions Jimmy tells about.

He talks about why he's not on Social Media and why he remains quiet given the way the Music Industry is, and has been for a decade or more really.

Very similar to the approach Daniel Victor and Neverending White Lights have been.

And he reitrates how he wrote some 200 Songs over the course of the last decade or more, and with New Age Heroine II, Spectacular Sight III and several other projects/albums yet to be released, only like 40% of those will be recorded and released.

I don't have the time to spill my guts about how I feel about this, but just to say why I have been a loyal fan and lover of his music and way of doing things.

Those songs will all hopefully be released down the road, and the new single this Friday along with Spectacular Sight III are to be incredibly excited about.

But it just goes back to how much music there is from this man to be heard, and it frankly shouldn't matter if NOBODY EVERY CATCHES ON. WHICH IS BAFFLING AND PATHETIC, BUT KEEP BEATING THAT DEAD HORSE AND EVENTUALLY SOMETHING MAY CHANGE.


The Spirit of Kevin Gilbert is in Jimmy Gnecco and Ours....

The Spirit of KEVIN GILBERT...

Happy Birthday.

Would have been 53 today.

Another incomplete entry this will be I'm sure.

But I think what James Bickers mentioned to me many years ago about "The Spirit of Progressive Music is in..." and he mentioned people like Mr. Bungle, Hal Ketchum and some others.

Well I am going to CONTEND, the SPIRIT of Kevin Gilbert is in maybe most if not all the music I enjoy. At least among the artists that have made music since he died in 1996.

In a sense, the whole progressive vs prog debate, or art rock.

Like being progressive without trying to be "progressive," but just being artsy and emphasis something beyond a cliche or is purely style with no substance (Taylor Swift?).

So the Spirit of Kevin Gilbert is in Vonavi, or in Pepe Deluxe, or in Long Distance Calling.

Kevin's spirit, or the spirit/approach/integrity and interest in doing things for art's sake, is in 100's of artists/bands, thousands of albums, and Hundreds of Thousands of Songs.

Also by the way, I suspect there's a good percentage of the Kevin fans who have NO IDEA what the reference is at 5:34-5:42 on here:

"Marc Bonilla and I used to jam on Monkees tunes just for fun." -Kevin Gilbert (11/20/66-5/18/96)

Coheed Cruise (includes The Dear Hunter)

Coheed and Cambria
The Dear Hunter
Thank You Scientist
Weerd Science
Culture Abuse
Emo Nite
Taking Back Sunday
+ many more.

I hope a lot of fans catch on to The Dear Hunter and especially Three.

Am I going? unfortunately no, just like the Mew-And the Glass Handed Kites in full tour coming up in cities nowhere near Minnesota.

It will be interesting to see what other bands/artists are added to this Cruise;
some other PCR?..I've likely done it before, but could just throw out some possible names:

The Family Crest