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The Monkees - Good Times! (2015-2016)

2/6/16 10:31AM
The Fiancee just mentioned that some of the track list has been posted on

Partial Track Listing (with songwriters noted)
Final Version To Be Announced Soon

“Good Times!” (Harry Nilsson)
“You Bring The Summer” (Andy Partridge)
“Terrifying” (Zach Rogue)
“Me & Magdalena” (Ben Gibbard)
“She Makes Me Laugh” (Rivers Cuomo)
“Love To Love” (Neil Diamond)
“I Know What I Know” (Michael Nesmith)

2/5/16 1:38PM

Well it's now *official* since the Amazon link "leaked" it early. And Micky interview gets the official cred, lol of course.

The Cover Art is now up too. And the title includes the "!"

And Noel Gallagher of Oasis is also included among the songwriters.

It's not for this specific entry, as this is about this album and The Monkees, but chalk another unfair and huge failure to Social Media and not giving credit to where credit should be due; per I posted this article yesterday, February 4th at 2:16PM.

I passed it along on both Twitter HERE 24 HOURS AGOand on Facebook HERE 23 HOURS AGO, tagging The Monkees and the list of others involved, and yet I didn't receive 1 LIKE, RETWEET nor even a referral that I can tell.

I know the Amazon link was not MY info directly, but the fact is, it read pretty credible, giving a release date and an entire write-up, on a site as huge as Amazon.

But at this point, next to no credit, lol.

Why Social Media sometimes is fucking lame, and unless you're some huge mainstream news site, you can never truly get "1st-to-the-punch" even if you actually deserve some of it.

I very easily could write a longer diatribe about this very thing, as I have in the past. And it's a broken record, I know (see Warpaint, Local Natives, Kimbra). But I guess not now.

What will unfold as far as the interest in this album, very well could be as if not more interesting than the music itself. It's an experiment I suppose, that may really work, or may just end up being luke warm at best.

I guess we'll see. Track list and other details will show up I'm sure relatively soon.

 photo The Monkees - Good Times cover_zpswvmznpeo.jpg

that article confirms it along with The Monkees Facebook page

The album is the Monkees' first collection of original material since 1997's JustUs, and it will feature new songs by Noel Gallagher, Rivers Cuomo, Ben Gibbard and many more. Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne serves as producer on the new LP. 

Noel Gallagher of Oasis is also included per that article. Nice FACT CHECK RS.

JustUs was released in 1996, not 1997.

The album has a hard release date of June 10th, though right now Schlesinger is busy creating music for the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and formal recording sessions have yet to begin. "We've been talking a lot back and forth and sharing music via Dropbox," says Dolenz. "It's coming together fast, which isn't a bad thing since it forces you to make decisions. My job is just to come in and sing lead vocals. It's no different than the old days when we had to get everything done in three-hour sessions because that was the limit of the musician's union."
Right now, he's focused on wrapping his head around the new songs. "We all agree that the lyrics in the Rivers Cuomo song needed to be aged up a little but," Dolenz says. "It sounds like it's about a little girl and I'm 70 years old, so Rivers is re-writing the lyrics." Noel Gallagher is still crafting lyrics for his contribution, though Dolenz says that Ben Gibbard's song "Me & Magdalena" and Zach Rogue's tune "Terrifying" are both in and ready to go. "They're all keeping with our sensibility," says Dolenz. "I just keep calling it that jangly guitar pop sound, though I used to call it 'progressive bubblegum.'"

Tour Dates, that don't include Nesmith of course. No Minnesota date either.

May 18 - Fort Myers, FL @ Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
May 19 - Melbourne, FL @ King Center for the Performing Arts
May 20 - Tampa, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
May 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater
May 24 - Charlotte, NC @ Blumenthal PAC - Belk Theater
May 26 - Washington, DC @ Warner Theatre
May 27 - Boston, MA @ The Wilbur Theatre
May 28 - Philadelphia, PA @ Keswick Theatre
May 29 - Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie Theatre
June 1 - New York, NY @ The Town Hall
June 3 - Toronto, ON @ Casino Rama
June 4 - Windsor, ON @ The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor
June 5 - Cleveland, OH @ Hard Rock Live Northfield Park
June 7 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Foellinger Theatre
June 10 - Louisville, KY @ Louisville Palace Theatre
June 12 - Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
June 14 - Dayton, OH @ Rose Music Center at The Heights
June 28 - Dallas, TX @ AT&T PAC – Winspear Opera House
June 30 - Tulsa, OK @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
July 1 - Mayetta, KS @ Prairie Band Casino & Resort
July 16 - Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
July 22 - Hot Springs, AR @ Oaklawn Racing and Gaming
September 15 - Phoenix, AZ @ Mesa Arts Center
September 16 - Los Angeles, CA @ Pantages Theatre
September 17 - Las Vegas, NV @ Primm Valley Casino Resorts
September 20 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
September 21 - Modesto, CA @ Gallo Center For The Arts
September 23 & 24 - Lincoln City, OR @ Chinook Winds Casino Resort
September 25 - Seattle, WA @ The Moore Theatre
October 1 - Biloxi, MS @ Hard Rock Live
October 22 - Paso Robles, CA @ Vina Robles Amphitheatre
October 29 - Shippensburg, PA @ H. Ric Luhrs PAC

----------------------2/4/16 2:16PM---------------------
Amazon link

That link shows a June 10, 2016 release date.

My fiancee and I were brainstorming about this album after learning about Andy Partridge writing songs for The Monkees last week. I just thought names like: Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Jellyfish), Graham Gouldman (10cc), Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), AC Newman and/or Dan Bejar or Neko Case even (The New Pornographers), Robert Schneider (The Apples in Stereo).

And I threw out Ben Folds of course and Rivers Cuomo.

Well it turns out Rivers Cuomo was correct, lol.

Ben Gibbard? I'm not a fan of Death Cab for Cutie nor The Postal Service (mainly from his voice), but I don't want to judge a book by its cover.

And the dude from Rogue Wave: I liked 1 or 2 of their songs about 10 years ago, but then blew them off. But again, not wanting to judge. The last Local Natives album was good, and it was produced by that dude from The National, a band I never cared for.

Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne is producing, which the fiancee more or less predicted.

And the previously mentioned Andy Partridge.

And it's good to see Nesmith and Tork involved in the writing, along with the Jones, Diamond and Nilsson showing up.

Do I personally expect a lot? not necessarily, but the list of names involved certainly adds some curiosity.

Monkees? Good Times? Well, dyno-mite! 

The Monkees are ready to have some fun this year as the iconic band celebrates its 50th anniversary with a tour and the group s first new album in 20 years, appropriately titled GOOD TIMES. 
Much like The Monkees early albums, GOOD TIMES features tracks written specifically for the band by some of the music world s most gifted songwriters, including Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Andy Partridge (XTC), and Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave). The album also includes songwriting contributions by Nesmith ( I Know What I Know ) and Tork as well as producer Schlesinger.

To help bring the anniversary full circle, The Monkees completed songs for GOOD TIMES that were originally recorded & written for group during the 60s, including Love To Love by Neil Diamond, which features a vintage vocal by Jones. Harry Nilsson wrote the title track Good Times, which he recorded at a session with Nesmith in January 1968. The production was never completed, so the band returned to the original session tape (featuring Nilsson s guide vocal) and have created a duet with his close friend Dolenz. Good Times will mark the first time Dolenz and Nilsson have sung together since Dolenz May 1973 single Daybreak. Other vintage 1960 s tracks included on GOOD TIMES feature L.A. s famed Wrecking Crew of session musicians.
Blogger Tricks Blogger Tricks

The Mercury Tree - Permutations (2015-2016)

Album Release Show Saturday April 2nd, 2016

More details I'm sure will be coming soon. And the release date I imagine will be around that time, if not just the day before on April Fools.

Permutations sounds pretty The Mercury Tree-like anyway.

Friday, February 5, 2016

YouTube and Podcast Subscription Update:

Velocities In Music 2.0
What was an active Album-Review channel, went on a 1-year break in September 2014 and returned in September 2015 with a brand new format. Instead album reviews, Jake and Tom are now doing longer, extensive discussion on musical topics in a Podcast format. And their podcast is available once-a-week.

The length varies between 30 minutes-close to 2 hours on occasion, which seems like a great format, and transition for them to remake/rebrand their channel/media about giving their opinions about music.

And they are not exactly doing Album Reviews, but more just music topics, like Band/Artist "Deep Dives" which is where they cover pretty thoroughly, an artist's catalog. Most recently they did 2 episodes on The Beatles, which I loved. Others such as Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse and Nick Drake? I think it was, they have done.

But other things like favorite double albums, Monthly New Release roundups, favorite concerts, collecting Vinyl among many of the other theme-based discussions about music they've done have all more or less been engaging.

I used to like their videos, but honestly, I think this new format is even better. I really think both of them have a ton of opinions and points to say about music and certain artists, that wasn't exactly easy for them to do making Album Review videos of 10-15 minutes in length. And without time restrictions and given the ability to cover more broad subjects, it has really made their discussions even better.

I suppose part of it is time and age, and I also can't deny, some of the artists they talk about aren't necessarily my thing (but many of them still are. They're fans of The Dear Hunter, Menomena and dredg to name a few); but it seems their discussions and content is entertaining enough on average, I don't mind. Which I'd say this right now is my favorite weekly podcast, and I hope they are able to keep it up and do it every week, or at least on a pretty active basis.

The Only Music Podcast
This podcast is linked to the site. It has 2 regulars, a guy named Staffan and a woman named Louise who I guess are both from Sweden. Louise is somehow involved in the Music Industry, possibly for a record label. I know she's mentioned it a few times, but I forget the specifics.

edit: Louise runs an independent record label named Telegram Studios.

Staffan I guess is a producer and has done/made/remixed electronic music, as well worked with the likes of Radiohead and Muse (remixing).

But the podcast itself is surprisingly, pretty entertaining. The 2 of them have a good chemistry that is funny at times.

This podcast is made once-a-month, but it usually is pretty long (1-hour or longer).

As far as what they talk about? They cover a lot of mainstream music and music news, but they also will play tracks from underground artists. Prog? not a lot, but like I mentioned Staffan has worked with Muse. I remember he mentioned liking the new Foals album from 2015. In fact I think both of them do. I also recall them talking about Bloc Party at 1 point.

I dunno, I guess it's a podcast that I wouldn't expect to go back to, but I have and grown to enjoy it more and more. I suppose part of it is when they rip certain artists work the gossip part. Part of it is the personalities being funny. And maybe part of it is the unknown stuff they do play once in a while.

This is the personal podcast and blog for Mark Ashby, whose the moderator of The Prog Squad podcast. 

Mark talks about a lot of underground progressive rock and metal, and does interviews on this podcast. And while I can't claim to have invested the time to check out every podcast he's made, like TPS podcast, the ones I have checked out, like the Yossi Sassi and Orphaned Land episodes, along with Anneke Van Giersbergen and his ProgPowerUSA interviews have all been enjoyable.

Black N White Neon Knight Progcast
This is DownFall and another YouTube Album reviewer's new podcast they are uploading to YouTube. They started out a couple of months ago, under another name which I'm forgetting, but under this new name/youtube url, they have seemed to have abandoned/transitioned from.

But these are much more in-depth discussions about albums and artists. I imagine they are intended to do more album analysis than their own personal YouTube channels may do, along with just having a 2nd voice and conversation with someone else about said band or album.

They did some Black Sabbath discussions originally under the other channel name, but in the last week or 2 they made relatively in-depth discussions about Iron Maiden and Yes. Which especially Yes, I'm always up for hearing discussion about.

I guess we'll see where they go/how far/long they stick with this. But certainly initially there is a lot to like about this new Podcast.

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron
I just stumbled upon this podcast from an interview Marc Maron did with Charlie Kaufmann about his career and of course new film Anomalisa. Marc is a comedian himself has his own TV Show in fact on IFC titled "Maron."

I guess this podcast may have been a 1-off for me, but then I heard he had Cintra Wilson on recently, so it has given reason to check it out again. Cintra of course being someone close-to Kevin Gilbert (an ex-girlfriend).

I suppose the jury is still out as some stuff I'm not sure will kill my interest or not (he seems to speak with a lisp or something).


Some of the regulars:

MinistryofMusic: Still a regular, multiple videos everyday on my playlist. The guy just knows how to review albums and with my taste, and rather open-minded taste. And the frequency. I totally applaud him, but I also just hope he can keep it up. The only thing with so many requests, it does seem to cause long waits. So much, a request may be made, and it could be a month or 2 before he is able to make the review. But patience I suppose. I do enjoy when he makes a "Next 10 Album Reviews" video, which gives you good idea what's coming up in the next 10-12 days.

CoverKillerNation: I have become rather addicted to this guy's channel. From the extensive number of reviews he makes, to even variety. He's usually pretty easy on the albums, which is cool. I mean, it seems he speaks kindly of most of the reviews he makes. But I've grown to be fine with that, even if it's a band or album I don't care that much for.

He's been covering a lot of prog especially, which I will obviously check out. He also is doing some series, namely Rush and Porcupine Tree.

Talking about the prog and obscure bands namely, is great to see, I think largely due to his subscriber number being over 40,000 now. Many of those bands will get exposure they normally wouldn't. A bit like The Needle Drop I suppose.

His channel having it's popularity almost feels like 1 of us actually is speaking to the masses. And for that, I totally applaud him and wish him as much success as he can get.

FoxyPancakes: This channel is starting to be more active. I get the sense the host, Darien, is starting to make the channel more of a priority for her. Granted, it's still almost entirely Metal, but maybe more kinds of Metal? older Metal? I liked her 2016 Anticipation video, and I commented about some bands like Pain of Salvation and Fates Warning, and she commented back, she is looking forward to those as well.

New subscribed/Newly mentioned Channels

This channel I 1st noticed about a year ago when I saw they had some live on tour footage/documentaries. Steven Wilson I recall, and some others like God is an Astronaut. And then within the last month, they started a new series titled "Into the Machine" which are weekly short 5-minute documentaries on modern progressive rock artists. From Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Leprous, and Haken to Periphery next week.

I really dig these, even if they are only 5-minutes. The artists they feature? I can totally see why. I mean sure, if I was choosing artists to feature, I would probably include some others as Haken and Periphery aren't exactly favorites of mine (although at 1 point I did like Periphery, before they changed singers, etc). But as far as fans of modern progressive rock and metal, they definitely make sense.

Especially the whole modern element to them, the potential for this series could be huge. Many of the artists, that are still active at least, could be included from this list I made. But I just suggested a few on twitter like The Dear Hunter, Oceansize, Pure Reason Revolution and Three

And I like how they include info and a link to each artist's newest album, etc.

I just hope they can keep making them. Even if it isn't once-a-week, but just 1 or 2 per month.

With the footage they use, I wonder if they have some help or when a band comes on tour, they are able to shoot footage with them, etc. Especially the bands from Europe I suppose.

I dunno, I guess I'm hopeful about Into the Machine and their channel has a fair amount of coverage on modern prog and prog metal, I'm hoping it gains as much of a following as possible. I mean a channel that does documentaries on modern prog? that is totally up my alley, but never really been made before. The closest thing I can think of is "ProgRockTV" from Phil Satterly in the late 90's. And that show, I never saw because I didn't live in Colorado. But "Into the Machine" is a little bit like that, which I'm totally a fan of.

Screen Rant
This is a channel I recently came across, that per its name, is about movies and television. And it is a little like in that it seems to include Top 10's and such. But it's a little more personalized I guess.

edit: it may just be about movies, and not television.

At any case, the videos are well made, and the lists or topics they cover are good. Largely stuff the fans talk about, that are rumored or secrets in hollywood. Stuff that WMJ will cover, but maybe not quite as fan-based and maybe not even as in-depth? I dunno, but I guess in the brief time I've been watching this channel, I do really enjoy it.

Stuff like movies that were never made, conspiracies, mistakes, etc. I wonder how much they've done with Independent films. Probably some stuff, but I haven't invested the time/research yet to find out.

Off the Record
This guy named Paul makes mostly Vinyl-showing videos. I've been subscribed for probably close to a year, and while his taste is hit and miss with me, I do enjoy his videos. They usually are well made and his dialog usually is engaging and entertaining enough about each album.

There are a lot Vinyl video channels out there, and some focus more on my taste than others, but for some reason, OTR's channel is among the best. I guess part of that is I can relate to him as a vinyl collector and one that enjoys hearing about others experience finding vinyl, namely in Record stores.

Chris Stuckmann
This guy has a movie review channel that is quite popular. He's quite active for one thing, and his videos are pretty informative, while not be excessively long (which I suppose has its pros and cons).

I guess in my search for movie review channels, this channel is about as good of one out there. Now, I'm not sure how much he covers as far as Independent Film, and I thought I notice he did some reviews of older movies:

Yes, Spiderman, and The Wicker Man (2006) with Nicholas Cage, in sort of a razzy type thing called "Hilariocity."

I imagine the movie review channels on YouTube, like the Music Review channels, often focus largely on new movies (like The Needle Drop does with new albums), but I suppose there are some out there that cover as much if not more from the past. Good or bad, although I would imagine more so Good.

I wonder what he thought of stuff like Ghost World or The Jacket for example,

What the Flick?!
This is a panel-discussion mostly movies, but sometimes Tevelevison review channel. The cast varies it seems, but among the regulars, Christy Lemire who I know best from when she sat in with Richard Roeper on At the Movies in the mid 2000's (when Roger Ebert was ill). She currently also writes for

Also Ben Mankiewicz who was briefly on the newly casted At the Movies in the late 2000's along with the another Ben, Ben Lyons.

And another 1 of the regulars is this guy named Alonso Duralde, who I don't think I've seen before, but he seems familiar. But I think he may be the most entertaining guy on this channel. At least he highly endorsed the new Charlie Kaufmann movie Anomalisa, and also gave props to Synecdoche, NY, which the rest of the panel liked, but still don't consider the masterpiece that I did from the 1st time I saw it.

The Moon Tune
A music reviewer, who while his taste only crosses over to mine to a point, I do enjoy still. I guess why being he is pretty brutally honest, without coming across too animated. And he has been receptive to my comments, which not all YouTubers seem to be.

And I guess he's starting to be more active this year, which should only have me going back to his channel more.

Bull Moose Store
I'm including this channel, mostly per the great and thorough Record Store Day Videos Chris Brown makes from the store he's at in the great New England state of Maine. He makes them for both the main April Record Store Day and the November Black Friday Record Store Day.

Now, they are never short, sometimes going well over an hour, but I've come to expect that.

But as a whole, seeing those videos 2 or 3 times a year from him are always looked forward to. He shows pretty much everything Bull Moose has received, a couple of days before RSD, which admittedly, isn't every RSD special item unfortunately, and probably not every single item they get there since some come in the day before, etc.

But he shows so much, it's usually worth watching to see what something may look like or some info about an item he adds. A rare b-side, color, track list change, visual or novelty thing about it, etc.

And he actually does include a lot of facts about music, I suppose logically since he works at a Record Store anyway. But also per his taste, which includes some progressive rock and metal.

I'm not sure if their channel may start doing more special release stuff, as Chris just made a video a couple of weeks ago for the special Rhino releases that came out, including The Monkees Cereal '45 and the calendar. That and a cd boxed set.

Maybe that was a 1-off, but it would be neat to have Chris or someone else make more special videos like that beyond the 2 RSD ones.

The Bull Moose channel has also recently included some nice little short interviews and such with consumers or employees. I suppose it's a little like the Amoeba Music channel of "What's In My Bag?" kind of thing. Something like that would be cool to do in Minnesota at The Electric Fetus or Cheapo, but time/money of course. Maybe I will one day when I'm retired, lol.

If I'm ever in Maine, I will have to try and go there.

Stereola Music Reviews
This guy is music reviewer from the UK who I noticed in 2015 did a review of Everything Everything's new album Get to Heaven. I remember subscribing to his channel after that as he really enjoyed that record like I did. Although after that, I didn't find myself checking out that many other of his reviews, just based on taste.

However, he made 4 or 5 of these End of Year List videos in December and they were all quite good. Mainly per the editing and new format/approach he is using now. He added graphics and live clips and included key tracks, and such, which added a lot.

I suppose it still may partially come down to personal taste and what albums he reviews, but I definitely enjoy his channel a fair amount more now.

I even did like his interview/chat with The Needle Drop, which if he does more of those type of interviews, it'll just add to my interest in his channel.

Buzz Feed Video
This channel is the extension of the website , which is an entertainment website. I have seen a ton of comments on the videos about how they are just a poor man's version of Buzz Feed, which I can kind of see, at least the website. The videos though on this channel are next to nothing like the WMJ videos I watch.

They are mostly sketches or little clips of people trying foreign foods. Or just odd, awkward yet curious situations people can get in. Sometimes playing to the Stereotypes of races, cultures, etc.

I guess my feeling on this channel it's very hit and miss. Once in awhile they will have some cool sketch or feature on it. And it is active. But I guess at this point, they don't score nearly as high with my interest as WMJ does with the Top 10's and whatnot.

Now, I suppose given I haven't been subscribed that long, perhaps some of their older videos may have more Top 10's and other music related things I would find appealing, but I'd have to do a fair amount of research likely to find out.

This is often 2, but maybe at times only 1? Or even 3 guys making album reviews together. Mostly about progressive rock, and the majority being older progressive rock. I believe they are from the UK per their accents.

I recall seeing their channel and it was a bit like MinistryofMusic's channel on impression in terms of their history of reviews having reviewed dozens of the classic prog records. I forget how many of them I marked to check out at work.

I did check out some of theirs, and for various reasons haven't gone back. I recall 1 being they were not incredibly striking in their enthusiasm from memory. They seemed kind of laid back and sarcastic from memory.

Also I think their accents and the lower level of audio hurt my ability to understand and follow everything they said.

But at the same time, I may not have checked out enough of their reviews at this point. They have reviewed a lot, from Rush, to ELP to Tull to King Crimson. Crimson namely, as it seems they title many episodes after "In the Court of the Wenton King" which often throws me off thinking it's always a Crimson album review.

I suppose it's a priority thing, and I need to invest some more time with their channel, but at least on the surface, this could become one of the better channels out there, especially for progressive rock and depth/frequency/activity (they have 215 videos which is quite a lot).

College Humor
This is a channel I've known about for many years, as many have. I have no clue how many subscribers they have, 5 million? maybe more.

edit: over 10 million.

Anyway, when I first was exposed to them, they made videos I always would watch. I think the best or my favorite from a few years ago being "Too Many Avengers" video. Like all their videos, it was animated. That video is/was comedic gold, I think largely per all the different animated characters they brought into the Avengers party. Captain Caveman and Plastic Man among them.

And the Samuel L Jackson impression was gold.

Their channel reminds me a lot of the How It Should Have Ended channel. Short animated sketches poking fun at Hollywood and pop-culture.

I can't foresee not watching this channel, but at the same time, it seems like the last few years, their sketches have been hit and miss. But even if they make 1 video a year I find good, it's a channel I will want to keep up with.

Gideon Strumpet
This is another Vinyl-centric if almost entirely all vinyl showing videos. I know I subscribed to it for good reason, maybe because the guy whose channel it is, shows a lot of vinyl, and makes videos relatively often. On the other hand, I haven't spent enough time checking out a lot of his videos. I think he has taste that includes some classic rock and prog (go figure), and maybe some modern stuff, but I can't recall.

Part of the issue with Vinyl videos is, I of course don't fathom checking them out while I work given if it's just audio, and I like to actually SEE the records they are talking about and SHOWING, it kind of defeats the purpose.

But I think it has as much to do with time and discipline to check them out soon, and get a better take on this channel. I hopefully will soon.

Berklee College of Music
The renowned music college (at 1 point, largely Jazz) YouTube channel is often worth checking out. I enjoy the short little clips asking students what music they are listening to, or what piece/song they auditioned with, etc probably most.

The performances, while I'm sure are often great, are a matter of taking the time, which sadly, I don't often do. They are frequently of jazz standards or just pieces that are reproduced or interpreted. Sometimes not jazz, but rock, pop, metal, and even prog occasionally.

A nice channel, that is hit and miss, but certainly still worth paying attention to.

Trippy McMuffin
MinistryofMusic's brother's channel, which I have enjoyed some of his reviews here and there. His channel covers a decent amount of the progressive rock that Ministryof does, but also some different stuff as well. He also talks about movies, which of course Ministry does not.

I try to check out his reviews as much as I can, although his style is a bit different in some ways. His voice is different for one thing. His accent is a little thicker, which makes it at times a little harder to follow. But overall, I still can follow what he talks about.

I suppose part of it is frequency and then just specifics. Like if he reviewed some of the stuff his brother has that I requested, of course I would totally be up for checking it out. Marillion or Kevin Gilbert of course.

Or even with film, the likes of Ghost World, Caddyshack, Synecdoche, NY, etc...any of my all-time favorites, I would totally be on board with. And that's not to say the movie stuff he's reviewed has been bad, just not as much of a priority, for me.

But his channel certainly has a lot of good reviews, and I imagine more will be coming. But I suppose his interest or priority for his channel may not quite be what his brother's is? I dunno. Maybe it's just a bit more of a work in progress, like my own (I can hardly talk, as I struggle to find time to make videos and my format namely).

Another Vinyl centered channel I came across recently, and like some of the others on this recent update, it's a channel when I have watched some of the videos, I have certainly enjoyed. The taste and the hosts personality.

I get the sense the dude who runs this channel enjoys collecting older vinyl and in a lot of kinds of genres. From soul, to jazz fusion, to pop, to metal even.

Another Vinyl channel I mean to watch more of, but have not yet. If I could just listen to audio on Vinyl videos, I'd probably be a lot more familiar with this channel at this point. Maybe I'll try to soon.

The Vinyl Corner
Like Seqouiaflame and some others on this new update, this is another Vinyl Community channel it seems. The host is from somewhere in Europe. Maybe Germany? I'm not certain based on his accent.
I recall the host collects a lot of vinyl, and a good amount of it is Metal.

So I suppose this would be one of the better Metal Vinyl channels out there. Although from memory, it's not exclusive to Metal.

Anyway, like some of the newer Vinyl-based channels, The jury is still out on them to a point, but it's also just a matter of myself finding the time to watch them. Or finding Vinyl video, audiorips at work, being something I enjoy.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kaddisfly - Horses Galloping on Sailboats (MMXV)

2/4/16 1:30AM

finally!. I'll likely make a video of unboxing, etc.

6/29/15 6:46AM

Video review. I unfortunately said "The Watchman" accidentally. That and the whole *um* is the only issue I had with this, other than there are a ton of other points I just didn't have time to include, but maybe will down the road.

Maybe when I get the Vinyl I'll be able to show it and say a lot more about this album which I can't get enough of right now.

6/25/15 2:47PM
good interview I just saw on 1 of the forums with Chris. He does mention this may or not be their Swan Song. Overall, that's good to read.
Interview with Chris

As far as a review, I filmed a video review this morning that I am going to not share per a few reasons, #1, just per the length (16 mins).

But I should have time this weekend.

I'm Loving this album a ton, and am starting to think it may find 5-stars soon, and belongs in the discussion with Small Leaks, Sink Ships for favorite album of the year/season.

1 thing I noticed today, a reprise on the track "Guru" being that it reprises not only the phrase from Forest, but also the melody from "The Middleman"

HGOS is a puzzle, and a trip, and a journey like their other albums. It seems it's about the main character meeting different people (men?) etc from a literal standpoint.

More soon..gotta go though as I have dinner (and a Living Social credit as a gift from the 'rents) at my fiancee's favorite place, Cravings tonight that includes my favorite cake, Seasalt Caramel Chocolate.

6/21/15 4:59PM

I haven't listened to any of it yet per Birthday/Father's Day activities, and now watching the US Open which goes potentially til 9:30PM, lol.

I have read some comments about it, and for the most part people are liking it, but are not sure how it compares to Set Sail..I guess I always kind of almost assumed it would be almost monumental to match or even top Set Sail..but then again, I look at the Soundscape follow-up and they almost topped that I dunno.

I'm just still super excited to hear this and also hopeful we may see more acitivity from them and even re-releasing their back catalog in the near future.

1, The Architect 5:49
2. The Companion 3:54
3, The Middleman 4:32
4, The Traveler 1:57
5. The Watchmaker 4:03
6. The Painter 4:59
7. The Butcher 4:21
8. The Raconteur 4:16
9. The Guru 1:47
10. The Sage 3:48
11. The Author 4:40
12. The Apparition 12:15
56 minutes 20 seconds

6/16/15 2:18PM

27 second teaser. I'm not sure what to make of this sample. Chris sounds like he's screaming which almost harkens back to their pre-Trilogy sound.

But, too short to fully judge of course. Also nice to know precisely what time it goes on sale on Sunday, so expecting to go to the youaretheend site at 12:01AM or 1:01AM etc to download it won't be confusing if it's not there.

Also a word about the auction, I was the high bidder briefly last night, but decided not to go as high as it went, Congrats to the winner.

Also now seeing the YouTube teaser below, I do really like the brief message about "no single, no stream" etc..which reminds me of how music used to always get introduced. You just went to the store the day it got released and heard every song/part of the album for the 1st time.

Both Mike Portnoy and Steven Wilson would appreciate that I imagine.

summersolstice from Kaddisfly on Vimeo.

  6/12/15 4:30PM

I'll definitely watch this and would consider bidding on Monday, but as a realist fan, I'm skeptical I'll have enough disposable money to shell out to win this thing. Especially considering I'm trying to save for a few other things like a Wedding, lol and even a trip to Irvine, CA for Mayer Hawthorne/Hall and Oates and Amoeba Records in late August.

But..who knows what will happen on Monday I suppose. I was close to getting a Kevin Gilbert Thud Vinyl test pressing, but I suspect plans changed for that availability. This would mean a lot like Thud, to have an extremely rare item of.

I assume I will be purchasing a number of copies of this album regardless in all formats.

Horses Galloping on Sailboats will be available Digitally on Summer Solstice (06.21.15) via intheclouds
On the prior Monday (06.15.15) there will be a 24 hour auction for a test press of the record
and hand written lyric book exclusively at
The winner of the auction should receive the album by Friday (6.19.15), giving them the opportunity to have a true "first listen" experience.
Horses Galloping... will mark the first time the band’s music has been pressed on vinyl (Due later this fall)
and will be available in both a Standard and Limited collectors edition 12"/10" vinyl package.

6/8/15 5:57AM

A Likely Preorder/Order Page on Intheclouds Site

For sale including as a Vinyl release on the Summer Solstice aka June 21st, 2015. Which is actually the day after my birthday in fact, lol. And of course a reference point on Set Sail the Prairie.

Facebook Announcement

Our new album HORSES GALLOPING ON SAILBOATS will be available via intheclouds records on Summer Solstice. Details on limited edition vinyl packages to follow soon.

 photo Horses Galloping cover crop1_zpsebnfwljf.jpg

1, The Architect
2. The Companion
3, The Middleman
4, The Traveler
5. The Watchmaker
6. The Painter
7. The Butcher
8. The Raconteur
9. The Guru
10. The Sage
11. The Author
12. The Apparition

6/5/15 5:02PM


Everything's been so ***CRYPTIC*** I'm wondering this could be a little movement or something in 1 of the songs.

Hopefully more about that and details beyond the track list will be coming non Monday.

iamariver from Kaddisfly on Vimeo.

6/1/15 3:00PM

It is JUNE now, so..we finally get a small part, which I imagine a lot of stuff will be coming in the month of June about this album. One thing I wonder tho, if they signed to this label, might that suggest there could be more releases after Horses Galloping?..ala Set Sail and Buy Our Intention Vinyl even?

just received this email...

Kaddisfly sign with intheclouds
New album Horses Galloping on Sailboats
Coming Sooner & Later... and no that's not a typo

intheclouds is proud to announce our latest signing, Portland OR's Kaddisfly and we welcome them to the family! 7 years after their last release, Set Sail the Prairie, the band returns with the long awaited third album in their concept Trilogy: Horses Galloping on Sailboats.

The Architect
The Companion 
The Middleman
The Traveler
The Watchmaker
The Painter
The Butcher
The Raconteur
The Guru
The Sage
The Author
The Apparition

More details to come one week from today.

internet us. /

5/15/15 4:33PM
New interview from

Some nice info/update albeit vague in some ways.

Kile Brewer: This album was created for you.

I also like how Kelsey mentioned getting into Gatherer. Who knows, maybe Gatherer finds their way to the US and Kaddisfly could play some dates with them? It would be an amazing bill if it happened.

Still waiting on more details like a release date and artwork, etc..format even. I wonder if they will put out a lead single though.

another short teaser

3/24/15 10:15PM

June 2015?


.--- ..- -. . / ..--- ----- .---- .....

"it is now open the doors"

2/19/15 9:26:AM

just a sample/clip/teaser

"The Architect"

1/5/15 7:16PM

Obviously not certain, but appears to be likely a TRACKLIST?.

1, The Architect
2. The Companion
3, The Middleman
4, The Traveler

5. The Watchmaker
6. The Painter
7. The Butcher
8. The Raconteur

9. The Guru
10. The Sage
11. The Author
12. The Apparition

They have been posting little teasing quotes it appears a few times over the last 4 or 5 months on FB,
But now this after on New Years Day

"This will be the year. Have a safe and happy one. Cheers."

7/10/14 12:07PM

it's being MIXED.

2/22/14 12:09AM

from Facebook. A tracklist/possible track names/influences, etc? (I know it's not much, but at least it's something, lol)

12/31/13 7:02PM

Not 2013 (MMXIII) but 2014 it appears with the MMXIV, it's coming...

And I would't be surprised to see some of these tunes here  included, perhaps in different arrangements.


our seeds are planted. we're building and nurturing. things are progressing and we're excited to show you. it has been a bit. thanks for sticking it through with us. LOVE

to MMXIV, cheers

4/2/13 9:36PM

So excited. This year hopefully will include more of these leading up to the details and release.

"vos estis finis," "you were finished" in Esperanto?

vos estis finis from KADDISFLY on Vimeo.

there are few things in this world that are entirely undeniable. commonly, these things are encompassed in a feeling. less commonly are these feelings felt shared and communicated between people. even less common is to have the chance to create something that celebrates and communicates this feeling, and to share it with with those who have been a part of it, as well as those willing to lend a curious ear. to share this level of joy and intimacy between people is a lacking trait in a modern and momentary world.
we are honored and endlessly excited to create and develop "HORSES GALLOPING ON SAILBOATS" in 2013.

1/31/13 11:55AM

"The Dark and Stormy Tour"
New (Old) Documentary the guys posted. About 6 minutes, from 2005 (through 2008?). I haven't watched it yet though.

also the HGOS (Horses Galloping on Sailboats) part is shown on some places. The one thing to add to this, the album likely won't be released until late in the year given the guys are living in different places now. I wouldn't expect to see it until late Summer August/September at the earliest. Which will mean no matter what else is released prior to it as far as Album Index rankings, the Kaddisfly card very easily will find a way to change the results come early December. Even if the sucker is released the 3rd week of November, I won't be surprised to see a different top 10 or even top 5 only a few weeks after it's released.

1/25/13 9:39AM
Come to this blog/twitter/facebook or just  Watch this Space

we can travel forever this way from MMXIII on Vimeo.


only guess work right now (and no I of course haven't heard the song in the video "We Can Travel Forever This Way" but this is likely 1 of 2 things.

1) This is in effect, Horses Galloping on Sailboats, just named a little more cryptically.

2) This is a reunion/new work/album, but still under the Kaddisfly name.

the MMXIII = 2013?

The one thing I hope though is they talk about the status and it includes Kelsey Kuther who was in, but is not now currently in Water & Bodies.

I know people like Dan Fury and some others I know from the forums have more or less any and all details about this information, but then again, they may not be privy to share it with me just yet. It may not matter because this stuff is far too far already for the band not to post some kind of detailed announcement.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Random Artist Feature: King's X (24 min Video)

Like the Vinyl Update video, my apologies for my voice sounding overly nasal per the cold/congestion I was/am battling when I made this video.

Also lack of physical copies of many albums. I own them all, but other than the actual discs, it would probably require a fair amount of time hunting them down. And/or the extended amount of time inserting images and converting the edited video with Premiere Elements, etc.

Vinyl Update Video 2/2/16 (18 minutes)

The 1st of some new videos. I'm battling a cold as I included in the description. Why did I make this then? time I suppose as I had the time being laid up at home.

The Making of the True Book (Kevin Gilbert)
Neverending White Lights - The Grace
Us - Us (Greg Herriges and John Wright, 1989)
Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley - Marscape (Brand X members, incl. Phil Collins)
Rush - Presto
Black Mountain - Into the Future
The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger 12'
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Jeff Buckley / Sly and the Family Stone - Everyday People 7'

Friday, January 29, 2016


small milestone.

a little over 9 years, and 200K away from a mill, lol.

Radical Face - The Family Tree: The Leaves (2015-2016)

1/29/16 8:36PM
Amazon Preorder (incl Vinyl)

1. Secrets (Cellar Door)
2. Rivers in the Dust
3. Everything Costs
4. Midnight
5. The Ship in Port
6. Photograph
7. Third Family Portrait
8. The Road to Nowhere
9. Old Gemini
10. Bad Blood

Opening track "Secrets (Cellar Door)"

1/15/16 6:28AM
So, this was coming out per a post or 2 from Ben Cooper last Fall, but now we finally have more details.

The 1st single "Road to Nowhere" is below, and it's good, although it sounds like it will mean more within the whole record. And it sounds like Ben's going to be doing this a little like Clone, by releasing many tracks leading up to the release date which is March 25th, 2016.

Preorder link coming soon per his post below/on FB as well.
Facebook link w/ March 25th Release Date

Facebook Link
Hi Folks,
So I am gonna be releasing some tracks from this album in the lead up to the full thing coming out. I think it's more fun that way.
The first song I'm letting out is called "The Road to Nowhere." It is the follow-up to "The Gilded Hand" off the last album. All throughout the Family Tree records, there's a bloodline that causes fantastic and strange mutations to show up in people. Everything from a little girl who walks on water when she sleepwalks, to two brothers who have regular conversations with their dead relatives. But there's a dark side to this. There are other families with these oddities in their bloodline. Oftentimes the kids who show strange behaviors are abandoned or forced out of their homes and wind-up working in the industrial part of the city. The Gilded Hand is the nickname of a man who provides these children work in his factory, but only so he can experiment on them. He's obsessed with tapping into this odd blood and changing the world with it. Many children who go to work for him are never seen again.
If you've never heard The Gilded Hand, here's a link (
"The Road To Nowhere" follows the story of a boy in that same factory who's abilities only show up in his sleep. He often wakes to find messages written on the walls of his cell, written in his own hand. He has no recollection of writing them, but they always come true. Then one morning, he wakes to find dried blood on his hands and the body of The Gilded Hand on the floor. Not of his choosing, he's freed all the children that'd been collected to work there. Many of them start to follow him as a kind of spiritual leader afterwards.
If you'd like to hear the track, here's a link to the premiere on The Wild Honey Pie here:…/
Also, if you'd like to preorder the album and any of the goodies I'm having made that will go live tomorrow. And I'll hopefully have my website and forum up and running later tonight. Worst case scenario, tomorrow. I am also building a brand new mini-website that will explain all the songs, their stories, and how they connect to each other. It'll be an interactive way to understand the entire project.
Anyway, more soon! It's nice to finally be wrapping all this up. 8 years! Holy hell.
I hope everyone is well.

The Monkees (per 2016 50th Anniv): Working with Andy Partridge (XTC) and others?

1966 was the year The Monkees released their 1st album and the TV Show premiered in September. So, 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of that.

So, obviously the thought is, for a 50-year anniversary they may be planning to do something special. Obviously it could be a tour or 2, with Mike, but Mike has done that a couple of times in the last couple of years. So another thought is, they'll record some new music, something they haven't done in 20 years, since 1996's Justus.

So a few weeks ago my Monkees-aholic fiancee noticed Adam Schlesinger post a pic with Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz. And so the idea of The Monkees recording a new album with a producer perhaps, and perhaps it being Adam came up.

And now just today, Andy Partridge of XTC posted the below post about writing songs for The Monkees on twitter.

So, it begs the question or questions, what does this mean? Could they make a new album like they did in the 60's, with top-notch songwriters of today (or recent day, XTC of course was most active/well-known for their work in the 80's. Fountains of Wayne even has been a bit out of the game the last 10 years).

And Andy Partridge likely is someone Mike would be familiar with, at least stylistically, XTC and Andy's stuff is odd and quirky, even if it is still poppy.

I guess we'll see, but as a Monkees fan, and being engaged to a rather fanatical Monkees fan, this is certainly intriguing news. Who else could they be working with? Matt Mahaffey? Ben Folds? Dug Pinnick? (he's also been pictued  backstage at 1 a show with Christian and Mike Nesmith) Michael Stipe? (known fan) 1st choice might be Casey Crescenzo, although the odds I'm sure are very unlikely.

I also can't help but think if Kevin Gilbert were alive, he would have a chance to work with them, and the results could have been through the roof, at least in potential

XTC's twitter link

The news from the Monkees camp is positive on the songs I wrote for them,will keep you posted on how things go.

per Facebook

Adam Schlesinger with Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz, pic posted on January 17th.

edit: and per, another link was shared in reaction talking about Andy and Andrew Sandolval exchanging twitter posts recently and Andy's love on The Monkees


Thursday, January 28, 2016

iamthemorning - Lighthouse (2015-2016)

This is the new/upcoming album from Russian modern-classical influenced prog duo iamthemorning.
I really enjoyed Belighted from 2014 and the older records after finally being won over by their sound.

Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin and KScope labelmate Marius Duda among the guests, adds curiosity.

Release date is April 1st. 

1. I Came Before the Water (pt. I) [1:41]
2. Too Many Years [5:09]
3. Clear Clearer [4:35]
4. Sleeping Pills [3:43]
5. Libretto Horror [2:13]
6. Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda) [6:13]
7. Harmony [5:18]
8. Matches [4:18]
9. Belighted [3:26]
10. Chalk And Coal [4:56]
11. I Came Before the Water (pt. II) [2:56]
12. Post Scriptum [2:43]

Vinyl Preorder
CD Preorder

Featuring guests Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin and Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Luantic Soul) and engineered/mixed by Marcel Van Limbeek (Tori Amos), Lighthouse is the 2016 album from Russian Post-Progressive duo iamthemorning. 

Rich and eclectic, Ligthouse possesses elements of Classical music, Canterbury Prog, northern Folk, Jazz and Ambient music. 

Recorded across London, Moscow and St Petersburg, the core instrument of the band, the grand piano, was recorded in Mosfilm Studios Moscow, the largest and oldest studios in Russia. Founded in 1920, Mosfilm is renowned for recording orchestras for soundtracks for the most famous Soviet-era films, including works by Tarkovsky and Eisenstein. 

Lighthouse chronicles the progression of mental illness. The album takes the listener through the stages of breakdown via a central character - her attempts to fight it, temporal remission leading to a final collapse and has been inspired by the works and lives of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath. 

The album artwork for Lighthouse was created by watercolour artist and long-term collaborator, Constantine Nagishkin. 

iamthemorning on Facebook

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

British Theatre - Mastery (2015-2016)

1/27/16 6:17AM

"Mastery" drops on April 29th

Article which includes stream of "Newman"
 (and also comes with the preorder).

This sounds darker and almost industrial. From that article and Mike Vennart's blog (linked/copied and pasted below), it sounds like the stuff on this album may differ in some ways from the 2 EPs from a few years ago, which very well could be all for the better.

Mike Vennart's Blog Post
Applaud the mastery
January 2016
Hello and happy new year

I’m proud to announce the imminent arrival of the British Theatre record.
Gambler and myself started this band (i don’t like to use the word ‘project’) in the immediate aftermath of the breakup of the old band. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do, we were just happy that we were free to do it.

We released a couple of EPs in 2012, which, in hindsight, are clear exercises in self-discovery. You can kind of hear the conflict. In ‘Defeat Skeletons’ and ‘As The Leaves Are To The Limbs’ you can hear i’m longing to be in a band again. In the rest of the repertoire, you can hear that Gambler has other ideas. Consequently, it didn’t really work. But it was necessary.

The same happy obstacles that prevented any work on the ‘The Demon Joke’ were also in effect here, but tenfold. This was an album that i didn’t know what to do with.

After the two-year Biffy Clyro ‘Opposites’ tour, we reconvened, and looked at the material we wrote prior to the tour. Most of it didn’t measure up. We pretty much started all over again. We booked the Arctangent Festival to give us an enforced deadline.

This was a record that made me scared. I found it intimidating, out of my comfort zone and uneasy.
….all of which is why I love this record so much.

It’ll be available to pre-order on Pledge Music this week.

MV x

1/26/16 2:15PM
Stoked. More later probably, and I have to wait to put my order in at a non-public location (I'm at lunch right now).

But this record I could certainly foresee being awesome. Maybe as good if not better than The Demon Joke.

Download comes with a preorder.

Pledgemusic / PREORDER

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2015-2016 Albums Anticipation Videos

Not perfect, but also a lot of ground covered in a reasonable amount of time. Many of course I didn't include, and the 3rd actual preview entry likely will include many artists/titles that I failed to mention (Protest the Hero for example)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Rare Futures - This Is Your Brain on Love (2015-2016)

Bandcamp Page / PREORDERS

Release Date March 4th, 2016.

The trailer below sounds excellent, and the 1st track "The Pressure" as well. Whether they changed their name from Happy Body Slow Brain, and I guess are now a trio, this could be a less-is-more or change-is-for-the-good, etc.

Also among the guests are Gavin Castleton (Gruvis Malt, Ebu Gogo, Solo) and Steve Choi (RX Bandits).

This Is Your Brain On Love cover art

1. ////ove
2. Reminding Me To Live
3. Ride The Snake
4. Mercury [And Opposite Planets]
5. The Pressure
6. Cool My Mind | Reverie
7. Worst Thing I've Ever Done
8. This Is Your Future [Lost In A Black Hole]
9. Your Past
10. Hope [Feat. Gavin Castleton]
11. You're An Island
12. Standing On The Precipice
13. Not Giving Up Yet

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015-2016 Anticipated Albums ********Part 2********

Okay, so here's the 2nd part, of 3 about anticipated albums for 2015-2016. Most of these seem pretty likely to come out, although no guarantees of course, both on the time frame and if the manage to be released by next Halloween.

But if most of these do, I'm certainly looking at some pretty big blue-chip releases. Of course with most years though, many albums are highly anticipated, and don't fully end up being as addictive as I hoped, while a bunch of other artists I have never heard of, or are new, or I didn't have a clue would be releasing a new album, totally come out of that nowhere place to win me over (see Small Leaks Sink Ships from 2014-2015 for example).


22 - You Are Creating

It's been anticipated for a number of years, and likely would have been released in 2014 or early 2015 had their singer not left. I recall the Summer of 2014 they posted some updates more or less ready to drop the record. But when they made the announcement of their singer leaving, they included that the album would be re-recorded (or even re-written).

Their social media presence has been sparse over the last year, but that doesn't mean they aren't moving to finally putting this long anticipated 2nd record.

We'll see, but I certainly am hoping it does come as I really love more or less all of their music. And their debut record Flux is catchy and addictive as hell.


Israeli duo making piano-driven progressive rock, a bit in the vein of The Reign of Kindo. The singles they released the last couple of years are awesome, and they confirmed they are working on their 1st full length album last Summer. So don't be surprised to see the Anakdota debut album to drop in 2016.

The Barnum Meserve

UK-based chamber rock band put out their Self-Titled debut album in 2015, which I enjoyed and found new fans. But when they announced the info about it, they also talked about how they had written their 2nd album and were working on their 3rd. And that info came out many months before the debut record did.

So logically, the already written (and possibly recorded?) 2nd record could also come out in 2016, to mark a 2nd LP in as many years.


The 5th Blackfield album, which it has been a few years since the release of their last record. And the most recent update confirmed it was coming, and it would involve Steven Wilson again, maybe more than their last couple of albums. And guests, which include Alan Parsons.

I guess my feeling about Blackfield right now is, their last 2 records I don't even remember much about. But 2012 was their last album, so it's been 4 years, and I could go for getting back into them. But if this record doesn't do much for me, it's not a big deal. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if this album was pretty good. Perhaps that could have to do with Steven Wilson being more involved again.

British Theatre's Twitter ("Numan" a working song or album title)

Mike Vennart "Something excellent this way comes, January 26th. X" 

With the success of Vennart's record The Demon Joke in 2015, the 1st full-length from British Theatre seems to have more intrigue. And Mike mentioned more than once in interviews in 2015 that British Theatre has a full-length album in the works.

And so he kind of hinted at something there. And I can also include that per The Demon Joke Pledgemusic page, a new Pledgemusic campaign will be launched for British Theatre's debut album soon (likely on the 26th?).

So I suppose the only thing that may prevent this from coming in 2016 would be timing. But it seems like it'll come out relatively soon. And I'm definitely enticed by that, per loving Vennart's work and enjoying the 2 EP's they made previously a lot.

Edit: per another update/email, January 26th (next Tuesday), the campaign is coming.

Bullet Height

Jon Courtney, formerly of Pure Reason Revolution, new band. With a female vocalist, along with his own vocals as well. The 1st single "Bastion," they released recently sounded a bit like some of PRR's last record industrial/electronic rock style. Which I certainly am curious about.

The female vocalist is Sammi Doll, who per Wiki, had done some work with alternative/dark wave/industrial band IAMX, which kind of fits with the initial impression from Bullet Height.

Also interesting how they plan to release a debut record on Superball Music, which PRR had been with along others like Oceansize and now Vennart (and British Theatre perhaps?).

Diablo Swing Orchestra

They posted frequent updates in 2015 from the studio recording. Many over the Summer I recall, or possibly in the Fall. Per their next album seems to be nearing release.

Another band who we haven't heard from in a few years, the last being 2012's Pandora's Pinata, an album I remember being lengthly, but still enjoying a fair amount of it's style of jazzy/dance/quirky prog metal of a sort.
Dream the Electric Sleep

I was pretty won over by this Kentucky-based progressive rock band late in 2014 with their record Heretics. Their singer, almost reminded me of Jimmy Gnecco or maybe closer, Judah Nagler from The Velvet Teen.

And last June? I want to say, they posted about working with Nick Raskulinecz, whose maybe best known for working with Rush on some of their recent records.

So their's multiple reasons to look forward to their next album, which if that was last June, this album could very easily drop in 2016 sometime.

The Faceless

This may be a comeback album for me, as my interest in The Faceless dropped a bit from their last couple of records, after loving their debut record Akeldama.

But I say that per the 1st single, "The Spiraling Void" totally working for me. I think it may be in part from the return of their original singer Derek Rydquist

Also per Wiki, I just noticed a possible title to this upcoming record is "In Becoming a Ghost."

The Family Crest

I was totally won over by the band in 2014, after seeing them open for Mother Falcon at 7th Street Entry, and then picking up their new album Beneath the Brine. And that album ended up being in my top 5 records for 2014.

But after seeing them live a few times since and conversing with some of the members after those shows, they began and have been working on their next work since.

Beneath the Brine, while it gave credits from all the members living in their native San Francisco, also included an incredibly long and detailed list of other musicians from other parts of the States (at least). In other words, they are more or less an rock/pop/folk orchestra of sorts.

But just from the conversations I had, the record they are working on to follow-up BtB is supposed to blow BtB out of the water. Or rather, it's not necessarily going to be a record, but record(s) potentially.

The band I'm sure will come forward in due time about it, but the ambition level seems potentially through the roof, for this next work(s) they put out. It may make Beneath the Brine seem like just a stepping stone.

And how they are making their next records, at least partially, is per their tours and traveling to various towns and working with/recording with different musicians when time allows.

But I almost get the sense this album stylistically may go in many other places, along with just the approach to the subject matter and songs themselves. How they are recorded among other things. A bit like The Dear Hunter's The Color Spectrum perhaps in some ways.

Fates Warning

Midway into this interview Joey Vera mentions Mid-Summer is a projection.

It's well documented how big a fan of Fates Warning I am. And while not every record they've made, I've loved, there is too much history and I suppose admitted fanboy-ism, for me to not be excited for a new album from Fates.

And even with their last record, Darkness in a Different Light, really not including a ton of material I've grown attached to. I do wonder though, as I mentioned in a recent Random Artist Feature about them, how given Jim Matheos (and John Arch) may have wrote the music for the Arch/Matheos Sympathetic Resonance, not too long before Darkness was written; per some of the best ideas Jim Matheos had recently for songs, may not have ended up on Darkness.

But, given it seems Jim's largest focus the last few years has been on Fates, and the band I suppose playing more together, including with Frank Aresti, may make more of a difference in this next record.

And like I wrote there, linked, bassist Joey Vera mentions they are looking to have it out in the Summer.


I have become a mega fan of Fjokra in less than 2 years really.And it could possibly be premature given how limited amount of material to draw from.

But, I was addicted to the Thoughtsteps EP in 2014, and even the Mellowsound Sessions and some of the covers that they have done.

And throughtout much of 2015, Fjokra posted a number of images of recording/collaborating. In NYC I recall, possibly among other places (I forget).

So, I'm hopeful something new will be released from them in 2016. And as a fanboy, I cannot be more excited for it. I would say at this point, there's not another artist who could put out a new album, I'd be more excited for sans for Kevin Gilbert or if Apes and Androids came back.

Rare Futures

I came across this name from memory, in a Reddit AMA Casey Crescenzo did like 9 months ago. I think 1 of the members (the singer?) filled in on a tour with Casey solo or TDH, I forget.

Anyway, I also came to learn of a connection or 2 with this band and the now broken up college-prog band Facing New York, who were a band I liked in the mid 2000's, but never got highly into. But fans of bands like dredg and Kaddisfly I specifically remember loving Facing New York. And then I think they broke up. But I hadn't heard about this band some years later.

And I picked up their 2010 debut disc Dreams of Water in 2015 and enjoyed a good chunk of it. Textured college prog. A bit like dredg or Woven maybe.

And I recall seeing some stuff not long before or after checking that out, about their next record being made on Facebook. So that album shouldn't be too far away.

Edit: So Happy Body Slow Brain is no more, and their new name is Rare Futures (thanks to altprogcore for the update per twitter)


I grew to love Journal's 2010 debut record Unlorja more and more. They make a really impressive style of progressive metalcore. Like Between the Buried and Me or Painted in Exile (or Native Construct).

I just haven't listened to them a lot since that year, but with fond memories, I certainly will be excited to hear a new album from them, which from some Facebook posts in 2015, it seems likely to happen soon.

Spencer Ludwig 
The trumpet specialist from electronic pop/soul/rock band Capital Cities has a solo debut record coming in 2016. Spencer's trumpet work certainly is one-of my favorite parts of Capital Cities sound, so I'm certainly curious to hear what he may do when he is the main songwriter and center of the songs.

I recall the genre listed on Facebook? was "Trumpet-Pop" which when done well, I'm very much into. I even used to play trumpet myself afterall.


Per the latest Pledgemusic Campaign Update:

We’re now back in the studio developing the song ideas for M18 (which is still available to pre order at We begin the new year in good shape, listening to the 6 current contenders currently working-titled:
The Leavers 14m 26sec
El Dorado 12m 18sec
Class 4m 58sec
Things Buried 3m 53sec
New Kings 16m 30 sec
Melt Our Guns – 5m 20 sec
If you can add, then you’ll see there’s already an hour of music on the boil. The time references are current song lengths but will lengthen or shorten depending upon creative decisions currently being taken. It’s also possible that songs will be subtracted and added to this list. Song titles may also change, so don’t write to us asking where things came from and went to!
We have another two or three strong ideas queuing up for development which we are on course to have ready for the “backing track final performance” stage which will take place at Peter Gabriel’s “Real World” studio in late February. It’s all coming together nicely now.

Being a huge fanboy, I'm excited again for a new Marillion album, their 18th studio work. Sounds That Can't Be Made and Happines is the Road, I definitely enjoy, but at the same time, don't find as addictive as some of their other recent records. But some of it is just time spent listening to them, as I likely haven't invested as much time as I wish.

The projected track list sounds interesting enough though. "El Dorado" "The Leaves" and "New Kings" all being of epic length. Might this be a double? I guess we'll see, but they have mentioned more than once, the Spring is their goal for it to be released. I guess we'll see, but it should come out in 2016 sometime.

The Mercury Tree
This Portland, Oregon based mathy/prog band won me over rather well with their record in 2014, Countenance. They combine a lot of different styles, to really work well. From mathrock, jazzrock to metal(core), to progressive rock. The dynamics really work well.

And when seeing them for a 2nd Summer in a row in Minneapolis with Brice Plays Drums, they played some of their newest music and mentioned how they had finished most of their next record and were looking to release it in the Fall.

But obviously that didn't happen, but logically it would be close to done and looking to be released sometime in 2016.

From memory, the new music was more technical and heavier at times, which I'm all for as I really was impressed by it. I recall some of it reminded me of the syncopation of early Cynic.


I recall being introduced to these guys a few years ago from seeing That Drummer Guy's End of Year List. This Barcelona-based band makes a very cool kind of atmospheric progressive death metal.  Their last album was in 2012, and just from going to their facebook, I recall they posted about recording and possibly even being finished with the new record.

Edit: they posted about mixing their next album in January.

So, the album probably will follow not long after.


Like Moonloop, this is another progressive extreme metal band I was introduced to from That Drummer Guy's end of year list in 2012. They hail from Turku which I guess is in Finland. Their last album from 2012, The Treachery of the Senses I really enjoyed. Just scanning my blurb to refresh, their vocals aren't as much about growling as intensity. Sort of a mix of Opeth and Green Carnation in some ways.

When this album comes out: their most recent post on Facebook on December 1st says their album is done. They just need to get the artwork and I imagine how it will be released. But I imagine that stuff will be announced sometime in the near future.


One of my long-time favorites, which like some others on this Anticipation list, I have a large fanboy bias about. 2013's Ballet the Boxer 1 I enjoy, although not as much as any of the other Ours records.

But that's hardly a bad thing or a reason not to be highly excited for this. Probably as big of a reason being, many of the songs Jimmy's written lately, he played for the Black Card Holders on live streams, and they were of course amazing.

Some of the titles from the live streams:
Fallen Flower
New Age Heroin
Miles Away
Ring the Bell/When the Daylight Comes
Cry No More
Got a Feeling
Burn Down the Night

"Cry No More" was certainly one I recall enjoying a lot, as it had this *epic* feel to it.
I guess a word of precaution though given how sparse the info about this record has been the last 6 months. But the last bit I remember was saying the projection was to record it last Summer/Fall in the new "Echowing" studio that was setup in NYC.

However, Jimmy and in some cases, the band have done some live dates here and there, which may have impacted the timing. And just to recall some history, back in 2006, it seemed the Mercy record was going to come out, but it was pushed back for the better part of 2 years. Although that had a lot to do with the record label and possibly working with Rick Rubin's schedule. But also the fact Ballet the Boxer 1 sounded like it may have been rushed for the Pledgemusic campaign's promise, etc I'm not sure if Jimmy and the band want to go through that time-conscience process again, as they don't need to really.

In other words, a campaign may get launched again, but even if it does not, I would only hope but not expect it to be coming out early this year. But there still seems like a chance it'll come out in 2016 sometime at least. Whenever it does, I'm hoping for big things again though.

Pain of Salvation

A band I used to highly love. And I still consider incredibly important in my music taste. With the lineup changes and some style changes, my interest in their recent music isn't as high as it once was. However, I still enjoy the Road Salt records and Scarsick enough. And I recall at least 1 quote or account from a forum talking to Daniel and how the music the band are working on now is heavier and more remiscent of their early albums like Entropia and One Hour By the Concrete Lake.

Although Daniel Gildenlow has posted a ton about Star Wars of late, but that could be just mood and him being a huge fan. But if a SW reference showed up in their next record, it wouldn't be shocking.

The last thing they put out, Falling Home, which was a re-arrangement/re-recording of a number of tracks, and a couple of covers. I actually enjoyed that quite a bit. There was even 1 new track from memory, which was the title track I think.

But as far as timing, the actual PoS Facebook page has posted studio pics recently, so there certainly is a chance their next album could arrive in 2016.

Pepe Deluxe

Pepe Deluxe, a band who came out of nowhere in 2012 with their album Queen of the Wave,which totally floored me. Their style of retro psych/prog/classic pop/rock, with a heavy Dick Dale influence among a lot of others.

Their history of evolving sound, organic and analog sounds, tones, textures, etc and large gaps with albums suggests that their next album may still be a ways away. However, it has been 4 years and they have posted a fair amount on Facebook about recording new music, or about their new music, etc in the last year.

I guess I'm very hopeful something may come this year, but whenever it does, I have very high hopes for it regardless.

Tiny Giant

Chloe of Pure Reason Revolution's new band. They have released 1 or 2 singles in the last year, which impressed me a lot.

The 1st 2 singles, "Heavy Love" and the newest "Seeing Everything As Thought It Is Real" are both excellent, emotional and dynamic rock tracks.

"Dream Pop and Future Rock" is what they describe themselves on FB, which makes some sense. I suppose one thing to wonder is how different will their sound be from the last electronic-driven PRR album and even Bullet Height. And I suppose with Chloe doing the lead vocals more prominently, and maybe not so much of a prog influence but maybe more pop and other styles, I dunno.

I suppose their influences are more varied potentially.

Also the fact Mat Collis is a co-member/writer? of this group adds something, having a background playing as a multii-instrumentalist with Steven Wilson and Katatonia among others.

Kaddisfly- Horses Galloping on Sailboats (Vinyl)
This Link should indicate when it's available.

This is for the vinyl for my 2nd favorite record from 2014-2015. And maybe more importantly, a long awaited follow-up album, that having on vinyl, frankly, any Kaddisfly on vinyl, will be awesome. There was of course a few TEST PRESSINGS made that some paid a pretty penny for ($400 or more?). But when this vinyl does finally come out, it will be less than that I imagine. And the pressing is not 2 12-inches, but a 12 and a 10. And some will be colored.

I'm of course curious about the jacket/liner/notes, etc as well.

And in a perfect world, it sells incredibly well and they decide to press Set Sail the Prairie eventually as well. Baby steps, but we'll see.

Also Transatlantic and Spock's Beard vinyls are also coming/just came out which I suppose are worth adding as I just found out about them. I would guess I'll pickup the TA's and maybe some of the Spock's eventually.

Transatlantic SMPTe.jpg
Transatlantic - SMPT:e February 12th

Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever. February 12th.

Spock's Beard - Day For Night February 5th

Spocks Beard Snow.jpg
Spock's Beard - Snow January 15th

Spock's Beard -  The Kindness of Strangers January 15th

SpocksBeard BewareOfDarkness.jpg
Spock's Beard - Beware of Darkness February 5th