Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rest in Peace Chester Bennington

Rest in Peace.

Suicide unfortunately.

As I posted on Twitter/FB, I never really was a fan of Linkin Park, but I always liked this song and video.

I can remember distinctly seeing it come on to MTV2 or 1 of the other music channels in the early 2000's. It was when I was back living in Eagan. And I was shocked to learn it was Linkin Park, lol.
And how they didn't have many if any other songs like it.

And I even remember some friends of mine online saying they really liked their debut album Hybrid Theory. Prog fans, etc. I suppose many Dream Theater fans enjoyed some Nu Metal, so it makes some sense.

Anyway, Rest in Peace. I guess he was friends with Chris Cornell and was at his funeral. And today would have been Chris Cornell's 53rd Birthday. I doubt Cornell's passing was the only or even main reason he took his life, but it probably had something to do with it given the timing and date.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fjokra - Bang on the Door [1B] (2017)

Holy Crap! Too much impatience to wait until later.

Dig it, especially the little accordion section towards the end.

it seems Annie Bea is becoming rather involved in the vocal arrangements if you consider this new one and the single "Sick Kids" from a few months back (posted below). I dig her contrast to Fjokra.

And with this, 2 new singles in 3 months. Can't complain, although I wonder if the video/singles route could be easiest right now. A bit like The Reign of Kindo or other bands in the past (3, Pure Reason Revolution, Revere come to mind among others).

I'm also still hoping "Evening Lights" will be on the radar of course from that BBC Radio London Introducing from last Winter.

But man, great to get another new song and video from Fjokra.

From the Description:
Published on Jul 19, 2017
The official video from Fjokra for their new single 'Bang On The Door' digitally available on July 21st!

Videographer/editor/director - Ben K Adams

Special thanks to; Nic Kozubik, Gav Mc and Olly Andrews.

Fjokra comprise of Annie Bea; vocalist, percussionist, Freddie Draper; bass, Jack Richardson; guitar and Filippo Galli, drummer and Fi; main vocalist, visionary and writer along with garbage lids and lots of sticks and things that would not normally appear on stage with any average band.

Instagram: https:/

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eric Nally - Ruby [1B] (2017)

Not sure what to make of this. I like the production overall, and while he seems to be channeling Michael Jackson a bit extensively, I can see how this works. It is very catchy in some ways.

The production SLICK, not unlike "Get Lucky" from Daft Punk for example.

I wonder if the vocals were enhanced, and I'll maybe get a better idea once hearing it with headphones tomorrow at work. But it wouldn't surprise me to learn there is some extensive reverb applied.

Eric Nally by the way, is from the band Foxy Shazam, who were/are a band I saw on tour, I think with The Dear Hunter and a couple of others. It was probably around 2009 or 2010. 2011 maybe, I forget. And their music, I wanted to like, but I guess I felt was kind of a short-lived novelty.

Like it seemed and sounded on paper, including just the name, like something I might like, but I just never found it as charming as say Under the Influence of Giants or something. However, perhaps I will with this?

The fact he was on a song with Macklemore and Lewis though, I can't say increases my interest.

Subterranean Masquerade - Vagabond (2016-2017)

7/18/17 11:54AM

New track "Nomad."

Will listen later of course.

6/13/17 12:31PM

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage and people playing musical instruments

Jeez another announcement, lol. Stoked for this one as I love their whole catalog including 2015's The Great Bazaar.

September 1st is the release date.

"Vagabond" by the way, I think of the Kiss Kiss song. Also cool they are signed for a 2-album deal and plan to tour extensively. Maybe North America finally? (Minnesota hopefully if so, like maybe if they open for a bigger/more well known band, etc..Opeth..Katatonia..etc)

Also worth noting is I guess this will be the 1st album without Paul Kuhr on vocals, but they have Kjetil Nordhus back (singer from Green Carnation), and Eliran Weitzman along with Tomer Pink to fill the growling need,

Facebook story

Israeli/Norwegian prog-rockers Subterranean Masquerade have signed with the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions (Persefone, Loch Vostok, a.o.) for a 2-album deal, starting off with the newly finished album "Vagabond", set for release on September 1st. The band features members of Orphaned Land and Green Carnation, and is one of the most exciting ethnic-influenced prog-artists to emerge from the underground layer these days. It's prog-rock, but it's also psychedelic 70'ies metal. It's "Jesus Christ Superstar" but it's also Israeli folklore and traditional heavy metal - all wrought through the grinder and delivered perfectly by a bunch of very talented musicians.

The album was mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg (Anathema, Tristania, etc.) and mastered by Tony Lindgren @ Fascination Street studio, which has secured the final crunchy approach in the sound, so all parameters are met for ultimate quality.

Tomer Pink (guitars) on the signing:
We all at Subterranean Masquerade are very excited to be a part of the Vicisolum family and together with them bring our music to the world. We can't wait for you to hear our new album and see you all at our shows.

The band is expected to tour extensively, in support of the album.

Kjetil Nordhus - Vocals
Weitzman Eliran - Growls
Tomer Pink - Guitars
Or Shalev - Guitars
Shai Yallin - Keys
Golan Farhi - Bass
Matan Or-El Shmuely - Drums
Ilan Arad - Brass אילן ארד

Subterranean Masquerade online:

2004: Temporary Psychotic State (EP)
2005: Suspended Animation Dreams
2013: Home (EP)
2014: The Great Bazaar
2017: Vagabond

Monday, July 17, 2017

Joey Eppard (Three/Solo) Q and A (Summer 2017)

Facebook Link 

I'm posting this with the hope that it's completely available to the public.

This Q and A that Joey did on Facebook on Saturday afternoon was per the Alien Angels 3 Fan Group.

Just to summarize, he talks about the solo record he is working on and working on new Three music. The solo album ("Word to the Wise") would likely come out before the next Three album. But there's some new Three music being worked on as well.

And he has written many songs, but many are not finished (either writing or just the recording of them).

No real projection on the timing of his solo album. But he gets only like 1 hour a day to work on his music, whereas he used to have a lot more time, etc.


The songs from the 2014 1-song per month thing may come out in on Three album in the future (not necessarily their next studio record).

Ani Di Franco, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Opeth, Dream Theater, Victor Wooten, and Elliot Smith among other names he talked about as being a fan of, or inspired by, etc.

Also there was a Comic for Paint By Number that was never really finished. But the artwork is taken from part of that. And I guess the album is out of print and hard to come by now. I thankfully have a copy for myself.

I wish someone might have asked him about Vinyl (Three albums), but maybe another time soon.

Also the next Three album might be helped by crowd-funding (the question mentioned Kickstarter, but I would suggest Pledgemusic I guess).

Oh and cool to learn that Dug Pinnick of King's X is a fan and saw Three with Porcupine Tree when they toured together and hit Houston. I'm surprised Three and King's X never tried to tour together after that, but maybe they could? Porcupine Tree and King's X I know toured together at 1 point as well. I wonder if that was a result of Dug having seen PT live at that show?

edit: just googling, the King's X PT tour was in 2009, and I recall Three opened for PT before Progressive Nation in 2008, so perhaps.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mutemath - Play Dead (2016-2017)

7/14/17 11:25AM

2nd new track "Stroll On" which I like, but not as much as Hit Parade.

Preorder Page 


Release date for the standard album is September 8th.

per this Facebook Update
Limited Edition Deluxe LP on Opaque Orange Vinyl + Bundle Packages available Wednesday 7/19.

Not sure how that will work, and it honestly makes a leak of this album predictable to be sooner. On the other hand, all the so-called journalists who receive promos early (of course not myself) likely won't be the 1st to hear it. Or at least ahead of those bundle preorders.

1 Hit Parade 5:15   
2 Pixie Oaks
3 Stroll On 3:57  
4 Break The Fever
5 Nuisance
6 Placed On Hold
7 Everything's New
8 War
9 Achilles Heel
10 Marching To The End

6/6/17 11:47AM
New Mutemath album Play Dead.

1st single "Hit Parade" below. I'll be honest, I noticed this pop-up in my YouTube feed and didn't recognize the title, but thought it was an old song.

It is sort of, in that Paul posted on twitter the band had been tweaking it here and there live I guess for awhile.

How this new album will compare/be received? I dunno as I know a lot of fans who didn't like the more electronic-driven Vitals from 2015. Personally, I still enjoyed that record a lot, so I'm not concerned.

'Hit Parade' - The new single off MUTEMATH's forthcoming record 'Play Dead' - Out Now:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers (2016-2017)


Release Date is September 22nd.

Lol at some of the political descriptions in this and the image below, but if the music is good, it won't matter. At least the vinyl is being pressed on recycled material, which fwiw, Cloud Cult almost may approve of.

I am not sure how much to expect though as their last record from 2015, 'Asunder Sweet And Other Distress, had more than enough drone/doom work for me to enjoy. The crescendos, when they work, make this band standout. And they were surreal live. But their approach at times focuses a little too much on slow, dissonant, chords that drag on more than I usually love. And I often suspect the hipsters who claim to be huge fans, probably latch on to them, also claim to love a lot of the boring Doom and Drone Metal, lol. Which to me, isn't really good Metal unless it is coming from Black Sabbath or a few other exceptions.

But this is their 1st album of new music I think, since they ended their hiatus about 7 years ago. Which might mean something (good or bad I guess).

4 songs, 44+ minutes.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Reportedly Return with New Album 'Luciferian Towers'

1. Undoing a Luciferian Towers
2. Bosses Hang
3. Fam/Famine
4. Anthem For No State

cst126 Godspeed You! Black Emperor to release new album, Luciferian Towers

Offa Rex - The Queen of Hearts (2016-2017) [The Decemberists + Olivia Chaney]

7/13/17 12:00PM

its been up there for a week now, but I haven't checked it out yet. Should be soon. Reviews have not been amazing for it though, which like the new Planetarium project from Sufjan Stevens and co, I hold with a grain of salt.

6/1/17 12:25AM

Saw this new video of "Blackleg Miner" on the Drowned in Sound message board.  Will give it a go later. I must say, this project/album has me a fair amount more intrigued than I would ever have expected.

This album could be a sleeper for the end of the year.


5/11/17 9:56AM


Album is titled "The Queen of Hearts" and is being released on July 7th.


1  The Queen of Hearts  3:56
2  Blackleg Miner  2:22
3  The Gardener  4:59
4  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  3:31
5  Flash Company  4:15
6  Old Churchyard  4:07
7  Constant Billy (Oddington) / I’ll Go Enlist (Sherborne)  1:56
8  Willie o’ Winsbury  7:30
9 Bonny May  6:32
10  Sheepcrook and Black Dog   4:35
11  To Make You Stay  5:02

in the vein of a 60's and 70's British Psych/Folk Revival, which doesn't sound like they are branching out incredibly, sans for using Olivia's vocals I suppose. The "Queen of Hearts" interpretation is nice though.

The Harpsichord on it does add something. I guess given my lack of love for their last couple of albums, this could be a welcome diversion.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New YouTube Channel: deep cuts

deep cuts on YouTube

Not enough time right to elaborate in detail, but I stumbled on this YouTube Channel the other day and I must say, I'm liking a lot of the content. Namely the video below about 5 albums to get into Modern Prog.


Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (2013)
Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True (2000)
Spock's Beard - Snow (2002)
The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute (2005)
Haken - Aquarius (2010)

Of course seeing Kevin's Shaming record in there immediately grabbed my attention. Steven Wilson, The Volta and even Spock's I follow to a point. Haken of course, not my thing, but I follow. Although most usually go with The Mountain (2014?).

His channel though has been going for a little over a year and he has 27 thousand subscribers, lol. I might add more about that at a later time.

But in that sense, he has the reach for this taste in music similar to people like CoverKiller Nation.

This guy's videos are edited of course, so he obviously spends time with them (unlike someone like myself who doesn't have the time really at this point).

And just going through many of his videos and taste, he does cover a lot of mainstream(hipster) stuff as well, but in that sense, he and his channel is unusual and unique. And honestly, I think I'd be up from hearing about it from this channel rather than say The Needle Drop or some others at this point.

Anyway, cool new YouTube Channel find.

deep cuts aka Oliver J is on both Twitter Here and Facebook Here .

Certainly a channel to checkout and maybe pass more along about in here in the future (and maybe fill some of the void left by the loss of MinistryofMusic I suppose).

oh and I chimed in below on my 5 suggested Modern Prog albums (leaving off many of course)

Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True (2000)
dredg - El Cielo (2002)
Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third (2006)
The Dear Hunter - Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading (2007)
Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element I (2000)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Anathema - Endless Ways

I finally got around to revisiting Anathema's new record The Optimist , as I hadn't given the whole thing a listening since I first got to hear it about 2 months ago.

I can say, I have a better sense about it now, and maybe its concept to a point.

But for me, especially right now, the 1st half worked very well, and the 2nd half I found a little more hit and miss.

But the biggest thing that I'm retaining right now from it is this track "Endless Ways" with Lee Douglas on lead vocals. Sohhh melancholy. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I would rank this now as 1 of my 5 favorite Anathema songs, and kind of like 2016's track "You Never Were Alone" from Cloud Cult and "Happy Returns" from Steven Wilson.

I was fighting back the tears trying to listen to it. Different images and reasons for them. A bit like The Antlers 2009 album Hospice and the timing of discovering it not long before and then after when my grandfather passed away. My head is lingering with nostalgia for the recent past and my now old apartment.

I feel almost like someone or something died. And actually, my wife's Aunt did sadly just pass away, and I was at the funeral last Friday which was melancholy in a lot of ways like this song. But this song is capturing my sadness from my memories of the past 8.5 years. I'm not sure how else to describe it.

I guess leaving my independence in a lot of ways behind. Sort of closing a chapter in a book. It definitely carries that emotion. And given the timing of hearing it more profoundly now, I may always associate it with losing or leaving my independence behind and the memories I have of my life since 2009 and my bachelor-lifestyle back in my old apartment in Maplewood.

I suppose it and a lot of the rest of the album brings my frequent thoughts of mortality and aging too, and the story about someone living on the West Coast of North America, likely Northern California and a tragic event (a Wild Fire?) that impacts them. Their home burns in a fire and they have to drive away to an unknown destination?

I am not sure how much I will love The Optimist compared to their other recent records which are all 4-4.5 stars, but the criticism of it not comparing I only can follow to a small degree. It may just be more of a slow burner and a grower. At a minimum, Endless Ways is gorgeous and sad as all fuck, much like many of their songs are, which is one of the biggest reasons I love a lot of their music. And to add to the timing of this for me, may just be what makes it an all-time favorite of mine.

Monday, July 3, 2017

OT: Update/Move

Long story short or longer:

So I completed my move out of my apartment finally last night around 6:30pm-ish.

I've moved a few times before as this most recent was from my 3rd apartment since 1999, however per a few factors, this move was more work, longer, more extensive, and felt like it would never end, etc.

Moving does suck, and it raises some points for me.

1) Why do I have so much crap? I unfortunately more or less since I was an infant, have been someone who likes to collect and posses physical items, I think probably for nostalgia over time, maybe as much as any other reason. But ultimately, all these items are going to end up somewhere else, probably either in some strangers possession, or in a landfill. Unless I decide to get buried with some of them, lol.

2) Maybe the thing to do is to document them in a non-3-dimensional way, i.e. Photos and Videos, etc.

3) The maintenance required to leave an apartment, at least if you want to get any of your Security Deposit back, let alone avoid having to pay for damages, is frankly absurd. You're paying to live there, yet you have to go through basically SLAVE LABOR just to get out? Bending over backwards to remove every little mark, hair, dust-bunny, etc behind refrigerators, in vents, walls, behind counters, etc. And I am highly thankful my wife and Aunt helped me out (again, although we helped her a few months back).

4) Packing things up quickly, because time is at a shortage as always, there is no time to actually look and sort through so many papers and things. Organizing would be helpful, and I will admit to having literally thousands of pieces of bills, junk mail, insurance statements, financial statements, medical documents (EOBs and others)  among many others things that will require many hours to part with. I would just give it to Office Max or something and pay whatever it is per pound to have them shred them, but I just hope something doesn't go missing later like my old Car's Lease, lol. But maybe it's better and easiest to not think about it and just give it to them.

CD jewel cases and cassette tape recordings, originals, and bootlegs.

My wife found a video online the other day about these people who are "Minimalists" who more or less live like a Nomad with possessions. And while I can't see that being me (and frankly, they came across as hugely narcissistic and hipster snobs from my impression, a bit like a lot of obsessed vegetarians who like to call you out for eating meat); I could see adopting some of their approach and just not only purge a lot of my crap, but largely reduce accumulating it.

MUSIC? even so. Buying Digital may be the thing to do for many "fringe" artists I guess, at least in the near future. Sadly, it may just be more practical. If I love something so much, I may just decide to buy it 10 years later as a physical item, per it stood the test of time, etc.

As far as what is next?

1) I will eventually end my lease with my storage space when the wife and I find a place of our own. I am living now with her and her Mom at her Aunt's place. Eventually though, we will look to either rent or buy a place. Preferably, not Rent an apartment as I've had my fill of that. But maybe renting a house or Town House. Or another duplex or bungalow. Or depending on finances of course, buying something. The Town House idea I would like save for the large Association Fees often included that only cover the Outside of the house.

When? It may be only a few months, but better odds sometime next Spring or Summer I get to do this whole thing again. Although at least my stuff is boxed up already and I won't likely have to do much maintenance of the Storage space.

2) As far as this blog? outside of the time needed to look for a new place and a few other things, I hope to have more time to work on some of the projects again. Namely the Albums Calendars and Rankings by year as I don't have a ton of work left before that could be finished, at least per my plan being to finish every year up through 2007. And then do the last decade.

I also have some catching up to do naturally, as there's probably half a  dozen albums or so that I have not listened to or only briefly:

Anathema - The Optimist
Bent Knee - Land Animal
Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Hotel Junk Box
Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
SikTh - The Future in Whose Eyes?
Solstafir - Berdreyminn

Pluse many singles and upcoming albums of course. 1 from Public Service Broadcasting, and another from In the Presence of Wolves. 

But as for that apartment I just left behind, I moved there in January 2009. It wasn't that long ago, but a ton has happened and changed since then, it's rather surreal and depressing in some ways. Why I fall for my love of nostalgia, almost too much and too easily. If only I could find a Time Machine, lol.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ramona Falls - Coils (2016-2017)

No automatic alt text available.

Preorder for either Translucent Red and Clear vinyl for Coils, this 3rd album from Ramona Falls, Brent Knopf's band. Brent, formerly of Menomena, released 2 previous albums from Ramona Falls, which I really love.

Coils (Limited Edition LP) - Clear disc. Pre-Sale

 $20.00 or more
Coils - the third Ramona Falls album, as a limited-edition full-length LP. Disc color available in either translucent red or clear. Pre-sale. Anticipated ship date of July 10th. You'll also receive a link to a digital download of the album once it's released.
Coils - the third Ramona Falls album, as a limited-edition full-length LP. Disc color available in either translucent red or clear. Pre-sale. Anticipated ship date of July 10th. You'll also receive a link to a digital download of the album once it's released.

The email list received a download link to the 1st song/single "Prayers" which is quite good. At 1st sounds a bit odd vocally, almost spoken, but it transitions really well. Very orchestral and layered.

The email also included a cool animated series of images for the song, which shows someone going down an escalator, undesirably, lol. Not unlike Ramona and Brent's previous art.

July 10th it says there is the "anticipated" shipment date, so it hopefully should be released in early July. I'll try and edit/bump the track list and more comments then.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Hotel Junk Box (2016-2017)


Release date as it says below is Friday June 30th.

A few months back, they shared the new song "Electric City Rivalry" which can be streamed/downloaded at

And as the track list shows for Hotel Junk Box below, is part of this record.

I am biased as I love these guys and a great number of their songs. And namely, consider Terror and Everything After as an all-time classic (debut album). So naturally, my interest is rather high for any new music from them. 2015's New World Sundown I did like a good amount of as well of course.

I guess though my take on what this album may be is sort of a combination of music from different times. Kind of like Enchant's Time Lost or even Nuts and Bolts from Kevin Gilbert in some ways.

The 5 new songs, including "Electric City Rivalry," I see is where HOTLT is at now.

The b-sides and demos? sure, some gems may be found.

One song that I likely posted in the past about in here, but is probably worth mentioning again being "Son of the Iron Sheep" can be streamed and downloaded on their Bandcamp Page Here. I recall loving a ton and felt was as good as much of the Terror and Everything After work.  That track is not on this album, however, per the post below, "Boomerang" is.

I just recall between adding "Weather Maps for Nikolai" and "Son of the Iron Sheep" I was totally thinking these guys could do no wrong. And those were all during that period, which is why "Boomerang" may be the track I'm most looking forward to on this album,

But, we'll see how this goes. I'm certainly excited to get all these new tunes to hear from these guys, and as the end of that post says, they are working on their next record, which I wonder if the 5 new songs on Hotel Junk Box fit more in with this approach/style, and their next release will be something a little different? who knows. I'm also just happy they are still releasing and making music (per many other very talented bands not able or even wanting to, etc).

I'll also be sure to bump this next week or a little later with any more thoughts (or a video?). Unfortunately, I'm still amidst the process of moving my stuff into storage. My Social Media presence isn't 100%, etc. Hopefully come July though I will have more time.  But from now until as it turns out, July 3rd 6AM, I am supposed to be focusing on Boxing things up, purging, cleaning, etc.

Moving is a bitch of course.

Our new album, 'Hotel Junk Box', will arrive 6/30. The album features five new songs, as well as 14 rarities and b-sides from the Hotel vault. We wanted to compile a lil somethin' for all you cats who have been around since the beginning. The majority of these rarities have never been released. The five new jams were recorded over the past year or so, featuring AJ, Brandon, Dan A., Dan B., Jon, and Justin. Fevers and Electric City were written during the Old Dominion era, Boomerang was a Terror leftover, The Fool was a New World Sundown leftover, and The Escape Artist dates way back to '06. We 2017ified them and we're really proud with how they turned out. We hope you guys enjoy the tunes. In the meantime, we'll keep working on LP5. 

Image may contain: food

1. Fevers
2. Electric City Rivalry
3. Boomerang
4. The Fool
5. The Escape Artist
6. Duo (Demo)
7. Bad Canterbury (Live Workshop Demo)
8. Aging Archimedes (Acoustic Demo)
9. Make Waves (Demo)
10. The General's Girl (Acoustic Demo)
11. Lazarus (Demo)
12. Howlin' Lessons (Acoustic Demo)
13. Winterside (Live Demo)
14. Temple Arms (Acoustic Demo)
15. Omar the Tentmaker
16. The Guns of Soho (Instrumental)
17. Winchester Devil Grass (Demo)
18. Weathermaps for Nikolai (Live at Nice Garage)
19. Arts n Economics (Live at Nice Garage)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mike Portnoy: Unannounced Prog Metal "Supergroup" Coming Soon

Among the other projects Mike Portnoy has done/is doing since leaving Dream Theater in 2010:
(The Winery Dogs, The Neal Morse Band, Flying Colors, Metal Allegiance, Transatlantic, Shattered Fortress, PSMS, ex-Adrenaline Mob, ex-Avenged Sevenfold).

This new band/project adds to his resume. And as it reads below, it will be the 1st progressive metal style music he's done since leaving Dream Theater beyond Shattered Fortress really.

Besides Mike, Keyboardist Derek Sherinian who of course was a member of Dream Theater during the release of A Change of Seasons and Falling Into Infinity. And then went on to be part of Platypus and form hyis own band Planet X. Recently worked with Portnoy in PSMS.

The rest of the band?

This topic on the dreamtheaterforums goes over potentially some of it.
Members of Haken?
Eric Gillette?
And then a singer sounds like is part of this. Who?

Some mention of John Arch, although the fact he doesn't typically tour, might end that being the case. Jeff Scott Soto? Who has a prolific career including Journey and working with Derek at 1 point.

The John Arch thing would be a huge thing for me and this project, although he wouldn't be writing music with Jim Matheos presumably, which couldn't be ignored.

Thomas Giles/Rogers from Between the Buried and Me?

1 suggestion for the bassist, if it's not Billy Sheehan whose been working with Portnoy a fair amount lately, was Jason Newsted. Although he doesn't have a prog background really, but that may not matter (neither did Derek when he joined Dream Theater).

I guess when more information comes, I'll either bump this or post a new entry about this new prog metal band of Mike Portnoy's.

Facebook Link

Image may contain: text

I have a new band I'll be announcing in the summer. It is premature to give away too much information about that now but I can say that it also involves Derek Sherinian who I worked with in Dream Theater. It is the two of us with an all-star line-up. It is myself and Derek getting back together and picking up where we left off. It's music that is probably closest to Dream Theater out of everything that I have done over the last six years. I have purposefully stayed away from the prog-metal genre because I wanted to spread my wings. But I would say that doing these Shattered Fortress shows has kind of reignited a little interest in revisiting that world from me. Derek and I have formed this new band that will satisfy myself and quench the fans' thirst for something in that vein.