Thursday, February 2, 2012

Akphaezya - Anthology IV: the Tragedy of Narek (2012)

From their new website

Anthology IV: The Tragedy Of Nerak Cover Art

1 Πρόλογος / Prologos

ACT I: Spring
2 Scene I: A Slow Vertigo
3 Scene II: Sophrosyne

ACT II: Summer
4 Scene I: Utopia
5 Scene II: Ύβρις / Húbris
6 Trance- H.L.4

ACT III: Autumn
7 Scene I: Genesis
8 Scene II: Dystopia
from their new website

ACT IV: Winter
9 Scene I: Nemesis
10 Scene II: ...The Harsh Verdict

11 Επίλογος / Epilogos

bandcamp link

Finally some info, and as that Bandcamp page says/shows, March 1st is the drop date. I hope a lot of the Unexpect fans among others check this out, especially given how much they had to do to finally release it (it was done like a year ago or more).