Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jazzkamikaze - The Return of JazzKamikaze (2012)

2/14/12 8:48AM

Good to see where they are at. The "late February" projection seems realistic.

Here's the deal... Album is currently being uploaded for itunes and such. Expect 10-14 days until it is downloadable. LP are being printed, more info on how to acquire these items when we get info from our record company. If you are Copenhagen based, så kan du købe den fysiske CD i JazzCup fra idag!

In the meantime we will keep you warm by offering you another track for your listening pleasure.

Go stream "Volcano"

2/10/12 9:28AMNew track "Kole"

Obviously this album didn't get released on February 1st, but at least it should be soon as they mentioned copies were being pressed and printed recently.

New track from our new album, The Return of JazzKamikaze. Coming late February 2012 on CD, LP and downloads.

1/22/12 3:41PM

1. Resurrection
2. Mitsuhirato
3. Future Blaster
4. Blues for J.H.
5. Volcano
6. Organic Anthem
7. Kole
8. Copenhagen Hipster
9. Agent Cooper
10. Afrique
11. Lamai
12. Xelerator Prelude
13. Xelerator
14. Karaboudjan
15. Celestial
16. In Universal Circumference (CD Bonus Track)
17. Chloroform (CD Bonus Track)
18. Volcano ’08 (CD Bonus Track)

1/19/12 9:25AM

Their new album drops on February 1st! (CD and digital)

The title, unless otherwise noted, is still that.

1/19/12 9:25AMedit: "New album is called: The Return of JazzKamikaze"

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as I've posted many times in the past, this band are great. if you like Mew, The Reign of Kindo or some others, they very well could be worth your time. They should still have Supersonic Revolutions streaming on their homepage.