Thursday, February 2, 2012

Josh Benash - The Dismal; The Beautiful (2012)

The Dismal; The Beautiful Cover Art

1 Sick of the Wreck
2 The Bodies of Trees
3 My Little Noose
4 The Pancake Song
5 A Million Spines
6 The Worst
7 Swarm
8 Asshole
9 Bury and Seethe
10 She Is Bad
11 I Like the Way You Sigh
12 ::::::::::::

yes yes yes, very cool! Josh Benash is the lead singer/guitarist of Kiss Kiss and and the upcoming Vuvuzela project, which by the way, I guess the process of mixing their debut EP is going quite well as they posted here on facebook the other day. 80% tracked.

But in the mean time for Josh/Kiss Kiss fans, we have this debut album to look forward to, as it's being released digitally next Tuesday February 7th.

Cool freaking beans! There's to stream/d/l with a pre-order sounds good, and makes me curious as to the electronic side to this album. "Shoegaze" and "Post Rock" are among the genres listed for this on the bandcamp page.

2012: the year of the bandcamp release continues.